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  1. If im being honest, i saw this coming a mile away
  2. My bad, good catch! I forgot to double check my edits when adding 100th+
  3. I feel like people are just posting what theyre 50th and 100th platinums were lol and besides that, im as good as my #1 rarest platinum, Not my 50th but okay ill play along, and my list is subject to change as im playing through god of war 2 vita version currently and i havent synced my god of war vita platinum yet as the trophies are buggy when pressing the ps vita home button my 50th rarest platinum is Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (ps3) - 11.07% 100th is God of War 2 (ps3) - 22.87% 150th is Heavy Fire Shattered Spear (ps3) - 43.60% 200th is Nero (ps4) - 65.96% 250th is Devious Dungeon (vita) - 87.04% 300th is Mekabolt (ps4) - 96.75% my top 3 ultra rares are: (this is what im as good as) call of duty black ops 4 (ps4) - 0.59% call of duty black ops 3 (ps4) - 0.73% WipEout HD (ps3) - 1.03%
  4. Same here just minus the charging stand i pre ordered about 2 months ago when it first became available, the wait is almost over
  5. #314 god of war ps vita Do not hit the ps button or let your vita fall asleep while playing this game or the trophies will glitch out on you, its a pain in the ass, challenge of the gods wasnt as bad as I remembered l, the cut scenes looked like an absolute mess (i havent synced yet because the vita version has buggy trophies, will sync after i finish GoW2 vita)
  6. I did one gun and my impossible playthrough in the same run back on ps3. Used only the plasma cutter, if i acquired a new weapon i got rid of it asap, drop it like its hawt!
  7. So i fucked up in my first playthrough by pausing the game and allowing it to go into ‘sleep’ with the game application running. Well this caused my trophies to stop popping. I didnt even notice it until the under water section to ‘kiss the nyad’. I kissed her and nothing happened. Then it dawned on me that towards the part of where i get the Blade of Artemis is where i had this problem occur. Naturally i didnt get that respective trophy tied to getting the blade, nor did i get the trophy for the human sacrifice. But i didnt realize this til after the fact. Upon not earning the ‘kiss the nyad’ trophy this is where i realize my mistake. My current save was right here up until this point. I closed the game down and shut my vita off, fired it back up and started god of war, loading up my save file at the Nyad’s. I kissed her again and sure enough the trophy popped. So luckily its not completely broken, seems that in my speed run i should get the sacrifice trophy and blade of artemis trophy, granted i dont let my vita fall asleep during this run. Ugh
  8. John Wick 1, 2 and 3 Awesome movie series, i dont know how im just now watching them for the first time. Its like the film director wanted to make a live action video game series, and id say it was a success, such a cool movie. It delivers right from the begining Terrifier i saw a review of this movie from Whang! on youtube and decided to give it a watch. It was okay. Has that late 80’s early 1990’s nostalgic vibe to it, in which how its produced and filmed but thats what gives it its charm i think and i liked that. Some of the plot twists i could have done without, like when Art the Clown pulls out a gun and lights the girl up like 50cent, ugh, and the homeless woman just felt unnecessary and awkward but the physical props, visual effects and make up were fantastic, really good for an small indie based group. Nope a strange film written / produced and directed by Jordan Peele of the now infamous skit comedy show Key & Peele hes definately come a long way from his comedic acting career. The movie overall i thought was done well. I have no complaints whatsoever about the actors, their acting, the cinematography, the story, none of it Until it comes to the uhh..alien life form, its a parachute! Huh? A living hot air ballon that preys on the towns people of small ranching community in rural california
  9. I hope you recover completely and have good health. It’s the most important thing we have in life, health. Love and money are circumstantial.

    1. Property_Damage


      Thank you!  Im getting a little better as each day progresses.  Just taking it a day at a time trying to do a little more as each day passes.  First few days after surgery was just being laid up in bed, then i try walking up and down the stairs a few times until i get tired (which doesnt take long after a major surgery) then the next day do the same thing but add another task to the mix like make myself lunch or walk a further distance, etc.  just to keep my muscles active and the blood flowing, hopefully by next week i can return to work (with doctors restrictions obviously) :)

    2. Desavenencia


      I’m glad you’re recovering well. No hurry, but no pause. Resting is also a fundamental part of a good recovery.

  10. platinum #313 on the original playstation vita handheld. It started with a catastrophic file corruption which led to a delete and reinstall which was problematic due to the currently state of the decaying online ps vita psn store but in the end i got it to run and well, another ones off that good ol backlog of mine! Not a bad little soundtrack either
  11. After my post i decided to throw in the towel for the night and went to sleep. I signed back in this morning, i went to the store and i got to redownload the game, so the store is working for me again so it seems, for now!
  12. so for the first time in several years i attempted to play my beloved ps vita, after having to charge it first because it sat for a long time in its hard case..i wasnt sure what to expect but my backlog was the goal I wanted to see what i still had loaded up on this thing and what i could do ideally the fastest, low and behold , SometimesYou’s Grass Cutter Mutated Lawns was rite there. So i start the app, it freezes to just a green background screen, ugh okay, i close the app and try again, but then when i try to restart the app, nothing happens. I hit the ps button and it says grass cutter is open in the running app’s section there..but it visibly wasnt. (You know the vita has the 2page start-up screen for its applications. First page would be you click on a game and a page pops up with an icon of the game in the middle to start the game. From there you would then click that games image again and the 2nd page pops up but this time its running the actual game now) after i clicked on the game that first time, that first initial pop up to then run the game screen never showed, it was literally just an invisible page of my screens background image, no overlays of the game start-up button or anything. So my vita is saying the game page is open but i dont see anything. Wonderful! I cant even close it because theres nothing there to close but somehow its running in the background restarts vita But i couldnt, it froze right there in the power off screen. Had to put it in safe mode to restart the damn console. fuck ..But im back on my vita again, hits play grass cutter Notification pop up, game file corrupt! advised to redownload the application So i deleted game, attempts to redownload but i get a error code, im pretty sure the stores deactivated serverside at this point. Go to mobile PS App but grass cutter doesnt show it in my purchases but it shows on my trophy list 0% i tried finding it on my mobile ps app under purchases and it doesnt show up it does show in my purchases on the vita itself but just gives me a c2 12320 error code or something similar when i try to download it directly from there, like i mentioned i believe the stores not functional anymore. You can go on it but you cant interact with it properly because going to grass cutters store page, it shows i can download it, but i get error codes everytime i try is there anything i can do about getting a digital game i paid for years ago on my ps vita, back on my ps vita? Or am i just screwed
  13. platinum #312 and easily the worst ps3 game ever made. Well, its off the backlog!
  14. Maybe gaming isnt that hobby you need anymore or you thought you did but gaming has drastically changed over the past 10years, everythings predatory and pay to win now, sucking the fun out you before you even put 2hours into it try picking up a new hobby or revisit an older one, maybe you used to write little poems / love letters to your wife when she wasnt your wife yet before you got married become better at home, get more hands on and fix that busted drippy sink in the half bath thats been broken for 2 months now change your furniture around in the house, a different setting can cause a different vibe, maybe have some ideas to re-decorate Read books more, become smarter in something you should maybe get better at like learning how to change your cars oil instead of taking it to the dealership every 3months every year of your life learn how to cook and if you can cook, learn a new dish and master that and share that start working out and improving yourself maybe you used to paint or draw or maybe you always wanted to but never gave it the effort start a garden, i did that personally and its just a wonderful relaxing hobby that brings me happiness and happiness to those around it i wish you the best of luck, its there inside you already, you just have to find it or maybe, maybe itll find you, god bless
  15. To further my point or rant whatever you wanna call it, i would just like to say as you get older, life is all about give and take but its way more about giving, as i mentioned before, giving your free time to your wife instead of your raiding clan in WoW (just a random example blindly thrown out there) if shes likes something that isnt quite your taste, dont be judgmental or bash it, try to show similar interest with it, its not for you, its for her, one example i use is say like if i go to my in-laws and the meal they prepared for me and my wife isnt quite upto my standards ; as im an actual executive chef in real life and my palet is vast and i support my family with that life skill, you still swallow it down, say it was good and be thankful because there was thought, time money and effort put into it and it might not be the best meal but someone else thought of you before they thought of themselves, im getting older and trivial things like my backlog which is well in the hundreds of unstarted / unfinished games because of psn flash sales and weekend discounts and my ocd just wanting more and more, just doesnt matter to my male ego pride anymore, my out working my gaming buddies with getting more achievements has turned into outworking my coworkers and colleages and becoming the best i can be, in real life