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  1. September 24th is the scheduled release date
  2. Its a fun and addictive game, you shouldnt keep yourself from playing a great game because of a trophy, especially just a dlc trophy at that but To each his own i hope it gets patched but i wont hold my Breath, theres always the extensive work around if i ever care to downgrade
  3. Sorry the news wasnt something better Yes, its a dlc trophy too so its nothing that will keep you from the platinum trophy
  4. As of update 1.95, sail the 7 seas is still broken
  5. Ive recently went back to minecraft and got pretty hooked ive plat the game along time ago but its been getting new life again thanks to a few big you tubers, plus its just a fun relaxing game
  6. Did you just say... ”turkish spiderman” lmao i give up, you win! You clearly can sit through and watch more terrible movies than me, i didnt even know there was a turkish spiderman as for catwoman, as hot as Halle Berry is i had no interest in that film so i never watched it so i will retract my statement as aquaman being the worst super hero movie ever to the worst recent super hero movie
  7. Howard the duck is an american 80s classic and one of George Lucas’s greatest, lmao, ive literally watched all of those you mentioned above from begining to end and some were better than others obviously but aquaman was an instant eject, seriously, i think we made it 20mins in before we said no thanks..i shit you not, me and my girl refused to watch anymore when we got to the point where you saw the other aquamen on sharks with laser beams for the first time, lol plus aquaman is just a shitty excuse of a super hero anyways, he talks to fish! Lame Nicole Kidman as aquamans mom, that alone just makes me chuckle, she must be completely broke now to accept that role! AtLeast she looked good in a body suit I think suicide squad was the only decent movie that DC has there name on but thats just one mans opinion if you liked it, thats fine, its just not my cup of tea
  8. Im sorry but aquaman was absolute shit, by far the worst super hero movie ever with the exception of Ben Stillers Mystery Men by thats going off topic.. as soon as i saw Dolph Lundgren riding a shark with laser beams, i ejected the disc out of my bluray player and sent it back to netflix, not even joking
  9. If anyone is struggling with this trophy and the cheating death trophy aswell i did a bit of searching online and found a great seed that has a woodland mansion with illagers in it at spawn and you will either spawn directly on the roof of the woodland mansion or right next to it, i for one spawned on the roof Create new world seed is 3994427519856295199 world size is set to classic biome scale is set to small
  10. Trophy description is to kill an evoker, a wizard type illager...Ive completed a raid and earned hero of the village but no evokers spawned during the raid and i have 2 woodland mansions in my world that dont have illagers what so ever I could use a bit of assistance here, please and thank you
  11. Oh ok i have a bunch of pictures saved on my vita and i use those as my background images so i have 10 different backgrounds, i just figured themes applied the same way but maybe not
  12. Yeah but what i think he was talking about is that you can have 10 pages of apps on your vita and each page can have a seperate background, so you can potentially have 10 themes at once
  13. The one with the best handling, acceleration and speed
  14. Created and Developed by @breathofwater give the man some credit, hes one of us ladies and gentlemen! lol a true trophy hunter himself and a game developer! How cool is that, huh? without further ado.. Lets get into it Habroxia, at a glance from the trophies appears to be a side scrolling space shooter The trophies as from before in Perils of Baking are pretty straight forward and you should be able to achieve the platinum in one playthrough while probably having to replay a couple levels i for one love the baking an egg trophy
  15. @SnowxSakura Said it best basically if your game is already a 100GB file but theres an update file of 5GB you basically need 105GB+ free storage to download that 5GB update file kinda bs but thats how its been programmed