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  1. Probably a cross gen title, such as spider man, horizon, sackboy
  2. I hope the first wave of Systems is riddled with bugs so i can be glad i missed out on the pre-order debacle
  3. Aside from being shot and stabbed for your new console exiting gamestop, What are Some of the pre order exclusive bonuses
  4. Yes and No Ive been an active trophy hunter for 8years now. earning my 1st platinum on august 12th 2012, and my 306th plat on august 14th 2020, all while never missing a single month in the years in between from then to now. So for those 8years, yes. I had an 8 year long platinum streak i was trying to uphold, on 3 platforms (ps3/4&vita) with a massive backlog of games for each from either being a gift from my spouse or from my own doing of over spending on digital games through countless flash sales over the Years, its mostly the latter, but I digress. About 3 weeks ago now i bought a Nintendo Switch and i havent touched any of my playstations since...and its AMAZING! I feel like ive been lifted from a curse, like im alive again. Im no longer forced to suffer with my ocd and have to slog through games because of the trophies/achievements because they arent there, sure some games have in game achievements but only you can see them, nothing is tied to your account for the world to see if youve “finished” a game or not, just that you played it for xx amount of hours. I can play games and enjoy them for what they are, mind stimulation, Not a giant Mindless check list of stupid shit to do so you can finally have 100%
  5. Saw the words “battle pass” and “tier skip” ABSOLUTELY NOT BUYING
  6. The battle royale mario 35 will be free for all nintendo switch online members
  7. It was good fun for the first couple of levels then it got boring so i walked away from it, not to mention the rainbow times, ugh, what a headache...screw that game and whoever coded the trophies in
  8. Straight up snitchin
  9. I like how they name dropped gta 4 and destiny 2 the worst games of each franchise lol
  10. Action Henk, ugh such terrible trophies i regret even playing that game thanks for the heads up, i can put this in the “dont fucking touch this game” pile
  11. Super night riders Its no where near as grindy and its with motorcycles
  12. Local co op huh yeah, we can scratch that off the list for 99% of us ill just play this on my switch so no one can see if ive 100% the game or not lol
  13. Heard this game might be coming to the switch thats when and where ill probably play this game where i can play without worrying about stupid trophies and achievements and just have fun with it
  14. i just recently bought a nintendo switch My friend code is SW-3055-0671-7818 The games i currently have are: Dead Cells Tetris 99 Cuphead Streets of Rage 4 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Super Mario Maker 2 New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Zelda BoTW
  15. I Saw this game in the ps4 store this morning. Ive Platinumed the ps3 version some years ago, this game is free to download, probably if youve already bought the ps3 version, i couldnt find any information on here but does anyone know if this game shares the ps3 trophy list or if it has a new, seperate ps4 trophy list? thanks