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  1. i believe sly 3 comes with sly mini games upon beating sly 3, but ive yet to finish it myself
  2. I said that at 50, 100 and 200 but here we are! Lol i would like to hit 300 myself by years end i have the backlog to do so, and then some! do i have the free time (yeah probably) But do i have the motivation (eh, not so much)
  3. i couldnt get the 2nd or 5th code to work but thank you very much for your generosity
  4. Apparently i just earned another 1,000 points..got a verification via email and i thought they did away with the trophy tier system another $10 psn code for me, yay me! Edit: i downloaded and checked the app i completed gold pass 12 i have no more gold passes available im on silver 5 and platinum 7 so after 12 youre done huh?
  5. What game(s) have/had this image?
  6. But How does this explain your thoughts on the trophies? seems more of like a status update than a trophy thoughts discussion
  7. 140 of my 255 platinums are under 50% with a few that are just barely over 50% (like .01%) 18 Ultra Rare 22 Very Rare 30 Rare 70 Uncommon
  8. Battlefield v is perpetually 50% off just make it f2p already
  9. After 2000 plats they are tired lol i was tired of it after 25
  10. Shitty advertisement, game should include a free roll of toilet paper with every purchase
  11. Wow im a little shocked Sony with all their BS would allow such a platinum title day 1 buy for me just onthe trophy descriptions alone, granted if its not too much money and if it isnt delisted on release lol
  12. Indeed, i was just about to post this https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/resistance-3-a/123931-resistance-3-trophy-guide-road-map.html
  13. God, its been years but i think its unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty once around but its not hard, its actually labeled superhuman
  14. Ah, finally a fun topic again on ratalaikaprofiles sorry, i meant to say psnprofiles Giant Accomplishment in Call of Duty Black Ops II complete all 160 challenges in the campaign netting this trophy would finally unlock the platinum for me and it would indeed be a giant accomplishment! Theres 10 challenges per level some of which are harder than others, that clearly goes without saying..but theres no checkpoints So lets say you have to do a specific challenge towards the end of a level, which can take you upwards of 10-12minutes just to get to because for one thing, that particular level starts with an unskippable intro dialog scene, wtf...you then have to flawlessly execute the challenge because if you fail, you have to restart the entire mission just to get back to the “starting point” of said challenge, enjoy that intro dialog scene again repeated fails can accumulate to hours upon hours of wasted time i forget where i last left off, i do believe i have more than 50% of the challenges completed but it wasnt very fun for me to replay a particular mission over and over and over again just to fail time and time again maybe one day, (or a full solid week rather) ill go back and see if i can get it done, im pretty sure I could eventually pull it off but as it sits, i dont have any desire to go back and torture myself trying so it looks like i would be executed lol
  15. Bought my ps3 and made My main user account in mid 2011 made an online psn account early on in 2012, using my main users data from ps3 so you can say 2011 but i didnt go online til about 5 or so months later in 2012