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  1. Just skimmed thru the trophies find the broken gunducky Uh oh …horrible graphics …beat every stage without taking damage Is this ringing a bell with anyone its that horrible gunducky industries game reskinned as some other horrible game that will have an impossible completion rating avoid this at all costs
  2. Ill always play a game here and there if and when i can its mind stimulation far as trophy hunting goes i could careless about it nowadays its been so watered down to the point its almost shameful to be a trophy hunter
  3. He dead
  4. Ok yeah well you did good on your end then i suppose with all that i wouldnt be surprised with a next patch or file update it pops and you dont even notice
  5. Ive seen a couple reports where people would do things on pc switch to their xbox or playstation with met trophy requirements just for them not to pop which kinda makes sense to me in a way because how to psn trophies tie in with a pc platform that doesnt have trophies, idk so my information was based off that wether it holds water idk i wouldnt worry too much about your dilemma right now that sounds like an easy fix if enough people report the bug to the devs id be more concerned with the more difficult, hardcore trophy anything and everything that can be softcore related is nothing to even concern ourselves with right now i think everyones focus should be on hardcore lol
  6. If youre trying to do a pc to ps5 theres reports that it doesnt pop trophies this way getting to hell and beating it on softcore isnt so bad, i can literally go on d2jsp and get a rush from someone Lets see u get to level 99 on hardcore and lets see if that unlocks or not, then its time to worry beating the game on hell can easily be patched they can see if your character is either a Patriarch or Matriarch
  7. Cheers! Like some, I played the original off and on for years, i recently made a single player character to revisit the game back when they first announced the remaster in february, to refresh my memory and so i started in softcore but i literally played each difficulty mode until the xp just ran out on its own you can stretch normal out until i think its the early 40s but by then youre just better off moving to nightmare anyways cuz the xp slows way down by then i was just more so doing it to see if any gg items would drop in normal, spoiler alert..not so much! nightmare you can milk it all the way to 75, all the while just trying to get better gear with each passing run so thats my plan, slow and steady until it hurts, moving at a snails pace until im forced to go onto ng+ and ng++
  8. Summons are alright you just have to kept casting curses but yeah, theyre pretty useless against diablo right now, i mean he just obliterates them and Yeah im aware of the respec aspect and have given it some thought and its on the back burner for now if i feel like i hit a brick wall and cant progress anymore im going to keep grinding CS runs so i can get more points dumped into skeleton mastery, and see how that works, like i said im only level 27 right now and my gear is still very lack luster im prepared to stay in normal and milk the xp until i think its level 40-45 in baal runs until it fizzles out, and then go into nightmare and stay there til about i think its level 75 and then enter hell thats the plan thus far anyways
  9. 4500 baal runs is also factoring in end game gear with a 10% extra bonus xp gained anni small charm in your inventory which right now is unrealistic, now factor in that its hardcore and those things are way harder to get, fml Im also going the summon necro route myself currently level 27, doin chaos sanctuary runs, maxed out raise skeletons so far But diablo just completely melts my summons in a blink of an eye still, just gona keep at it though, keep leveling in the sanctuary until they are strong enough to take him out but yes the pacing is unbearably slow, im already on like my 10th attempt cuz i kept trying to rush act 2
  10. Its appauling i know, its Cuz they know how hard core fans of the original game sank years of their lives into the game , streamers will often almost boast about how they have over 50,000 hours in the game, so they probably figured why not make them suffer even more, atleast its not tied to the ladder system im going for it, solo online mode, figured maybe i could find something worth trading with someone along my journey, or i can just share stash it for another attempt, you gotta go extremely slow, im prepared for a long haul, the longest ever for any game or trophy, i will literally have to tip toe my way through this entire process, for me, theres no playing softcore until i finish the hardcore 99 trophy, which could quite possibly take…years, given my work schedule and real life issues that take priority over video games
  11. Ive been playing this game on and off since i was a kid, along with having the standard d2jsp account, it kinda goes hand in hand (my ID is the same as here) But respect to you!
  12. Get boneprison too as a safety net to box yourself in away from danger, you can literally spam the entire map with it aswell giving you a barrier inbetween yourself and a hoard
  13. Ive never actually hit 99 in all my years because of the repetitive runs involved in it had a couple 97s then just went full pvp there on paladins are the best character hands down, as they have the least immunes in the game giving them an upper hand but they have their disadvantages, ie hammerdins can be killed by a harmlesss layout of the map, too close to a wall or an object and it basically cancels out your attack making you a sitting duck, and theres lots of narrow paths that you cant avoid Everyone wants to play sorceress for the teleport skill, bypassing the need for enigma but they are way too dainty and fragile, a glass cannon as they say, strong but their defenses are incredibly low, not to mention you need a fully decked out character including decked out mercenary to have a chance, and the only skill tree would be lighting with a mercenary rocking one of the hardest runewords in the game, infinity, so you can break opponents immunities against u because fire and cold cannot be broken with infinity Summon necro is going to be my focus for the trophy and its not too expensive to make if you know going in what the gear you need is, albeit a much slower approach but this trophy is for those in it for the long haul boys and girls, so buckle up Resurrect your army of the dead and have them do your bidding for you
  14. I had a character disappear the other day a few minutes later it was there again Its a server side issue
  15. Theres also a pvp lobby when you make a game, make it so its open for people to join, not the one where u have to manually invite friends, from there u can select the act you desire, possible quests you wanna do, etc to the left theres a tab that say bosses and i think other from there in the other tab theres a pvp selection tab