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  1. there is a trick that has helped me. also have serious problems with the times. So, it's best to try to get a route where you have to complete in about 32 seconds. if you fail, close the game using the xmb menu and you can try again and again. the times of the route also change. I then got a time of 33 seconds to beat. tight deal but that would be a good method for those who have problems with it.
  2. Mhh i got my ps5 retail today and has version 1.007.000
  3. And i thought its a bug or something 😂 thxs mate!
  4. Sure, go to your driver, helm, and than go to "your creation" take now your helmet and drive the online race
  5. I had played the eu version and got no freezes. Now i play the na version and no freezes too. I think not every game copy had that issue.
  6. I have problems with that too. I share this but in online race my driver wearing not my item. Nvm. I got it.
  7. If someone need help with trophy not popping, i got 500,000 and 1mill point but not the 1,5 mill trophy. ( i got over 1,6) after hours i set the system language into japanese (read this in another site/forum) and that works for me. Maybe it helps another people with the same problem
  8. How the hell works this? On R1 he do a shitty attack and not really strong Edit: much easier, with a second controller and you can fight against yourself after 3 rounds with a perfect i got all 3 trophies
  9. Dont get it, the pc gamers got month ago new events but the console gamers get nothing
  10. If you mean with a second ps4 than yes, i do it in this way too
  11. Thxs I missed the mission scratch dont sniff. I cant see the mission when i'm there only when i look to the hub
  12. Me too. No symbol on the map and do every challenge and still no trophy. Maybe there is a hidden mission or buggy ( hope not)
  13. I read, dont know where, that the servers are down since weeks. ( dont know this or last year)
  14. I hope not, i need only 5 events for the trophy. If they stopped the supporting it whould be @$^[email protected]?%!$ I asked the company on email and Twitter for some events, but no answer🙄
  15. Thanks dude!