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  1. Now this is where the fun begins



  2. Five free themes for God Eater 3 are available. Don't know if it's just available to the NA store.

    1. kidson2004


      Yep! They’re free for NA as well. Just downloaded them all. Thanks for the heads up! 

  3. Allow me to show you all what should have been a part of the halftime show for the Super Bowl



    1. MidnightDragon


      Boo to the NFL for not doing it!

      Too bad Viacom blocked it...assholes.

    2. ResoluteRock


      Haha I just saw this on YouTube an hour ago too! I loved how they edited the uniforms green

  4. What's up with Kingdom Hearts? Get your ass back in there!
  5. Real talk people;


    Have any of you felt like something was missing from your life? Like there is potential being wasted somewhere but you don't know where and what exactly it is? 


    I've been doing some personal reflecting ever since the new year started. For the past couple of years I have looked back at the end of every year and always find myself disappointed in myself, not in my gaming life (still slaying away at those platinums 👌) but in my personal life. For the past couple of years I've made barely any strides in my life. When I was younger, I didn't think much of it. I basically had the mentality that as long as video games were a big part of my life, I would always be happy and that things would change when I got older. But I've grown to realize that isn't the case. That's not to say I'm depressed or anything like that. I just currently feel like i'm strolling through life without any big purpose. I mean, i'm currently going to college for something I enjoy and find very meaningful but the whole journey so far has just been mundane.


    It's hard attending classes where everyone seems to know more than you do. It's hard to relate to anyone when everyone is double your age and has a better understanding of who they are and who they want to be. However, the hardest part is not being able to shake the feeling like I'm doing all of this alone. No friends, no significant other. I am lucky to be in the position where I still have family but I still find it all difficult nonetheless. It's been this way for almost two years now. Ever since graduating from high school I haven't made a single friend, haven't hanged out with anybody, haven't gone out and experienced anything. I work, attend classes, stay home, and that's it.


    That's not to say this isn't my fault at all. I'm not the easiest person to make friends with. I'm quiet, fairly shy, and while it may seem I "push people away" it's usually because I don't want to seem too clingy and desperate for attention. I want to give off the idea that i'm more happy in my life than I really am. Other times it's simply because I don't care to be friends with that person. It's always been extremely hard for me to make friends so making friends in college seems like a insurmountable task. I've very slowly gotten better at being more open and less shy but it's been something I've been working at what seems forever and have made little progress. At the rate I'm currently going, it doesn't seem I will reach where I want to be anytime soon.


    I've been an introvert all my life but I'm at the point where I'm getting sick and tired of it and want out, but at the same time my shyness is preventing me from leaving my comfort zone and doing something ambitious for once in my life. It's a battle I have everyday with myself and while I don't plan on giving up anytime soon, I'm starting to question if I ever will win. I'll probably see it through to see where I end up regardless but it's a thought that sometimes lingers.


    Sorry to bombard you guys with all this; I felt like this is something I had to get off my chest at some point. I'm really trying to make 2019 the first year in awhile where I can look back at it and be proud instead of disappointed. Happy gaming everyone! 

    1. dropsofjupiter


      A healthy and heaping dose of self acceptance might put you more at ease. You are still so young... Later things might get very hectic and you could look back at these days when you weren’t overloaded with responsibilities as ... delightful. Try to enjoy yourself more just the way things are now. You could also start journaling and be brutally honest with yourself as to how you feel about everything going on in your life. Getting to know yourself better can always lead to good changes. ;)

    2. DamagingRob


      Damn.. it's almost like looking in a mirror. Outside of my immediate family, I'm fairly shit at having a verbal conversation with anyone. :/ And yeah, been that way since childhood. One of the things one of my classmates wrote in my yearbook, was, "Thanks for being so quiet." Or something close to that. 



      I'll you what. Time flies. If you want to do something do it before you blink of an eye and be 60...

  6. 15,000 trophies achieved!

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    2. ResoluteRock


      I definitely need to start Get Even, I bought it a few weeks ago and it looks really awesome. Once I clear out some more of my games, I’ll definitely give it a shot!

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Shinobi


      Thanks everyone!


      I really like that Get Even doesn't use jump scares as the main way to scare you. It's atmosphere and sound do a superb job at getting the heart rate up. It does have frame rate issues at times but nothing unbearable.

  7. Yeah I was like "wait, wtf just happened?" I know right! They probably just want people to take those 30 seconds or so to spam emotes and act like idiots with each other. At least, that's what my squad did lol.
  8. From the portion I have played today, I thought it was meh. I didn't have any problems server-wise from the what I played today and I do agree that the cooldowns for the abilities are balanced. On the down side, I don't know what it is about the combat but it felt sluggish and unsatisfying for me. The graphics and the explosions/ability effects look cool and all but I didn't find it massively satisfying to kill enemies. I had more fun flying around than shooting things. I do think the speed at which your flight overheats is a little too quick. I found myself constantly flying, landing, than flying again to get from point A to point B. I find it something tolerable but annoying. I did also encounter enemies de-spawning while I was shooting at them. Another weird thing happened where my whole squad died and when I respawned, the screen had this bright yellow light over everything. I basically wasn't able to see shit on my screen for like 15 seconds which at that point everything seemed to fix itself and run normally from that point on. I won't say much on the story and lore because the game isn't out yet, but after I had that initial conversation you can have with the bartender upon booting up the game, I already found him annoying and know I will not like him when the full game comes out. I was on the fence about this game and I still am after trying the demo. The game has potential but, you know, EA lol. I'll try some more of it tomorrow and Sunday to see if my opinion of it changes in anyway, but so far i'm not massively impressed.
  9. It's alright. I've watched the video several times over and it never fails to make me laugh. I'll see you in hell! 😜
  10. #256 - Battlefield V


    Nothing much to say. It's not a horrible game by any means but it's nothing that I thought was flat out amazing (besides the graphics). 

  11. That awkward moment when you accidentally kick someone from the Facebook group chat you're a part of for work. I feel like such an asshole.


    As soon as I did it I went "Whoops! But why is that even an option for me!?"

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    2. Spaz


      I don't bother with Facebook groups anymore.


      I've had enough arguments with enough idiots on there to last me a lifetime.

    3. Shinobi


      UPDATE: People started questioning why I did it but before I could respond and explain it was an accident, everyone started kicking each other from the group chat and posting a whole bunch of gifs. Then someone kicked me from the chat and I just re-joined now and sent a message out saying it was all an accident followed by this gif:


      Image result for my bad degrasse tyson gif


      Like honestly these are the people I work with lol. 

    4. Cobby


      Sound like children tbh lol, shit happens, deal with it xD 

  12. It's nice to see an old friend of mine make such amazing strides in her life. It's awesome to see good things happen to good people.