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  1. You said it mate
  2. Cause truth hurts doesn't it...
  3. Wrong friend this aint my main account. Look up MaDMaYnE1. And yeah your right....your WAYYYYY more better than me at waisting your life away on sitting on your ass
  4. Well i have about 15 plats but i dont mind getting over 100 like you. If i happen to like the story of the game and see if its not so time consuming plat then im going for it, but the point is i dont aim for the plat of every game i you. Trophies are just these sidefun things in gaming and you shouldnt take them so seriosly
  5. Trophies are trophies kiddies, games are meant to be played for fun. Its funny and entertaining to see so how many of these trophy hunter posts are on this site everytime i come here. Hey...guess what? Nobody gives a fck if you have lets say over 100 plats or something.... It doesn't prove that youre special. Only thing it proves you have nolife whatsoever sitting on your ass in home and probably with your mommy shouting at her ( Wheres my pancake and sweetpuffs?! ) Yeah know what i mean. What im trying to say here fellas at the end of the day theyre just games...i mean damn why yall take them so seriosly with these trophies? But yeah thats all. Someone needed to say this. Oh and nope im not english but hey if your a grammar nazi...go ahead Have a nice day kids.