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  1. This immediately came to mind lol
  2. Currently streaming on Twitch. Going through the final DLC in Nioh on WOTD difficulty. Feel free to come and watch!

  3. According to PSNTL, four other people share my current avatar. Good to see others show off their Halloween spirit!
  4. In the spirit of Halloween; I have made a few more cover images with a Halloween theme to them. I'll see about adding a little more later. Wasn't able to find much of anything worth doing but we'll see. Enjoy!
  5. He looks to be a fun character to use. I'd personally consider purchasing him. His CA is pretty cool as well.
  6. Just reached a total of 1,000 rep points!


    Thanks, everyone! 

  7. Nothing for me. That works out anyways. I already have a lot to get through and little time to do so. Personal Recommendations - Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) - Street Fighter V (PS4) - Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) These recommendations are considering you are into the type of games they are. Especially when it comes to SFV. I believe you mean to put Ultra Street Fighter IV instead.
  8. I Just pre-ordered The Evil Within 2 with just mere hours before its release here just so I can get all the pre-order bonuses. lol. No regrets!

    1. Blissey
    2. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      @Chansey: "You have no regrets? Like, not even a single letter?"

    3. Hemiak


      Nu regrets! :highfive:

      Damn it, that was supposed to say regerts. :facepalm:

  9. Let me be the first to welcome you back Superbuu. Sorry to hear about your health problems. I truly hope all works out well for you.
  10. Nope. Sorry for the late response @Fluffy.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

  12. Always up for some Pirates of the Caribbean!
  13. A thread has been already made related to gem farming. But to save you the time, here is the video found in the above thread with a method to farm gems. Its the method I personally used.
  14. Here's the official announcement trailer; Needless to say, I love what I am seeing.