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  1. Well I have Season Pass disc with this game and I had to download the episodes. So I wouldn't say they contain everything. In this case, disc contains only episode 1 and access to download other episodes.
  2. Is it possible to get platinum with controller?
  3. If you have disc version of this game you will be able to download all of the episodes. But the key thing is that you need to download them on appropriate account. I have US version of the game, so I had to create US PSN account.
  4. Imagine Postal 2 on PS4/PS5 and its critical errors There is still chance that they make it some day. Postal Brain Damage is announced, maybe it will be on consoles.
  5. I haven't pre ordered these games because there is high possibility that they will release them in physical version. It is worth to wait. How do you guys think?
  6. I've done all tournaments without any crash. I didn't have to use elemental weapons. I don't remember if I had any crash in this game at all. I'm using PS4 pro.
  7. It is a small chance that they will patch one trophy which is glitched. If not, that means they will not earn a penny because I won't buy it
  8. I did mistake that I bought this game. Trophies are glitched and they will never patch them.
  9. I know this topic is old but anyway I gonna write. This plat is not hard it is time consuming and that is the difference. Single player was long and I played around 70h like friend here. Multi was longer it took me 100h and just 100h with boosting and with glitch. Do you want to do it without boosting and using glitch? Good luck it will take you around 1000h.
  10. I would like MW1 and BO1. MW1 is second on my list of Cod games. There is lot of games that I want to be remastered but I think non of them will be and that is Sad
  11. Yes MW2 and MW3 was not bad but at this point they should stop making games based on future.
  12. I'm done with PS3. I've wrote that they don't have to improve the graphics but it would be great if they do that. There was info about the future in BO3 so it is an evidence that this won't be like BO1.
  13. I would too. You see, gamers were feeling the war climate in older CoDs, now is what? Nothing similar to War.
  14. I agree. I want Skyrim also on PS4. By the way, hardline is not the same as BF3 and BO3 won't be as good as BO1. There is still a chance that new BF would beat BF3 but I don't see a hope for COD, they just aim in the future. Why? Enough of that. Give us World at War 2 or something similar to BO1.
  15. This would be like The Last of Us, many people playing it on PS3 but they remastered it.