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  1. I see Star Wars Battlefront 2 is on sale in the PSN Store. Feels wrong to budge and buy the game though. I personally don't support what EA did or tried to do but I still want to play the game. Might end up getting it anyway...

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    2. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      @ruffedgz: I agree. I already knew the story was meh (kinda spoiled it for myself) but I do enjoy Star Wars as a whole and I enjoyed the first Battlefront so I will probably bite on the sale. Thanks for the comment!

    3. PooPooBlast


      You can always buy it second hand and so EA won't get a penny out of you ;) ( and youd be supporting the seller)

    4. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      @PooPooBlast: True, but I prefer that the stuff I buy be brand new. It will be a lot quicker to just get it over the system anyway. I'm not even sure if I could find anybody selling the deluxe edition (code not used) for under $60 CAD.

  2. Pretty good sale in my opinion. There's a few games I may pick up.
  3. #228 - NFS Payback


    I didn't mind it. It could have been better and frankly, I expected more but it wasn't a horrible ride. I wish cops were more in the game though. It took me about 35 hours of game time to platinum the game and I never saw a cop while free roaming. I only encountered cops through events and even then they were not all that great. It also bothered me that when getting chased by the cops and getting hit by spike strips, the tires would magically reinflate themselves. I still missed the cop chases in NFS Most Wanted (2005) where the cop chases were actually challenging and if you were to get hit by spike strips the tires would not reinflate until the chase was over. Customization was great though. I liked the ability to use other people's wraps on my cars as I personally have zero artistic talent when it comes to cars lol. 


    Still waiting for that next awesome NFS!


    With NFS Payback done I will be able to finally start AC Origins tomorrow afternoon! I've been an AC fan since day one and so I am glad to hear AC Origins being well received. Looking forward to trying it out! 

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. PooPooBlast


      Congrats man! You know what I'd like? While I'm not into racing games, I'd kill for a new burnout game. Goes to show that even non racing fans can enjoy burnout :D

    4. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      Thanks everyone!


      @PooPooBlast: I loved Burnout Paradise. I also loved Burnout Revenge on the PS2. Used to play it all the time. I wouldn't mind another take of Burnout.



  4. I'm not sure. Her main concern was what those male performers did in their personal lives, not what they've done in front of cameras.
  5. "Exclusively for Nintendo Switch"
  6. What!? I'm really sad to hear this. She was one of my favorites. She had a real talent. Skimming through the article it seems that investigators have reported there were no signs of foul play. Her friends reported that she was "suffering from depression and online bullying". Days before her death she received media backlash after tweeting several tweets about working with men who have starred in gay adult movies. These comments made her branded as a homophobe. She later tweeted out that she "loved the gay community" and the tweets were not meant to be malicious. It seems she was going through stuff and that is what seemed to drive her over the edge. It's a shame really. She was only looking to not put her body at risk and the responses she got over twitter were inconsiderate and uncalled for. It's important for everyone in her line of work to be precautious in what they do and she received backlash because of it, it's sickening. But it is what is. May she rest in peace.
  7. I already own the game and the expansion pass. But it's nice of you to do a giveaway like this! Good luck to all the participants!
  8. Thanks for the follow!

    1. LightningVII-


      No problem! Thanks for the follow back :)

  9. #227 - COD World War 2


    In my opinion, it is the best COD in the past couple of years. I had a lot of fun with the platinum and enjoyed all of it. 

  10. Finally finished getting 100% on Warframe (Kind of). Just got to wait for the trophy "This is What You Are" to be obtainable again. I have all the focus XP necessary for the trophy but going to hold off on purchasing the last node until a patch comes out to address this issue.


    So for the time being, I finally can move on! I'm sure I'll be making multiple returns to the game to maintain the 100% but for now, I'm free!

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    2. KingGuy420


      The only things I've heard them say about Focus 2.0 is that they have plans to lower costs and increase gains. 


      I really wish either they'd confirm it's an issue or someone who's maxed a school confirm if that worked or not, cause I haven't even seen that yet.


      It's really not a big deal for me anyways since I don't normally play loot games for trophies but it definitely sucks for those that want it.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Congrats man! That was a massive grind from what I heard. So what will be next?

    4. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      @PooPooBlast : Thanks! It's time I take the plunge back into COD WW2 and NFS Payback before starting anything else!

  11. Here is some Hatsune Miku I managed to create. Hope you like them! - - - - -
  12. Been waiting for this. I am so excited! Really digging the Spidey suit as well.
  13. This thread may have what you are looking for. It has a list organizing the easiest & fastest 100%/platinums. It will pretty much tell you everything but the prices so you may have to do some searching for games you may be interested in.