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  1. Call of duty does this really need an explanation?
  2. Playstation vita pets but for ps4 and with cats instead of dogs?
  3. Shovelware
  4. 2012 : 14 plats Most common : Spare Parts 59.23% Rarest : Call of Duty Black Ops 4.25% 2013 : 33 plats Most common : Megamind 76.74% Rarest : Call of Duty MW3 4.52% 2014 : 31 plats Most common : The Walking Dead 72.97% Rarest : Angry Birds Trilogy 1.43% 2015 : 26 plats Most common : Goosebumps 67.31% Rarest : Trine 2 complete story 1.63% 2016 : 49 plats Most common : My Name is Mayo 97.86% Rarest : Call of Duty Black Ops 3 0.79% 2017 : 41 plats Most common : Energy Cycle 96.95% Rarest : MX vs ATV Supercross Encore 2.56% 2018 : 49 plats Most common : Jack n Jill DX 99.28% Rarest : Call of Duty WW2 1.66% 2019 : 25 plats (so far) Most common : Mochi Mochi Boy 97.74% Rarest : Call of Duty Black Ops 4 0.82%
  5. Atta boy! Thanks i was looking in the wrong spot im burnt i just pulled a 13.5 hour shift
  6. Its cuz whats his face from The Walking Dead is in it next year itll be that game with the guy from Bill and Tedds Excellent Adventure Disclaimer: im just being an ass please dont anyone actually quote me on this
  7. i was gonna do mine but the tracking isnt an exact science like diablo 3 for instance, i plat that game years ago when it first launched on console but i recently went back to it and did the dlc in 2018 So when i go to my profile, click completion, check platinum and i scroll through the years, its in 2018, but when i click the platinum itself, it was earned in 2014 so in short, with that being said, i null and void my entry lol
  8. You have quite the expendable income
  9. I type in football game in google and i get a listing of todays scores
  10. #268
  11. Im willing to bet that there is absolute zero gameplay of football in this game
  12. Well now ive joined the glitch party kompetitor is acting up on me It should have popped 31 online matches ago I was hoping to have this plat before bed but im tired and i gotta be at work in 7hours
  13. So this thing just pops at random after 50? Ffs
  14. I recently bought this game during PSNs NA halloween sale ive encountered absolutely no bugs or glitches whatsoever in fact, i believe this trophy was the first krypt related trophy i popped, before i even obtained kenshi’s blindfold ive never refilled any chests yet, just opened all the ones ive come across in normal discovery throughout the entire map of the krypt (yes, including goros lair) theres a tab in your kombat kard i believe that shows your krypt progress so to shows how many bodies youve speared, and chests opened my guess is that when you replenished the chests you reset your chests opened counter