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  1. I wrote the guide on here and .org for Perils of Baking and the developer added my name to the special thanks and play testers section in the credits screen in game which is very cool! I have a 2nd in the world finish for the NA version behind him and he generously gave me a code for the EU version before release and allowed me be 1st in the world for the EU version! Such a great little game! Awesome dev, great dude! I had such a fun time doing it along side him. For more of a trophy achievement. I had an 8 year long platinum trophy streak that didnt skip a beat. I went from 0 to 306 platinums, unlocking atleast 1 platinum a month, for 8 years straight, never missing a single month. Most months i would unlock several, but my minimum requirement was atleast 1. This past leap year i almost ruined my streak but then i realized what day it was and what time it was, i really cut it close. I literally had minutes left on the 29th day of february or my streak would have ended, but i kept it alive, a winters daydream, you can check my timestamp for it on ps4..i had like 2minutes to spare before march rolled into effect to keep the ball rolling. I have since given up on my platinum streak, it ended at 306 platinums and i have to say, starting back in 2012 when games werent quite as easy to plow through as they are these days, i’d like to think thats quite the accomplishment for 1 man to do in his spare time playing video games. Sure there was some easy games in 2013 but they still took 10-12 hours to get through, not like the 10minute shovelware games of today
  2. Call of duty Fifa Madden NBA2k I mean, theyre all just the same shit year after year with a slight change in the previous roster i remember this one call of duty youtuber venting his frustration in one of his videos about activision and cod in general and he made a good point which is a good idea and ill share it Call of duty should be a cloud based service with dedicated servers. Charge a flat subscription fee and it gives you access to every call of duty game ever, even future titles until your subscription ends. Every game, every gun, every camo, every map, every mode, campaign, battle royale, zombies, i mean everything, dump it all onto 1 giant system of dedicated servers and have it live forever, imagine big leagues in black ops 2 still being obtainable, or just playing older games without needed to boot up an older system or even needing a disc, you’d download an application like netflix or whatever and theres everything at your finger tips readily available and continuously updated and supported i think every yearly franchise release should do something like this. i mean if youre playing fifa 18,19 and 20...odds are youre gona play 21 aswell. So on and so forth
  3. Theyre giving out destruction all stars for 2 months, thats our february and March ps5 game lol
  4. Yeah i didnt say when it was gona be available just that it only mentions ps5 owners with ps+ will get it at no additional cost
  5. Oddworld for ps5 basically there was no mention of anything else though for ps+
  6. I Saw this in nintendos eshop last night looks like a bootleg Hades ill just stick with my Hades have fun!
  7. I would be fine if we got a Resogun 2
  8. I said the same thing after I already started it like oh wouldn’t that be cute but I went and finished it anyways because fuck that, I might not be around tomorrow, let me enjoy my platinum today
  9. But they are made up of natural elements
  10. lmao Thats not actually a thing its just a programmer
  11. i have to? I suppose no, no i dont have to but I’ll participate nonetheless for starters, im not the biggest fan of dlc, and yes i do own most the season passes for all the call of duty games that ive played but thats just cuz i needed the maps! but other than that i usually dont buy dlc im gonna go left field here on this one... The walking dead season1 400Days i dont remember it all too well as its been like 7years now but i enjoyed it for what it was call of duty infinite warfare - season pass Getting directors cut and unlocking the super easter egg in the zombies mode was worth wasting the summer playing with new friends..ugh i still have to finish that horrid single player campaign though Honorable Mentions: Bloodborne: the old hunters (i platinum’d the base game as my 200th, that was over 100platinums ago and i have yet to start the dlc) The Witcher 3: complete edition (the entire thing is back logged)
  12. Uber Tristram runs basically the role of the bone wall necro was that he controlled the spawns of the skeletons, by placing the wall in a specific xp leeching spot, the skeletons would spawn away from the leechers i just looked it up and sadly in this 1 guys video description on a 12 year old video (holy fuck) he said its been patched out in V 1.13 oh well
  13. Will there be usb keyboard/mouse support for ps4/5 consoles? Power leveing G-Ubers in tristram was the way to go my guy unfortunately that required a team a bone wall necromancer a hammer paladin And i wanna say a trap assassin its literally been a decade, my memory is fuzzy bloody foothills was a pvp duelling grounds
  14. i am so hyped for this game! And i dont get hyped up for anything, this game spawned trading and gaming community websites like which i still use to this day, years and years after i quit playing the game that inspired the site I wanna see a collectors edition with a Sick ass statue of Diablo, And i dont even buy CE’s i need to see the trophy list for this upcoming game ASAP though this would be my crown jewel platinum hands down, or the one that got away from me god, just give me a single player trophy list lol i dont play well with others when you lock trophies behind online
  15. This game took years away from my life this is a must have for me but I am unbelievably nervous about the potential trophy list The amount of online trophies they could potentially throw behind this game scares me to death