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  1. I saw this on youtube and thought you might like it.



    1. PooPooBlast


      Duuuuuuuude xD


      Thanks for sharing xD. Hahaha oh man, I was dead when Mr. Shakedown's theme song at 2:50 played hahahahahaha xD


  2. Man, I missed how much fun Rainbow Six Siege is. Glad I returned to it. Will definitely be one of the games I play anytime I want to spend time away from trophy hunting. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Well thanks for the help man! How would you describe the community? Are they difficult to deal with if you don't hold your shit together? xD


      Cause let me tell you, I'm definitely not using a mic because I know I'll run into "some of those type of players."

    3. Shinobi


      Well, I played about 3 hours yesterday and didn't encounter anybody that was purposely team killing. And anybody that did have a mic (which for some reason was just kids) was trying to be helpful by mentioning where someone is and what to look out for.


      However, I was playing casual, which is good if you're just playing for fun. You don't really have to worry about getting vote to kicked as long as your not AFK or purposely team killing. Even if somebody wanted to be an ass and kick you for no reason it would require the entire team to agree with them in order for you to actually get kicked.


      I can't vouch for ranked mode though. People do take ranked matches much more seriously and because of that, they may attempt to kick you if you play too poorly and/or don't have a mic. Can't say for sure as I haven't played rank since I first played the game.


      In general, I would describe the community as great as long as you don't make a complete fool of yourself lol. However, you're just as prone to encountering toxic people as anywhere else. Most people seem to be chill though. 

    4. PooPooBlast


      Thanks man! Appreciate it especially the last bit. Good to hear :)

  3. Didn't you started Yakuza 0 man! Such a fantastic fantastic game. I think it's probably the best I've played this year! 


    Hope you enjoy it :)


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    2. PooPooBlast


      Oh haha that's so weird xD but hey at least now you're back on track :)


      And nice! I hears the game ia good but it's not my genre so I haven't tried it yet. But yea I've a feeling your choice for 250 might change ;).


      By the way I'm at 98.5 hrs and 71% completion. Game's huuuge. But then again I've barely looked at the guide on this site so maybe that's why. 

    3. Shinobi


      Yeah I know. I liked Kiryu the most as a character in 4. So playing him again in 0 is so awesome lol.


      It's not for everyone. I really liked the story and the characters. Combat is getting a little repetitive now that I've spent about 75 hours invested into the game. I don't know though, I am starting to like Yakuza 0 more than 4 already so you might be right about that...


      Nice. I'm personally only like 5 hours in but having an awesome time. I'm just going through the game on normal getting all the missable trophies along the way and doing any substories I come across/want to do.  

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yea I got all the missables done and I'm at the final chapter. I don't want it to end :(


      Anyways man, hope you enjoy it!

  4. I'm live now while attempting my insane run through the Outlast DLC!


  5. [Tales of Berseria] This Grade grind is getting more and more frustrating as I spend time on it. Not only do I have to grind Grade in the first place, I can't even do the recommended method consistently. In fact, I fail more times than I succeed.


    I'm probably going to lower the difficulty a bit and see what the grade difference would be per run. I'm currently doing it on chaos difficulty, no items used, no KO's, x2.0 Grade bonus, finishing off the dire foe with a mystic arte and getting just below 300 grade per successful run (and that's with me purchasing the double Grade item!) which is pathetic but better than nothing I suppose. I'm not doing it with dangerous encounters though, which does hurt the grade amount but I just find that way too unmanageable.


    Can't wait to be done with this and get into NG+!


    Side note: Hopefully I'll be able to finish all of Outlast tomorrow. Just have to do my insane run in the DLC. I thought the game and it's DLC was great. My insane run on the base game was nerve wrecking lol.

  6. That's great and all but getting to Gold Rank is still as hard as ever lol.
  7. The guy in this video literally says himself that the glitch doesn't work on insane mode. He says and explains why at about the 45 second mark. He even mentions it again at the end of the video as a reminder.
  8. [Tales of Berseria] Over 30 hours in for my first playthrough and I have only just figured out how to do Mystic Arte chains.... Definitely more efficient then me switching to every character to activate them manually (which I was doing up until this point).


    The game is great by the way! Loving the characters. All are different but awesome in their own ways.


    P.S: how is everyone liking Sagat and G in Street Fighter V? I've played about 15 matches with Sagat and am really liking him. I haven't tried G yet though. 

    1. AlchemistWer


      Wow, I have almost the same time but in Zestiria and now figured out a little bit more how the battle system work...

  9. Well, I got a trophy in Outlast now. No turning back now.


    I really hate jumpscares lol. They're just so cheap.

    1. Condemned09


      Good luck on that game :) 

    2. FilmFanatic


      Fantastic game and the only one I’ve played that I would actually describe as scary. At one point I wasn’t paying complete attention to the screen and something jumped out at me and I yelled out loud enough to give my flatmate in the next room a fright.

  10. VesperArcade does great combo guides. He also goes over the basics of SFV. However, the basic mechanics tutorial videos are when the game was still early in release and some things have changed since then (Everyone has two V-Triggers now and the whole game got a nice giant update when Arcade Edition came out). Some things should still be applicable though. Some of his combos for some of the characters may no longer work due to character buffs/nerfs. So you'll have to try them out yourself to see if they still work. Sometimes it will just be a damage differential. Here's the playlist: TrueUnderDawgGaming also does great character breakdowns and/or combo guides. same things apply to him as Vesper. Here's the playlist: Unfortunately, neither channel has guides for all the SFV characters to date so you may have to do some digging on youtube if you're looking for any missing characters. Hope this helps! EDIT: Forgot to mention that the game itself has demonstrations and such for every character as well. They even have "trials" which serve as combo challenges!
  11. My first in car-lesson today went well.


    I'm supposedly grasping the concepts shown so far rather well; which is great to hear. Was worried I would be hopeless when it comes to driving lol.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Haha don't worry. The way I see it is that if person X can drive despite having a low IQ then so can I. 


      Lol just watched a video on idiot drivers and them getting arrested on YouTube. 

    2. VelikyNovgorod4


      I already completed everything but getting a license for myself. Have you never driven before your in car?

  12. Finally got another trailer for Lost Soul Aside.




    Still seems to be far off from being finished & released. I would guess a 2019 release at best. Glad to see the slow but solid progress being made on this game. Will definitely be a buy for me when it comes out someday. 

    1. Meowski


      amazing…. that Shows me that was a good choice to buy a ps 4!

  13. So tomorrow afternoon I do my first in-car lesson in driving school.


    Both excited and nervous. 

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    2. Ash Williams

      Ash Williams

      @Spaz samesies!


      Well, June 2004. But still.

    3. PSXtreme_


      Drive MORE like Gran Turismo and LESS like Ridge Racer Underground and you'll do fine...

    4. SunnyCrappyYT


      Last time I tried to drive a car I accidentally stepped (harder) on the gas button instead of the brakes. :S

      It auto-braked, but then turned off and didn't want to turn on anymore. Not sure what I did.

      Haven't touched a steering wheel since though.

  14. [Middle-Earth: Shadow of War]


    I really want to finish this game up so I can get rid of it but the last trophy I need is being a massive pain in the ass!


    I just finished my 4th run and have failed yet again. All my attempts have failed when it came to taking over the fortress. I've wasted much more time than expected with this DLC. And it's not even that good in my opinion. 

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    2. PooPooBlast
    3. Shinobi
    4. PooPooBlast


      Holy shit xD

      Search Bach memes. You'll get an ab workout xD