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  1. Mainly Mega Man Legends 1 or 2. It just has a charm to it that I can't find in a lot of current games.
  2. I know it's been a while, but you can always beat the missions you've got the veteran trophies for on hardened and the rest on veteran. As for the few multiplayer trophies in the base game, I'm trying to get a few people together for those three trophies.
  3. Yeah, I've given up. With my epilepsy giving me a random twitch now and then, more when I'm focused/stressed, I'm just happy I can beat the Pure Vessel easy enough...
  4. If it was a bug, it's been fixed. I banished them in my game and still got the trophy.
  5. Just finished it. Great ending to the saga, but looking forward to more.
  6. At least we will have a real controller to play the classic games. Accidentally missing the buttons on the screen when it got harder is what messed me up most of the time. I'm just happy I decided to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, and New Years Eve/Day. Work can't really complain when I take a week off that way.
  7. Step One - Buy a new, unopened PS3 Step Two - Sell the new, now opened PS3 Step Three - PROFIT! In all seriousness though, I found a brand-new PS3 controller on Amazon just a bit ago, it wasn't a fake, and it still works perfectly.
  8. Actually, the twin dragons were one of the few glitches that I ended up getting. It was really annoying. I damaged one dragon once, beat the other and when I went back to the first, it had regenerated (which it was supposed to do), and become invincible (which it wasn't supposed to do). It took me rage-quitting and going back to the game a bit later to discover that it was a glitch and wasn't me just doing it wrong...
  9. Yeah, the only bad glitches I had was one that made the Twin Dragons invincible and another that didn't give me the trophy for killing the vultures with the cannons. Resetting the game both times fixed it, so no complaints here.
  10. After playing and completing the entire trilogy, I have to say that I am completely satisfied with reliving a little bit of my childhood. Yeah, the games weren't very long and there were a few glitches, but the games themselves lived true to the past and that is pretty much all I wanted.
  11. Just like Bentley, the low punches that you send at the Yeti are blocked automatically if the Yeti isn't doing anything else. Since there is no blocking animation for those (that I noticed at least), it just looks like it isn't connecting. That's what I believe, that is...
  12. It doesn't bother me that it doesn't require 100%, but it is weird that it doesn't when the other two games in the packaged trilogy do. Actually, the trophy list itself makes me feel like this game's list was made by someone totally different from the first two.
  13. Yeah, after you said that, I checked and it's Bob on my list too, it's kinda strange that it's Bombo on the PSNProfiles list though...
  14. I haven't gotten that far in Spyro 2 yet, but if you look at the trophy list, there still is a Bombo under the Duck and Cover trophy.
  15. It did the same to me until I started thinking that the vault door to the side could signify the open door of the vault. As for the trophy list, until I find some people I would actually like to play with, some of the MP trophies will be a bit difficult. Oh well, I just wish I could use the beta installed to play 76 from midnight till my copy of the game shows up.