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  1. I'm just saying that it's possible. If it's Sony, hopefully the emulator would be better than a random one you'd find online, especially since they were the ones who wrote the original coding for the PS3. Then again, Sony does kinda have a record of doing things wonderfully or doing the exact opposite, so who knows what the results would be unless it actually happens.
  2. If a five-year old PC can do PS3 emulation with a 3rd party emulator, a PS5 could easily emulate PS3 games with a 1st party emulator. The hardest part is just getting Sony to want to do that...
  3. Thanks for this, I loved Marble Madness when I was younger, so the nostalgia alone was enough for me to love this game!
  4. I remember when they were initially doing preorders for this a while ago. Looking forward to it then and looking forward to it even more now.
  5. I love the headset so far. It has a great battery life, great range, and great sound and I haven't even tried it out on PS5 games yet.
  6. Do you have A King's Confidant quest or the Return to Ostagar quest in your journal?
  7. The only issue I've really heard about is some coil whine, which can happen to really any electronic. Still haven't gotten my own PS5 yet though...
  8. Why wouldn't they be able to put the PS5 box inside of another box, no matter what size it is?
  9. Whenever I order a special edition of a game or something larger like a console, they still ship it with a brown outer box. I think you'll only need to worry about people just plain stealing your mail on your porch and getting lucky enough to get the PS5. Edit: Just watched the link. I don't think the box is actually big enough to fit a PS5, controller, and cords in it...
  10. With the new consoles coming out, I'd invest in a new tv now and get either the new Xbox or PS5 when you get the chance. You'll spend $100 more, but you'll be set for the next console generation.
  11. Yeah, Ubisoft likes to stick some random things in there.
  12. Not 100% sure about the Uplay thing, since I always buy everything on it the moment I start up an Ubisoft game.
  13. Did you try to start it from the sequence menu dealio or just look around the map for it? I believe that you also need to buy that mission on Uplay, so if you haven't bought it...
  14. Since the preorders went up at night instead of the next day like they were supposed to, I was at work. I have preordered the headset, Spiderman, and Demon's Souls. Still looking for a PS5, but I refuse to enable the horrible people out there by buying from a scalper. Edit: I forgot about the charging stand for controllers.
  15. Let me check my files... Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Day Ichi Edition Cyberpunk 2077 - Collector's Edition Immortals Fenyx Rising - Gold Edition Far Cry 6 - Gold Edition Watch Dogs: Legion - Collector's Edition Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Collector's Edition