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  1. Call of duty is insanely toxic in wwII im just a casual player, my overall kdr is only a 1.10, but i did come back from a 0.89 so there is that! (For a while i was playing around with melee only and i went negative but thats besides the point right now, lol) Im prestige master level 90 and i was being harassed by a party of level 760 and level 1000 spawn trapping try hards because i stopped them from dropping a v2 they were just relentless with their negativity it was pretty pathetic i almost felt bad for them and in the 2 games i played against them, i lost the match but i still went positive in kills ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ
  2. You recommend platinum trophy hunters a game that doesnt have a platinum am i reading this right?
  3. To be honest i could see diablo III being in the IGC, its not that new, i plat the game almost 4years ago now, so yeah, its been out long enough to justify giving it away free to subscribers now. As far as the eternal collection goes, that seems to be the only version available on ps4 now granted im on my mobile but i just went into the ps store and typed in diablo, thats all that shows for ps4, the ultimate evil edition shows but only for PS3 and it plays into the theme for october with Halloween and all seeing as how the Necromancer can raise the dead, so yeah, i kinda believe you guys can expect DIII
  4. I got my vita in 2013, beautiful OLED, you were ahead of your time, shes been with me through hell and back, we've seen some personal hardships over the years, some bad break ups, new beginings, we have so many fond memories together, i hope she lives forever
  5. Well thank you for the clarification my idea of it was obviously wrong Oh ok, i get it now i guess you can say i had a blonde moment lol i was clearly misinformed on what boosting actually was
  6. I would accept Nioh
  7. 46 achievers, i managed a 2nd place platinum finish, i should have been 1st since myself and @breakXedge were the only 2 people smart enough to contact the developers via social media to inform them their game was glitched and needed a patch, a few months later i saw the patch but didnt think much of it until i noticed a buddy of mine in my ps4s news feed beat me to the first place platinum spot so i quickly hoped on to clean up
  8. i feel the same though i have a little more than 4,500 views and its probably more like they are all from me lol
  9. So what im gathering is that if you created a gaming session than thats considered boosting.. below are games i did not create a gaming session for, i either soloed it or just messaged friends already on my friends list to play along with me who i knew already had the same game, therefore no gaming session was ever created games like call of duty, im pretty good at those games, plus just about everyone on my friends list is already a beast at them aswell so i got partners galore! So is that still considered boosting?, idk Resistance 3 (already had a friend to play co op campaign with on hard) Tekken 6 (mp came naturally) Call of Duty black ops (zombies stuff with friends) Call of duty black ops 2 (just need to finish giant accomplishment for the plat but i did zombies with friends) Call of duty modern warfare 3 (did spec ops with a buddy) playstation all stars battle royale (ps3 and vita) (mp came naturally) resistance burning skies (mp came naturally) killzone mercenary (mp was doable solo after some trial and error, mostly with that zap gun thing) Need for speed most wanted (vita) (easy online) dead nation (i did a few things with a friend but for the most part i soloed it) Minecraft (ps3, vita and ps4) (a friend had a platinum world built and invited me to it on all 3 platforms) Tomb raider (ps3 and ps4) (ps3 had a disconnection trick to pop the mp trophies and ps4 came naturally since there was no disconnection trick) Resogun (ps3 and ps4) (did 1cc with a long time buddy) Tekken 7 (mp came naturally) sniper elite 3 (ps3 and ps4, no plats yet but MP is finished, did them with 2 long time friends) mortal kombat x (did the respect points shit with 3 friends and i did the save backup trick at the time to get the 5 ranked wins in a row) Call of duty black ops 3 (zombies mode with friends) Call of duty wwII (Zombies mode with friends) Battlefield 1 (no plat yet but the mp was easy enough) Call of duty infinite warfare (no plat yet but i did the zombies mode with friends and the 5 wins in multiplayer trophy popped eventually on its own well over 50 wins) Below are Games i made actual sessions for: wipeout hd (i recruited people to boost the online wins and bling brigade trophy) evolve (no plat yet but i recruited people for just about every single mp trophy there is) diablo III (had some recruited help for the hardcore run and people power leveling me through 5 other characters for dream team) battlefield hardline (no plat yet but i made a session and got someone to help me with menz in tha hood trophy) Killzone 3 (no plat yet but right before the server shut down i made a session for the remaining mp trophies i didnt finish yet on my own) MX vs ATV Supercross Encore (had to boost for that stupid ass 12 people trophy) rocketbirds hard boiled chicken (i had to find someone for co op) And i think thats about it...
  10. That burger one gets me every time lol But i do agree with OP, these year 2 passes and beyond are bullshit i bought tekken 7 ultimate or whatever they called it at launch when the game was bundled with the season pass thinking great, now ill have the full game, then i too saw the recently added year 2 bullshit in the ps store and I was a little pissed off these companies just nickle and dime you left and right any chance they can get
  11. I remember that ...and diablo II can be highly addicting it sounds silly to divorce because of a video game but if you neglect your spouse long enough, shit will hit the fan
  12. I see these โ€œget free games on the psn storeโ€ videos on youtube all the time and they claim its a bannable offensive
  13. You got to dress a jar of mayo in a bikini i say, thats all the content you need to warrant a platinum ABLJ-86N7-K923
  14. Isnt that the theme for most of these updates except for the last major one
  15. Lets compare it to infamous and god of war and batman any other games ffs? how many shitty threads do we need for this game you guys are watering down this game with stupid posts its getting a little redundant at this point and i totally get where @Dragon-Archon is coming from