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  1. The vita is pretty cumbersome its not really something you can just stuff in your pocket and off you go so you might wanna go the digital route for convenience unless you like hauling a bunch of shit around
  2. akuma was added because theres suppossed to be a sequel to street fighter x tekken called tekken x street fighter, if they still plan on releasing that ...and i forget the actually story, i dont pay too much attention to it but wasnt he (akuma) suppossed to be a hired gun to kill off the Mishima family the dlc is a ripoff, they want like 9bucks per character with no added trophies or you can buy the 2nd season pass which again seems like a slap in the face, games with multiple season passes can suck a fat one i liked the game though but i wish the customization was like that of tekken 6 where certain items would give you extra attributes
  3. Because its not a cross platform fix they would have to fix each bug on each individual platform
  4. I was mis-informed i thought it was ok to share games with friends (not with complete strangers of course) with the whole active as primary and deactivate feature but with my understanding i was wrong and i apologize edit: to be clear i am not encouraging anyone to do this as i was made aware this is a violation, i am merely just explaining my original post
  5. My bad i was unaware i thought it was fine since it was basically promoted at ps4s launch
  6. Take video game forums with a grain of salt some things can be light hearted and funny unless youre a fanboy of the show then i can see why so many come to its defense
  7. 8 bit 16 bit same difference lmao potato, potatoe Its has more than 12 trophies and it includes bronze so its clearly not published by RG i do appreciate the sarcasm though when it seems others dont
  8. Since when was there a 1 and a 2? im usually pretty keen on new trophy lists here and never even knew the tv show had a game series
  9. I dont know on the exact amount but your ps4 automatically locks out 40GBs or so of storage for firmware updates and whatnot so if youre ps4 is saying you have 50GB free storage you actually have less than that
  10. I dont lookout for gaming news but i get all my information from psnprofiles and youtube
  11. Since when was it changed to Detroit become human digital deluxe?
  12. If you give it a few moments it usually refreshes itself and will continue it is pretty glitchy though
  13. Is cheating on your spouse ok?
  14. Im sorry if this was already asked here or elsewhere but with all the shutdowns occurring and the more to come My concern is in the possible future, will Sony make even just trying to sign into PSN on older gen consoles obsolete say you hammered out a bunch of trophies on your ps3 or your vita but you cant even sync them to the server, thats a possible day i fear
  15. even if you played piss easy games those trophy lists are only a margain of what AAA games trophies lists consist of, ratalaika games sure you can pile on platinums but youre only getting 12 trophies at a time 10k is still going to be a grind