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  1. I dont even care for ps+ as it stands now So give them more money for shit i wont use or play? Nty
  2. $8500 right now
  3. Good job dan very jealous message me for rushes and boosts and baal runs before they edit my post again
  4. I had an 87 necro die now hes 97 and is thriving fully decked out perfect mage plate 15/15 superior enigma perfect maras, perfect hoto, 18/18 torch, 20/15/10 anni sc, i can go on and on, iron golem made from eth pride, nightmare act2 might merc with eth infinity
  5. I havent had any attempts in years but that stupid mechanical spider one comes to mind, then there was another where youre on rails in the back of a hum-v type vehicle and you have to destroy every enemy
  6. Why are we even still going on about this ive killed my streak after 8years but someone wanted to bring up some games on my list, can we keep this thread back to how you can Cheat the trophies please thanks
  7. Ok so ill explain in short really simply of how this got derailed my original post: i rather play the game without cheats, enough said followed by Some random: but you have a bunch of easy games on your profile Finished with my rebuttal of: um sure ok but regardless of some of my games difficulty ratings, i didnt cheat so whats your point
  8. Yeah i am, its called a platinum streak maybe you should look up some of the milestone threads before you start assuming things i got 306 platinums in 8years running without missing a single month in between you cant have all 400 hour platinums to keep a streak like that going ffs should all my games be 600 hour call of duty black ops 4 kind of platinums or can i have some stupid ones too Mr Trophy Police, is that ok with u?
  9. Yeah No thanks Im grinding hardcore legit I wanna be proud of myself when i unlock the hardcore 99 I got a Fully decked out max block summon necro completed from head to toe with 10%bonus xp anni im not worried
  10. Didnt say i was gonna but if i had to choose lol
  11. Rather play godfall then knockout city
  12. Just skimmed thru the trophies find the broken gunducky Uh oh …horrible graphics …beat every stage without taking damage Is this ringing a bell with anyone its that horrible gunducky industries game reskinned as some other horrible game that will have an impossible completion rating avoid this at all costs
  13. Ill always play a game here and there if and when i can its mind stimulation far as trophy hunting goes i could careless about it nowadays its been so watered down to the point its almost shameful to be a trophy hunter