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  1. Adventure mode can't come fast enough, tbh the game should have released with it but alas... I only need Totem Father for the Plat but jesus h he won't spawn. After numerous re-rolls I keep getting Ravager and the problem is that Totem Father/Ravager is effectively the second last boss in the game which means I have to re-roll and play through the entire game to find out I was wasting my time and re-rolling again, think I'm on my fifth roll and every goddamn time it's Ravager! Game is on the burner waiting for the new mode, it's a great game but seriously needs that mode.
  2. I did this on the ancient construct but the trophy didn't pop, it should be fixed by now. As long as you're a bit overpowered to kill him quickly, crouching 'can' make the turrets miss, it shouldn't take too many attempts to get. I don't know if the Ravager fight has been fixed but if you go in and do the bell puzzle, talk to him and leave/return, it's possible your reticle will show as red and you'll be able to freely attack him in his cave for an easier time, like I said, no idea what exactly has been fixed so far.
  3. @BlackTorito is correct, there is a new Master Rank system but you'll still be able to earn HR points too seeing as yes, you need to get to HR 16 and finish the base story before you can start Iceborne. Think of IB as just an update, like Behemoth or Leshen, except on a massive scale, it's just adding content to the base game. Capcom are a little guilty of being ambiguous or downright unclear in their text at times, 'transfer' is probably poorly worded, just means you will carry on with your current character/s. I enjoyed doing the crowns but I got tired of it too on occasion, there's plenty sizing vids on YT, they do help but it is still a grind. Good luck.
  4. The separate trophy list is misleading some I think, Iceborne is an expansion, not a stand alone, there is no transfer. You will still be able to do everything on the World trophy list.
  5. Thanks, to the OP and everyone that has posted with directions and feedback, downloaded Thunderbird and got codes (that I was completely unaware of) for two accounts, myself and my son, very much appreciated!
  6. I've already said I appreciate some don't like the crown farming, I do sympathise with how time consuming it can be. All I was saying is that it's highly unlikely someone going for the Iceborne crowns hasn't already gone, or gotten, the World crowns, not impossible, but unlikely, therefore whether crowns carry over to some degree might be a moot point anyway, as you'll either already have them or not be interested in grinding them. Took me months to get the World Plat, no doubt be the same with Iceborne. Rng is a pain, Katie drops are worse than the crowns imo Anyway, good luck to you too.
  7. I was trying to be respectful but now you're just being rude. You're are talking absolute gibberish. Mathematically speaking, getting a plat first, taking risks, random assumptions, looking cool? What the actual are you rattling on about?! I've never heard gibberish like it, what in hell has any of that nonsense to do with crowns?! Possible yeah, but unlikely or at least a minority of people, that will want crowns in Iceborne but not in World...hence the whole thing is a bit moot. Who said anything about 'needing' to unlock base game crowns to be able to unlock Iceborne ones? What?! You should be able to unlock crowns for base game monsters in either World or Iceborne, hence having already got them in World could save you having to get some in Iceborne, it's not difficult to understand that point. Read: Effectively what I said, and to be clear what I said was 'it's possible' it'll work this way. Could it work differently, yes, of course, I only said it was possible! Maybe you should take your own advice. Honestly...
  8. Yeah fair enough, I only skimmed the trophy list but we're saying the same thing anyway, there'll be no auto-popping, but yeah, you're right, says it right there in the description. I have the Plat for World, I was only trying to clarify the situation with crowns between the lists. I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say unlocking base game to unlock Iceborne crowns...? And respectfully I've no idea what you're talking about in that last sentence either, mathematically speaking? First person to Plat the game and not taking risks? Eh?! We'll find out on launch, that's obviously true, but I'll reiterate this again, if you haven't got the crowns for the base game then I don't see why anyone would be concerned about getting them in Iceborne. You either have the crowns in World, and the trophy, or are working towards it, or not. The only two monsters that lie outside the trophy in the base game that might be applicable in Iceborne are Luna and Jho (I think), but as I said the whole thing is a bit of a moot point, you're either going for crowns or not...regardless whether they carry over or not.
  9. The trophy lists are separate and won't affect each others completion rate. There shouldn't be auto-popping, stat tracking will start from scratch on booting up Iceborne, so you'll still need to hunt 50 more elders to pop the Iceborne trophy etc... I don't mind farming the crowns myself but it is a bit churlish to suggest they shouldn't be an issue for some, to be fair it is a pain and even with sizing guides you're still loading in and out of hunts to get them. I enjoyed doing it but appreciate others don't. I think I understand the point about crowns between the trophy lists. Will Iceborne require you to get crowns for the base game monsters? Possibly, yes. There'll be Master rank versions of all, or most of, the base game monsters, so they'll come along with Iceborne, and it's possible Iceborne will require those monster crowns. If I have no crowns for Pukei, will the Iceborne trophy pop without them, even though a Master rank version (of Pukei) came with it? I think what is being said is get the base game crowns and trophy so as to save 'some' farming in Iceborne. I can't say for sure it will work like that in Iceborne, requiring base game crowns, but it is entirely possible, especially considering you should be able to get crowns from Master rank base game monsters that should contribute to the base game trophy. That said, if you haven't got the trophy for the base game crowns and don't intend to grind it, then I don't know what makes you think you'll get if for Iceborne, so in a way it's all a moot point and I just wasted my time writing that ^^. Goddamnit Tomato! Plat looks good though, hyped af.
  10. I got the Plat now, the endurance races were a bit of a slog but to be fair I sailed through them with relative ease, so yeah, just a time sink. Don't want to be overly critical of the game, I did enjoy it, but the AI was just too one-dimensional. I don't mind jostling for position with a few cars but if the AI had some range, cars that like to boost manoeuvre , cars that are reckless and crash or cause crashes, ones that run out of gas and retire... Maybe for what the game is it's asking too much but the constant blocking and ramming became frustrating quite quickly. There were a few tracks that had some tight corners and series of tricky turns, and I thought they used the weather quite well to add a little difficulty, night, sandstorms, snow etc...but yeah, some proper skill based tracks would have been good. I've been griping about trophy sets for years, too many are implemented, seemingly, with little to no care as to how they actually impact a game, many a good game I've had spoiled trying to obtain obtuse trophies or endure torturous grinds. I have Vampyr in my backlog, good to know the trophy set is decent...if I ever get to it!
  11. I've only the last two endurance races to do but I'd maybe bump the difficulty score up a bit. Yeah, most of the game is fairly easy, a 3/4, but there are a few races that are nightmarish, particularly the master tournament, so a 6/10, 7 at a push, might be more reasonable for the average gamer. The AI is terrible, it's not there to race you rather impede you at every opportunity, that for me is the biggest problem with difficulty, and the game in general which is disappointing, as is yet another trophy set trying it's best to destroy any fun you might have with a game...109 gold races on the bounce...really? Sigh. I know I can make use of the cloud/usb but this is just needless grind. Definitely think some will find the Plat a bit harder than 5/10, I almost smashed a controller trying to get gold on the second last master tournament, Japan, and the fact that your chosen rival for each tournament never, NEVER, slips up beyond 2nd place just adds to the frustration. It's admittedly a fun little game, but which easily can become a frustrating chore, smarter AI and a better trophy set would have done wonders for it.
  12. Pretty sure there are one-handed controllers out there but probably a pointless investment. Rpg's although ATB's might be a problem. I would imagine most point and click or walking sims might be doable but tbh it's not something I've ever considered...playing one-handed, not playing point and click/walking sims. lol
  13. Their new Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan releasing soon, seem to be free of VR and focused on the standard audience. Don't know if it's something to do with the shared story co-op or up to 5 player MP, or whether VR will become a feature later, but for now I don't see any mention of VR. Game looks decent and not a bad cast either. It's amazing how the industry still hasn't got a handle on trophies/achievements, they're such a big part of games nowadays yet more often than not they'll destroy enjoyment rather than compliment it. Some excellent games mentioned on this thread that are, for many, turned into frustrating, torturous experiences due to bad trophy sets. A lot more thought and care is needed when implementing these rewards.
  14. Primary accounts aren't very clear either tbh. You need to activate an account as Primary on any given console to give access to secondary accounts. So set your main account to primary and the digital content will unlock for all secondary accounts on the given console. Note that you can have as many primary accounts on a console as you want, so any secondary account with digital content can be set to primary too, giving all other users access to that content as well.
  15. PS can be a bit glitchy but it's also possible you were accidentally pressing skip instead of next on the network screen as skip will take you to avatars etc... Glad you got it sorted anyway.