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  1. To stack sound shapes platinums what else
  2. Theres 2 OG ps4s and a ps4 Pro in my household youre welcome Sony
  3. Ditto i usually like to get baked before, during and after i game.
  4. Ive plat season 1 three times still have to stack season 2, start and finish michonne and season 3 but ive lost interest in stacking these multiple times nowadays, they were fun the first time around but doing it over and over again for a trophy i already have is boring AF Plus theyve got enough of my money as it sits
  5. There it is!! I knew i saw that shit somewhere i need sleep!! Haha Ive been up 30 hours straight i cant remember my head from my ass right now
  6. Sorry, i was on 3 different forums at once last night when replying to your post, one of the topics was about warframe so some of my response was in reference to a different topic from a different site lol other than that my response still holds true
  7. I got a congratulatory email from Activision for when i platinumed call of duty black ops 3 my psn id wasnt posted on social media or anything but i was still recognized then next year they gave me the infinite warfare digital legacy edition which included MWR for free but i dont think that was related
  8. No Warframe will never be a contender Sure its got a ton of updates but for all the updates it has, it lacks in trophies and most are bronze which stand in at 5 points each.. To me it doesnt seem like youre understanding the points system in which trophies hold, think of playstation trophies like xbox’s gamer score, what they would call 5G, playstation calls that a bronze trophy, 1000G is the max gamer score for any one title on xbox..that would be like finishing all the trophies in 1 game for playstation but playstation takes the point system a little further than that because there is no point cap behind trophies, as far as i know, i think base games that include a platinum trophy usually cap off at 1,250 points but then add in DLC and games with alot of DLC, like driveclub and dcuo for instance, that 1,250 can go sky high
  9. Youre too late, i decided to create new psn id’s just to steal away your options! Thanks
  10. Battlefield 1 with the premium pass for 30bucks is a good deal now i dont have to borrow my step sons disc
  11. When youre in last stand you have mustang and sally explosive rounds!
  12. You can polish a turd but at the end if the day, its still a turd
  13. You have to complete the tutorial on each version and manually save and load your saves to the cloud, but yes, other than that, they will auto pop its an expensive stack but so worth it, all those silvers! Wish i could do it all over again now that sony rewards you for your trophies
  14. To be fair, thats been in every road rash game that i can remember, from the og games to road rash 3D, you could smack into a car or a telephone pole or anything for that matter and go flying for miles