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  1. Play with assist mode on and try to be as fast as possible while using as many different weapons as possible. If you get over 95.000 the trophy pops (you get way less points with assist mode on, as it should be) I only got to around 850.000 on regular mode and couldn't do it no more. Assist mode is just so you don't die while getting hit by enemies, still die in pits and so on. And keep your combo going, if you lose it during an area, press start and then select restart area quickly and try it again, if you fail to many times start the level over. I would say if you fail more than 3 times you should start over.
  2. Does it get easier after each time you Prestige? Or is it as slow as the first time? Is there any way to autopress X button on ps4? Thanks.
  3. Oh, I got the Shake it off trophy just now But Smash Landing, does it have anything to do with your parts? Or do you need to land on a certain spot?
  4. Does anyone know how to get Smash Landing and Shake it off trophies?
  5. Can you continue searching for collectibles after end credits?