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  1. The power ups are random just keep playing, itll happen
  2. Ive only played farming simulator and farming simulator 14, both for the vita as for 18, i never touched it or any other title of theirs after 14
  3. -yawn-
  4. Even if it does its not like its going to be a household name, itll have some sales with trophy hunters but thats about it my name is mayo was 99cents, it has less than 36,000 owners (ps4) and you get the vita version for free and that only has 12,000 owners so lets say the makers profited 36k..just going on what it costs in the ps store but how much money did they have to give to sony just to put it in their store i doubt they are rolling around in cash
  5. I have no interest in even buying the game once for a single platinum and the greed of stacking platinums in a single game has kind of gotten past me, its rather boring stacking the same game over and over again, sure ive done it more than a few times but like i said, thats kind of behind me now, i rather just get the plat once and move on to another game, my backlog is so intense i have no intentions to keep prolonging it and making it worse for myself from buying a single game a dozen times if you dont mind having a profile with 100 plats but you only have 5 different games cuz they are all stacks then well, that looks rather ugly in my opinion but to each their own id rather have 100 plats in 100 different games than stacking the same game 100 different times
  6. Youre welcome, if you have any further questions feel free to ask me, i still have to go back and finish the campaign for the platinum but i did 100% all 4 dlc packs, i spent alot of time with IW zombies cuz i wanted to beat the super easter egg (which i have, with the help of a couple friends of course) most of the trophies arent too bad but theres 1 or 2 on each map that can be tricky, mostly the ones requiring you to beat the skull buster arcade machine (again, my friends came in handy with these steps) because they mostly took the lead when doing the steps overall its a very fun season pass (zombies mode wise) have fun and enjoy!
  7. The trophies can be quite taxing in all honesty lol, some are easier than others but overall, its not exactly a walk in the park Spaceland is the best map in terms of layout, replay ability, the wonder weapons are unique and are the best of any map, its probably the easiest easter egg to setup but probably the hardest to beat dlc1, rave in the redwoods is the easiest pack in the bunch, the map is ok as far as layout goes, It has a camp crystal lake vibe to it, the wonder weapons arent bad but theyre knockoff versions of previous zombies wonder weapons that came before, the easter egg is pretty simple to setup and its a straight forward boss fight dlc2, shaolin shuffle is maybe the second hardest map pack, the map captures the 1970s NYC disco / punk rock scene perfectly, this was the first map in the game to actually have a rather complex easter egg to setup, theres something like 9 different steps involved before you can even attempt the main boss fight, with 3 mini boss fights in between. Shaolin shuffle is also the first map to require you to finish a side easter egg (for a trophy anyways), skull buster where if you succeed in completing all the steps, youre granted all the perks in the map for the entirety of the game, But a couple of the steps can be rather tricky in completing because if you fail, you cannot attempt the step again until the start of the next round, the rounds can get pretty high if you continuously fail, the wonder weapons are pretty op but consist of melee weapons, me personally id preferred a ranged weapon but its no biggie dlc3, attack of the radioactive thing is an easy map to navigate around but the easter egg is by far the hardest, set in a 1950s california beachtown, the map is huge, too big if you ask me, the easter egg setup is a huge pain in the ass and will require you to back track all over the place, taking notes, doing chemistry, no bullshit! It can be a real headache, again this is another map, requiring you to complete the side easter egg of completing the skull buster arcade machine to gain all the perks on the map (for a trophy of course) and the steps are long and confusing! The boss fight itself isnt so bad but the steps leading up to it can be frustrating. Not to mention The wonder weapon is complete trash dlc 4 the beast from beyond, is going to be the most difficult map, its not the boss fight thats hard, zombies are the least of your worries, now youre dealing with cryptids aswell, a nasty alien creature that soaks up bullets like a sponge, theyre fast and they are strong, and getting into a groove can be a hard adjustment, the map is set in space far into the future, it also takes place back at the movie theatre you originally meet Willard Wyler but in a different dimension, so its 2 maps in one which is kind of cool but the space station part isnt all that special if you ask me, the easter egg isnt hard in terms of difficulty, it can just be, lets say, overwhelming, the wonder weapon in my opinion is garbage, the cool down time is long and so is the reaction time, and unlocking it is a pain, again, for a trophy of course, this map requires you to complete the side easter egg of completing the skull buster arcade machine, again, these side easter egg steps are a major buzz kill in terms of completing if you beaten every boss in every map and youve collected every piece of the soul key up until this point, you will then be granted directors cut after completing the boss fight in the beast from beyond By toggling directors cut on, you will then need to go back to each map and beat each boss again, but instead of collecting a piece of soul key at the end, you will pick up a talisman but heres the fun part, upon starting each map in directors cut, you will start off with 25000 points to buy wall weapons, open doors, spin the magic weapon wheel, etc. everytine you pick a gun up from the magic weapon wheel your weapon will be pack a punched and you will start the game with perkaholic (every perk available from that specific map youre currently playing, different maps have different perks) Now that you gathered every talisman from spaceland to beast from beyond, after the boss fight in beast from beyond, you will then be transported to the super boss fight and once youre there, prepare yourself for hell!! Goodluck and enjoy!
  8. This is true, its up there with orc slayer as one of the worst games on psn
  9. If they would have stuck to their roots and made something similar to 36fragments of midnight then i would have purchased this product but to make a cheap angry birds knock off, no thanks!
  10. Says dont touch and claims thats a review do i even state how much of a non review that actually is or just let the obvious speak for itself
  11. Bands ive seen: Metallica megadeth guns n roses (twice) Lenny kravitz amon amarth deftones butcher babies metal church ghost suicidal tendencies cannibal corpse body count alter bridge soundgarden slipknot (4 times) korn (3 times) marilyn manson (twice) slayer (3times) gojira testament avenged sevenfold (twice) volbeat sevendust godsmack rob zombie (3 times) five finger death punch nine inch nails (twice) smashing pumpkins stone sour disturbed nickleback bullet for my valentine lamb of god (3 times) killswitch engage (3 times) motionless in white devil wears prada anthrax mastodon breaking benjamin asking alexandria Hatebreed im sure theres a few other bands i forgot to mention, i go to just about every metal show that comes within 3 states of Connecitcut since 2012 been to a few Mayhem Festivals (which sadly they dont run anymore) hands down Metallica’s WorldWired Tour 2017 was the best show i ever attended, drove to jersey just to see them, had floor tickets dead center of the stage, stood maybe 10feet from James Hetfield, they sounded amazing and played everything you could want to hear from them Nine Inch Nails Tension Tour 2013 was also amazing, it was like a religious experience, i had tears of joy needless to say, saw them again in 2014 where soundgarden opened for them, rip Chris Cornell!! Guns n Roses Not in this Lifetime Tour 2016 was also an amazing experience lamb of god with killswitch engage was badass, im lucky i made it out alive that night to tell the tale, the entire place was one big mosh pit and crowd surfers
  12. WipEout HD Honorable mention: Riptide GP Renegade those who have suffered through it will know im currently torturing myself with it now
  13. Youre only at 12 plats and you feel that way i didnt start feeling that way until i hit 50+ maybe play something less grindy playing 300+ hour games for a platinum will burn you out
  14. I was merely being sarcastic