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  1. #248 Daggerhood (vita) #249 Daggerhood (ps4 stack)
  2. It sure fucking is!!
  3. Another wolfenstein II petition? these threads make me sad sure you wanna complete the game and get the platinum, i understand but you have to come to terms sometimes that some things are just out of your grasp
  4. Seems like the over abundance of easy games these days and people gobbling them up is getting to him i dont really like it either i even participate in the senselessness of it myself to keep my platinum streak alive when im grinding away at more difficult games But seeing people boast about knocking out like 10 platinums in a single day while i grinded out 200+hours for a single bronze trophy sure, its un-nerving at the end of the day, just play what makes you happy, do what you enjoy
  5. The white/green color scheme reminds me of toothpaste
  6. I was hopeful to add another AB platinum to my cabinet but sadly, i guess i wont be able to and its vr which i do not currently own oh well
  7. Racism isn’t necessarily a bad thing look at slavery Its what paved the way and built the united states for gods sake those beautiful pyramids in egypt the great wall of china Its all apart of racism and slavery (i love how i can make a response a paragraph long, throw in one sarcastic remark and the only thing that gets any attention is the sarcasm, then theres a back and forth pissing match then everything is just misconstrued and completely off topic.. like ive said before, this is the internet and i will more than likely say something that you and /or others wont like or agree with or it will just flat out offend you) by the way, keeping this on topic!!! i still hate jim sterling
  8. For those who say these games are fun which some kinda are (devious dungeon) but lets be honest did you stop playing after the platinum popped early on in the game or did you sit through it until the very last level, long after the trophies stopped popping lol
  9. I dont care about the platinums its the amount of gold trophies they litter their games with that gets my attention
  10. Let me guess youre gonna tell me racism is bad too its the internet its suppossed to offend you but in all honesty i did reply with a more appealing and politically correct response afterwards good grief people its 2019 Get your pannies out of a bunch everybodies overly dramatic and sensitive these days people are banning rudolph the red nosed reindeer because they say its about bullying we cant even say the pledge of allegiance because it has the word god in it this is our society lmfao
  11. I find him rather annoying with his negatively bias reviews and he ridicules everything i dont think hes that funny really or entertaining though some of his points are somewhat valid A broken clock is still right twice a day but that doesnt make it ok i guess im just not a fan of those who get paid to talk trash about every game, studio, developer, etc. plus his voice alone triggers me 🤣
  12. No 1: hes british 2: hes fat 3: refer to examples 1 & 2
  13. When its true, Sony will personally email you a shutdown notification
  14. I stopped checking my rewards when they stopped the trophy tiers but after seeing this post, for shits and giggles i logged in to check my points and i had enough to redeem another $20 psn code
  15. Call of duty zombie easter eggs im looking at you right now black ops 4 If controllers werent 60$ a pop i would have smashed a few by now