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  1. I found your favorite video of all time @PooPooBlast.



    Care to explain?

    1. PooPooBlast


      I saw this a few days ago, still hilarious. 😂👌. Kiryu is just vibin'.


      My favourite version of this meme has to got to be this one though!



      The Spongebob one is a close second! 


      Marked spoiler to collapse post length



    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy new year to you too! 

  3. Anybody want to quickly get the online trophy in Conan Exiles? Let me know lol.

  4. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!



  5. [DMC V] Made it to round 99 with Vergil in Bloody Palace.


    There goes an hour of my life...

    1. Copanele


      Unless you wish to be truly fair and punishing with yourself DMC4 style, you can backup your progress now in Bloody Palace xD 

      No use to go through all that just to be whomped by Hentai Urizen.

  6. Honestly, practice. Also, identifying where you're failing and adjusting accordingly (Pressing too late or too early) is obviously important as well. Best bet is to just keep at it and it should eventually happen. Best of Luck!
  7. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - 100% achieved!


    Through all the crashes, bugs and difficult moments; I've finally done it.


    I'm so ready to never play this game ever again.

    1. skateak


      Niceeeeee. Huge congrats for that one.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  8. As a Canadian who primarily bought games digitally because of this reason (among other reasons as well), it was good while it lasted. But it is what it is. Wasn't there rumors speculating that this was going to be happening at some point anyway? I guess it was just a matter of time...
  9. Pretty accurate.




  10. #304 - Outlast II


    Glad to move on from it. Insane was a nightmare to do. Got it on my fourth try so I guess it could have been a lot worse. Compiled my four runs into one-looking-run with live commentary talking about tips and strategies to get through it if anybody is interested.



    Sorry if the quality is kind of poor. I think if I do anything like this in the future I will skip over safe moments/cutscenes and do a voiceover explaining what I'm doing instead of doing it live, at least for something this long. 


    Ah well, live and learn. Enjoy!



  11. Next video is up!



    Planning to record a speed run & an insane run using only one battery for their trophies as well! Enjoy!

  12. Hey everyone! It's been some time since I last posted a video.



    I would consider this to be my "real" first video (Actually edited and such). Hopefully I can start dishing these out at a more reasonable & consistent manner. At the moment I'm still figuring out everything. 


    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! 

    1. Shinobi


      UPDATE regarding the PS4 BLOD: Everything has been fine since the fix. Platinumed the game that the problem originated from with no hiccups. Hopefully the entire thing was just a fluke.

  13. So I have something to run by you guys.


    Without getting too into it, I was playing a game last night and the game crashed... Or so it seemed anyway. I got an error saying the HDD was damaged and/or corrupted followed by the error code CE-34224-5.


    I was sent back to the XMB and was not able to return to the game that just crashed. I was now getting the error code CE-30005-8 when I tried to start the application. I tried going into other games with no luck as well, receiving the same error code.


    Brilliant me decided the next best thing to do was to restart the PS4. This was a big mistake. 


    The PS4 was unable to boot up after telling it to restart. It would do it's initial blue light but never proceed into the solid white. The light would remain blue, fading in and out indefinitely. I was not able to enter safe mode or anything. From what I've gathered this is the blue light of death I was encountering. It was getting late and none of the quick fixes (turn the system off, un plug all cords, wait 30 seconds, plug everything back in and try again or trying a different power cord) worked. I decided to un plug everything from the system and let it rest and cool down overnight.


    This brings me to this morning. Re plugged everything back in and tried again with still no success. I then proceeded to try more "extensive" fixes. I removed the HDD and checked to see what shape it was in. It appeared fine to me and properly secured (Apparently it can shift over time and cause the BLOD). I placed it back into the system and tried yet again.


    Still no success. At this point I'm thinking it's either an internal hardware issue (Like an APU problem) or the HDD is corrupted as all hell. I decided to try and figure out which one it probably is. Did more digging online and it was mentioned to try and boot up the system without it having an HDD inside. Followed the steps accordingly and was able to boot up the system without a HDD. I obviously couldn't reach the XMB but the system was able to pass the blue light into solid white to a screen essentially stating that there was no HDD and to press the power button for 1 second to turn the system off.


    The steps proceeded to say to insert the HDD while at this screen. While skeptical, I obliged as I didn't have many options at this point. Nothing happened. I turned the system off and turned it back on again. Everything booted up just fine. This seemed to have fixed the problem.


    Navigated to saved data and was not able to find any corrupted data to delete. Went to the game that presented this problem, deleted and reinstalled it. Tried out my other games and was able to start them.


    I have left the system on for the past two hours or so at the XMB, seeing if the system wants to try anything, but nothing. I haven't got around to playing anything at the moment so I guess I can leave an update on how that goes.


    My question to all of you though is how should I respond to this? It seems to be a faulty HDD rather than an internal hardware issue as the system was able to properly boot up with the absence of an HDD.


    Now I know the obvious fix would be to replace the HDD (or just buy another PS4 lol). But I really don't have the money for that at the moment and seemingly for the next little while. So I was wondering if there is anything that is recommended to do to help "clean" out the HDD and potentially help prevent further problems like this one in the future (even if it just essentially buys me time).


    I'm thinking about entering safe mode and rebuilding the database but I don't want to end up re-screwing myself. Any thoughts would be great.


    For more tidbits of information:

    - The system is a PS4 Pro

    - The system runs quietly before this problem occurred and afterwards (I hear no noises coming from the HDD either which is good).

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. funboy1246


      fortunately haven't had an issue like this. but just to be save, i'd upload everything to the cloud or usb just in case of a worst case senerio. my pro is giving me a problem of a differnet sort lol so i feel your pain. best of luck to you. 

    3. Shinobi


      @PermaFox: Exactly. It now runs like nothing happened. I'm just about to start playing the game from where this problem originated from so we'll see what happens.


      @funboy1246: Yeah, I upload to the cloud regularly, Lost save data in the past due to not uploading in the cloud so I learned my lesson from that. Best of luck to your problem as well! 

    4. PermaFox


      @Shinobi  Good luck to you and I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I've had weird problems (such as yours) with my launch PS4 but it comes back (although I never trust it again!) and works like nothing happened.  I even bought a PS4 Slim as a backup a year ago, but haven't had to resort to it.  

  14. Stream today wasn't so smooth.


    I'll think I'll stick to recorded videos for now and once I feel better prepared I'll do streams.


    If anyone is interested, here's almost two hours of my brother and I playing Phasmophobia!



  15. Control now at 100%!


    In other news, I will be streaming tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern!