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  1. No problem psnprofiles doesnt have a regional tag tied to it so i figured it was worldwide
  2. Tinas toy factory metropolis : lux Obscura
  3. So youre a crack head?
  4. I mean ive already plat the game so idc honestly but i dont see anything on psblog about this, granted you posted a twit and i dont twatter
  5. You have my full support no plat no play we go for platinums, not bronzes
  6. Incoming delisting of game and lawsuit pending from Ruthless Records
  7. Its on my radar ...incoming 15 dlc packs
  8. #285 Bouncy Bullets This also marks my 11,000th trophy
  9. Added to my library thanks for the heads up
  10. Sound shapes 15 seconds RIP cloud sync
  11. Probably Bloodborne, but my favorite platinum trophy icon is Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls that bitch is dead sexy
  12. Thanks for the suggestion
  13. #283 Mekabolt Ps4 #284 Mekabolt Vita stack does anyone know of any games with 13 trophies?, the 13th being a platinum, im 13 trophies off from 11k, i wouldnt mind my 11,000th trophy being a platinum of some sort
  14. #282 Mecho Tales (eu stack) i had some spare change left in my alt account and it was on sale recently
  15. As long as his ending cinematic is him getting blown away by massive gun fire like in the beginning of the original movie then ill be fine with it