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  1. Im not following this thread but I got an email today from psn that the servers for warhawk. Twisted metal, playstation all stars battle royale and sound shapes were staying up until next year, so it sounds like the plat is still available guys, for now
  2. Call of Duty WWII - earned July 3rd 2018 UR 1.85%
  3. Then do away with all particular region locked events like the one australia i believe had for the platinum trophy giveaway a while back and im sure theres been others but that one specifically comes to mind, do away with region locked ps+ deals/discounts/IGC titles, just have one giant global system that works for everyone anywhere
  4. Anybody down to squad up with me and hunt these characters, any of them and all of them hit me up on psn, no blank friend requests (NA eastern time zone)
  5. Sure you did anyone going in buying a telltale game knows, episodes are released periodically, not all at once you just thought you werent going to get the rest of the episodes
  6. Fuck Treyarch they dont want anybody having these characters
  7. #242 Perils of Baking - Refrosted (vita stack)
  8. I got not a fluke before the recent 11GB update
  9. My thoughts on the game is That its boring
  10. Buy it its worth more having fun with the game then any trophy
  11. I dont care about trophies anymore once you hit 200+ platinums, like who really gives a fuck anymore at that point, 6+years of trophy hunting...its been a fun ride but its not going to be a lifetime thing for me im currently playing black ops 4 and im almost certain the platinum is either out of reach or just too much of a grind to even wanna go for, and im fine with that, im having so much fun with the game itself and im satisfied getting my money’s worth vs coughing up cash on easy games with short platinum requirements that are fun for 2 minutes then get boring ill be playing this game for years to come vs finishing it and never touching it again
  12. I do not thanks for asking maybe one day i just dont have a desire for motion sickness right now, that and i already have a tremendous backlog of games that spans 3 platforms no need to keep throwing more money away
  13. And i thought trophies consumed my life, lol im way wrong or im just not doing it right do you guys even have families, actual jobs, real life shit to do in society? how does one achieve 1000+ platinums without having a real life or being a hacker kudos to you leaderboard guys but holy shit take a day off lol
  14. Ill take a slow unlock over no unlock anyday
  15. lets be realistic here, just for a moment can we all do that? And lets think for a second.. the game was unplayable until just a few hours ago, anybody who had early access who booted up the game couldnt even connect to the servers, all you could do is view the damn trophy list up until yesterday afternoon lol and as ive already mentioned, you need atleast 88 people connected to server that wasnt even online yet just to start blackout not to mention winning it 10 different times then going into multiplayer and prestiging and then beating 3 different zombies campaigns you would need the finished game months in advance and special powers to play on a server that basically didnt exist yet