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  1. As cool as how some of these limited edition consoles may appear the truth of the matter is, my black console resides in an entertainment center neatly tucked in its own little spot, not really to be displayed but blends into the background nicely this would merely be an eye sore in my living room to be perfectly honest lol
  2. # 229 Alteric (ps4 stack) 3rd plat in 3 days
  3. Im getting burnt out from the hunt ive been at it for a while now and its making me numb but you gotta keep feeding the addiction am i right? Lol my platinum anniversary is in a few weeks. (August 12th) I literally have a 6 year platinum streak going, unlocking atleast 1 plat a month, every single month, month after month, year after year, I went from 1 plat to 228 currently, without missing a step, it averages out to about 4 plats a month, some months have been better than others. I started on ps3, then got a ps vita, a launch ps4 and eventually on to my ps4 pro, all of which i still have and use in the name of trophies, ive platted the entire alphabet, have accounts in 4 different regions, i have a backlog of close to 200 games that i havent even touched yet because im a sucker for flash sales. I told myself back in the day, when i get to 50 plats im going to chill out and go easy and my buddy was like, hit 100 first then take a break. Well those days came and went and im still going at it. Maybe when i hit 300 plats ill kill my streak and take a rest from trophy hunting.
  4. Servers got cha i over looked that part
  5. 1000 top rated only lasted a day and it was delisted
  6. # 228 Metropolis: Lux Obscura (ps4 stack) because, why not?
  7. @Sly Ripper do not implement this idea! Trophy lives matter! every trophy counts
  8. # 227 Metropolis : Lux Obscura its like if the movie Sin City were to have a match 3 game, pretty fun and Risqué too Spoiler alert : theres boobies! 👀 Jon Lockhart, my new antihero
  9. I was in cabin 3 and we were killing it I only picked 4 categories and the bonus and i finished them all and seeing how the event had plenty of time left i went to add some more category entries and the entire thing was gone What a shame! It was The first event i ever joined might i add, fun fact
  10. Sure ill get rite on it
  11. The vita never even existed in there eyes have they ever released a single title to the handheld?
  12. Games easy though no need to exploit it
  13. Yeah it definately was a bitch
  14. Plat # 226 Alteric The final boss fight is a horrible bug fest i never wanted to smash my vita more than i want to rite now, grrrr and to think, i bought this PoS for ps4 aswell the shit i put myself through for platinums is astounding i tell ya
  15. James youre a noob Ok so youre usually not going to out right beat the AI in a full length race and everytime you restart it will start you off in a different section of the map you just need to find that sweet spot in this case, it would be a good starting point, which usually isnt until you restart once or twice break out in front and gain a lead that eliminates your opponents because they are too far behind