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  1. Hate to say it, but if the publisher says it's Resident Evil, it's Resident Evil, no matter how horrible and crap it is.
  2. Just finished Rise of the Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer. I don't watch anime nearly as much as I used to, so I should pick up a few more to watch.
  3. With the normal enemies, yeah, but the bigger enemies and the boss has at least a little bit of strategy to them.
  4. I was thinking that there would at least be a platinum for the Zero series and another for the ZX, games are to short for each on to have their own and six games seems like to many just to have one. As was said earlier, actually...
  5. Also never had an issue both times I played through it.
  6. Champions of the Gods for me please. Always been a big fan of the series.
  7. Just happy that probably none of the trophies will be missable, maybe with exceptions for the Z Encyclopedia trophies, depending on how those are done.
  8. I'll be buying it day one, for no other reason than I will want the latest stuff. I will also buy the upgraded version of it (not just a slim version or something like that, an upgrade such as the Pro) day one when that comes out and either sell my previous one to a friend for next to nothing or just give it to a friend who can't afford this type of thing.
  9. Unless they update it, such as the Bioshock or Assassin's Creed, I really don't buy a game multiple times. Like you, I find it quite pointless and not much of an achievement if someone gets achievements for the same game over and over.
  10. Even with the glitches that can only be found in the console game, slowdown, and all that jazz, it's still a great game. If you loved it mod-free on the PC, you'll love it on the PS3.
  11. Just got the Prince of Persia collection. Loved the first one (on the Gamecube), so I decided to finally play them all.
  12. Until I've finished playing all the games I have for it.
  13. Even though it's a beautiful game, it's the audio that did it for me. With a decent headset with good bass, everything just felt... I don't know... better. Only about halfway through the campaign right now (had to finish Medievil first), but it's definitely one of the better campaigns that we've gotten.
  14. Either one works. Reading the book close to the barns gets you the bestiary and so does getting killed by one.