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  1. I think the vast majority of us saw this coming when it went from a day1 release to a delayed ps+ exclusive
  2. “Our last ever psvita sale” those words alone bring tears to my eyes
  3. This list is disrespectful
  4. Added to the wishlist
  5. Angry birds for vita has an unobtainable platinum youre better off with the ps3 version
  6. Ive played more polished games from shovelware shit companies like ratalaika games than cyberpunk could ever offer us so ratalaika will get my 5dollars before cdpr gets my 70 the topic is buy a game day 1 if you want a sequel ive stated my opinions on why this statement is wrong, companies will boldly lie to your face to get your money before a game is even finished and your response was, well things fail at launch all the time You are accepting garbage you should take a stand against these things instead of just taking it i work too hard for my money to just hand it over to someone else who developed a shit product
  7. im not coming up with anything but facts you can defend cd project red and all these other multi million dollar and sometimes billion dollar corporations, thats fine Yup everything breaks you are absolutley correct but will I continue to buy a product for full price from a specific company knowing its going to crash on me the second i start it up no fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me so when i see a company diligently working on a single product for 10, 11 or even 12 years with no other products inbetween, i expect that product went through some serious Q&A but in reality, it didnt
  8. In this day in age buying a game day 1 is a death sentence im looking at you cyberpunk 2077 and outriders did i buy these games, no did i follow the train wreck that came with it i certainly did!
  9. Mayhem (on amazon prime) Summer of ‘84 (also on prime) 2 really cool movies ‘84 was better though
  10. Gives me a reason to play it again on my switch
  11. Well i actually DO own a ps5 and i speak from personal experience, not just some biased opinion because i can just tell the trophy section is ugly as F and its a clear vote that the majority of the people who actually own a ps5, dont like the trophy layout forget about the syncing for a moment and just view the trophy collection/cabinets on ps3 or even ps4 for that matter, its just a cleaner look on older hardware but you cant actually make that side by side comparison now can you PS5 is actually more complicated and everything has extra steps now to it but im sure with youre gut feeling and all knowing intuition, you already sensed that
  12. Sony realizes their mistake and dishes out hundred of bans overnight sounds about right! could you guys imagine? Lol
  13. Im with ya bud its only a 90second sync at best dont listen to these other guys and their 10minute uploads
  14. A few years ago I pre ordered south park fractured but whole because it was on sale and was bundled with the stick of truth for free, the game was delayed and my pre order was canceled but i was able to keep the stick of truth after i was refunded my money i never started it yet but it shows that it’s accessible on my ps4’s dashboard
  15. Welcome to the club ps5 has no games though wait thats xbox ehh but still, theres not too many must haves for ps5 except for demons souls