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  1. Gotta love bug-rock edition i on ps4 helped a friend on pc obtain the map room trophy, it popped for him no issues i then tried to help a fellow ps4 friend with the same trophy, it didnt unlock for him this game ran better Pre-bugrock update
  2. 6years later and i just learned something new about being premium, thanks for the clarification, sorry for The off topic posts but i knew there was something up and it was playing with my OCD to the point i needed to know
  3. Its Only when hes the latest person in thread to respond and appears on the home screen like if / when he replys view the thread on the homescreen without actually clicking On the thread itself and his name will be AJ_Radio its like a name change that didnt 100% go through or some shit ive noticed this before in the past but didnt think much of it until now AJ_Radio shows on the homescreen but when You actually go to read it, it shows as Spaz im sure someone like @DaivRules could give some answers towards this, not that its important because its not but ive always wondered, wtf AJ made a Post in “such and such topic”. Goes to read it but AJ is nowhere to be found, Instead its Spaz its just one of those head scratcher moments that makes me think, huh
  4. On the home screen it says AJ_Radio has responded but in thread it says Spaz i know im off topic but that shit is hella confusing and i never see anyone else but you with that confusing, misleading tag its no biggie and i know im off topic but wtf lol
  5. Dude, your 2 account names is killing me why is that even a thing
  6. I never even started the ps4 game and yes, i have the ultimate version for ps5 #backlogproblems
  7. Just another 1 of the way too many games that i own in which ill probably never end up playing. Reviewing my backlog, i genuinely bit off way more than i can chew and have no issues about supporting a developer and just deleting their game(s), This isnt the first time i bought a game for relatively Cheap and after further investigation just never even to bother with it, ill just go without buying a coffee before work tomorrow and itll balance itself out financially
  8. Did you eat it?
  9. I know ps5 icons got bigger but did this thing just get even bigger or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  10. Its pretty straight forward when clicking the write a guide link congrats on your platinum
  11. If platinums didnt have value then why the fuck did sony give me $10credit for every 10 platinums like 2 years ago What’cha got for me trolls?
  12. Ive seen reports Via youtube people claiming to have issues playing their ps4 games off of an external hdd. the ps5 is currently locked out from supporting external drives for storage purposes but you can still play games off of them? Id rather not run the risk right now ive also read reports people claiming issues with the rest mode Feature and playing games during mid download before the game is 100% finished installing idk, im just too nervous about it all right now plus like i mentioned, i dont even wanna unbox it right now. Im Undergoing irl problems with my ol’ lady, im not busting out a 500$ device right now even though i should plug it in at the very least To make sure everythings fine, idk, the box is pristine so id like to think my machine is working fine as intended
  13. Still factory sealed since launch day and with all these reports im in no rush to find out If theres any issues, plus i didnt tell my gf i was buying a ps5 and my moneys been tight so im not trying to deal with that headache of explaining myself anytime soon i might just wait and gift it to myself for xmas all i know is im not putting a ps4 disc in the drive anytime soon, im not using rest mode and im definately not plugging a hdd into it
  14. I would assume hes asking in regards of where if you sign into your account on 2 different ps4s, it automatically boots You off 1
  15. Spider Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition Demons Souls Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (free upgrade) The Witcher 3 (free upgrade) Bugsnax (ps+ offering) and theres the PS Collection aswell