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  1. Still miles away from the atrocity that is Nintendo’s eShop
  2. Until it hits the Blog i dont give these rumors and leaks too much of a thought but i suppose its always fun to see what titles we “might” be given earlier than when we can expect
  3. Yeah, the stasis field or whatever its called i did that for a bit and then i took advantage of an in game duplication glitch/exploit some people call it cheating or frown upon it i say, the devs didnt patch it out so its fair game Those same people will openly use the creative mode glitch in their survival minecraft worlds though, so theyre full of shit I think with todays society, they will definately correct the spelling of the platinum name
  4. I enjoyed my time with dead space it was one of my first ps3 games ever i did the one gun trophy on my impossible run i always thought of that as an achievement on its own but the plasma cutter is the best weapon in game so its really not as hard as it sounds if it was just a port of the original with graphical updates and was under $40 i would probably do it again on ps5 but as of right now, ill probably just keep those fond memories in the past as what they are, fond memories i never played 2 and i skipped out on 3 when it was offered on ps+ because of either paid dlc/mtx and/or multiplayer trophies
  5. Yeah, what i need in my life right now when searching the new releases or even sales section is 600 different themes and avatars of each and every sports team No
  6. Thanks maybe you guys should do a site wide poll to see how the community feels about certain changes, whenever said changes come into consideration, thats just one thought i went out of my way 5 years ago to compete and finish in this event, and i did so proudly and i held it in high regard.. and im sure others have when someone takes your accomplishments away and decides to re-write the rules on you without knowing, years after the fact..sometimes people are going to get upset, thats where i was coming from
  7. Thanks i still think it should be changed back i even contemplate making a thread all about it but im at work so its not that important to me i just think its stupid this guy whoever recently decided amongst him or herself to change it, didnt sit in on any board room meetings with treyarch, vicarious visions and activision and their research and development teams to discuss what they wanna call their game so how he is gona be a deciding factor 13 years later on what to call someone elses game fuck that
  8. @Winston im not changing my Q game because some moderator on this site wanted to be funny and change the name to a , now get this..a 13 year old ps3 game that sony no longer fully supports i could see if sony changed the name around then ok, but nah man, this totally soured my day so if you wanna remove me from the alpha leaders or whatever than so be it i didnt go out of my way to complete this event 5 years ago so then one day someone could just rename it to something else if you load up the game on your profile, it shows as a Q titled game, period, idc if someone wanted to make it all cohesive and name all james bond james to james bond : …. vicarious visions and activision named this game, not some random gamer with a moderator tag on a gaming website edit: and i hope who ever was responsible for this change gets demoted, like who are you to rename someone elses IP, this is some modern day “karen” bullshit
  9. has videos of every level in the game on where to aim your birds inorder to get the 3stars in every level
  10. Diablo 2 Resurrected for pc and ps5
  11. Why is sly doing this to us sony doesnt even support the ps3 anymore the ps app still displays this game as Quantum of Solace, not James Bond
  12. Ive see reviews on similar handheld gaming pcs some with even a keyboard layout And i wanna say with better analog stick placement theyre pretty cool but its not going to take off and rival anything its a niche market and they’re kinda bulky and less portable then you actually think, youre gonna need a man purse for it
  13. its 0.70 now it went down by 0.01 lol you guys still think its gona drop significantly? you can change your answer i wont judge cod is the biggest selling franchise the people that really wanted this game, already have it
  14. I wouldnt mind playing it for free, if it made its way to ps+ that is
  15. This free upgrade sure is taking a while