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  1. Feel free to add me yet mention this thread. Always up to play with some Aussies. PSN: ForsakenPulse
  2. This. Too bad a lot of the time recently it's always either not working or it takes longer than for me to write a letter to PSN Friends...
  3. I contemplated either to buy Transistor or Strider last month. In the end I didn't even do that, so happy I didn't cause I wanted to play Transistor more than strider!
  4. Hail Australia.
  5. I'd say the opposite. Completion because the more you complete the more platinums and overall trophies you get.
  6. Yeah wouldn't happen in Australia either, I've bought games for $60 and when it's been traded in a few weeks later for whatever reason I have gotten maximum 12-15 bucks ;\ I believe #5 is using a rent service.
  7. I feel Mercenary was a lot better game than Burning Skies, I was actually REALLY disappointed with Burning Skies. I felt no connection to the single player campaign and with the multiplayer it took ages to even get a game.
  8. Can honestly say I'm a trophy hunter and a completionist, the only trophy I know I'll never get is the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus platinum on Vita which is literally impossible. Doesn't stop me trying though. Which games do you focus on first? I try to focus on a good balance of time consuming games and nice quick games, and when bored I'll do a quick platinum/100% in between. How long will it take you to complete all trophies in your list now? Sigma 2 Plus = Impossible, though won't ever hide it. But over all for what I have left I'd say a week or two depending on real life and work. What is the next game that you will playing after you finish all trophies on your profile? Next games would probably be to finish the Ratchet & Clank HD collection, then after that a few of the PSN Plus backlog I have. Do you have any tips on how to maintain your average completion rate? I don't try to keep hard games off my list, but more what I'm interested in. Then it'll help with determination to get that platinum/100%. Though multiplayer trophies are the bane of my existence.
  9. I would say Dust: An Elysian Tail. Currently playing it and it's fantastic! That or purchase a PSNPlus membership if you haven't already, it's pretty good value and give you a few games to play.
  10. I'm a Minecraft fan, but you're right. Isn't it enough all of us have to put up with this kind of crap on Youtube, yet let alone a game where they expect people to pay for it. I think Telltale will be a one trick pony, which is a shame. Cause I feel personally it's fueled a lot by easy platinums/trophies. So they'll keep making these "Stories" and people will keep buying them.
  11. Good to hear I wasn't the only dork that did this. I bought like 4 games and an extra controller before my PS4 arrived cause I got it from America as it was severely sold out in Australia. I had them for about 1.5 weeks beforehand. Reason being I traded in majority of my XBox stuff as I had finally converted to Sony and wanted to concentrate on the one account.
  12. PSN: ForsakenPulse System: PS3, PS4, Vita. Blank Requests: Just chuck in PSNProfiles in the request.
  13. Like that's even a choice. (Dragon Age) I can't even remember when the last good wrestling game was. I think it was before the annual games started...
  14. Yeah slowly getting there. 2,000 kills left! What a drag!
  15. Yeah I've gotten to the point where I can't even use the app any more. Takes too damn long!