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  1. Ive plat GoW 1, 2, 3, ascension, ghost of sparta and chains of olympus I just need to play the newest ps4 GoW game now
  2. #245 Spyro 2 - Ripto’s Rage!
  3. Trophy # 10,000 Monkeying Around - Bash through all the monkeys in Mystic Marsh Spyro 2 : Ripto’s Rage!
  4. Sony doesnt code the games thats the job of developers to test their product before shipping it out
  5. Ohhhh ok thanks!
  6. Wtf is sierra-like
  7. Same But i do have a slim ps3 and OLED ps vita aswell
  8. You like the game, the series..whatever it may be, i understand that but that doesnt answer my intial question nor does it negate from the fact that all my points are valid Enjoy your Destiny 1.5
  9. What games aside from Destiny published by Activision are incomplete? I cant think of any games that are rendered unplayable once a DLC is available, no folks, this mess is all bungies doing. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Sales have declined, playerbase has dropped Activision didnt want to hemorrhage any more money into a stale franchise so they cut their losses and said you aint gotta go home but you gotta get the fuck outta here
  10. I bought both copies when they first released i thought i played/started the ps4 version but it might have been ps3 all i remember is that it didnt look or play that great so i shelved it
  11. Isnt the game a port of the mobile version or something i remember playing it on ps4 and it looked like shit
  12. Yeah we can pretty much close this topic now actually mods, can we? This IS the clear winner!
  13. Your profile is set to private
  14. Created and developed by @breathofwater Perils of Baking is a 2D retro style platformer inspired by classics like Super Mario World its super fun, simple and easy, its right up many of your alleys! it has a north american and european stack along with a cross buy vita port you can follow my guide on here or on and have this platinum in about 3hours or less! 88 Heroes is a 2D action platformer where you play as 88 different heroes (all with different abilities and attacks, some are better than others) in order to save the world. If you fail a level, that character is dead and you are then selected another hero at random. You can resurrect a dead hero after you collect enough coins, i believe its 88 but i could be wrong, theres a big 88 theme in this game. There are 88 levels and you have 88 seconds to clear each level and 88 minutes to beat the game. Dragons Crown is a hack and slash action RPG, in my opinion. Its beautiful hand drawn 2D art style is what originally grabbed my attention and then once you start playing it, its highly addictive and very enjoyable.
  15. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - blackout blackout historian and zombie fanatic ive finished them now but wow, the RNG in this game is something else, theres only what like 5 blackout trophies and yet it took me just over 11days in game time played to complete.. thats something like 240hours altogether lmao the wins are nothing, its the skins that’ll kill ya (luckily for most people that time can be reduced now that they gave everyone the specialists skins, i wasnt so lucky though, i earned 8 outta 10 of them on my own before they gave them to everyone) and just when you think youve completed a character unlock, it could either glitch out on you, your game could crash or you missed it by the slightest mark and it probably took 200 games just to get to that point of missing it by a hair, it can be extremely frustrating but when youve finished it all, its a massive weight removed from your chest, its like you can breathe again! Thank the heavens and rejoice!