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  1. Pretty sure you had to get to NG++ in Dark Souls as well unless you were given the items needed for the plat.
  2. Eh. Nintendo is gonna Nintendo. They should have given PlatinumGames creative freedom.
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    2. Happy


      Honestly, part of me kinda wishes that this list was ten times harder than all the previous one for no reason whatsoever.

    3. Im-Xero


      Yeah, that sucks. I couldn't handle that wait.

    4. Im-Xero


      English variant is up now.

      Just a matter of time before this site gets the set.

  3. Nah. I really enjoyed how fucking borked Game of Thrones was. TellTale only puts out immaculate software.
  4. If Vanquish would get a remaster, I would die a happy man. I want nothing more in my gaming life than to play it in 60fps.
  5. Fear was the wrong word; but more like disgust. But yes. If I see someone drinking even just tap water, it makes me gag.
  6. My copy hasn't shipped yet. Though, as much as I am looking forward to this; I would rather play Dark Souls III.
  7. I have an abnormal fear of liquids. If I see liquids being consumed (Specifically something that I find repulsive or something that isn't made for human conscription such as motor oil) it makes me vomit.
  8. My Japanese version unlocks in a little over five days. Truly cannot wait.
  9. I'll be excited in waiting for a GotY edition.
  10. Looks fun; but the combat appears to be rather basic. That's a shame, too -- as Transformers: Devastation had one of the deepest combat systems that PlatinumGames has ever developed. I played the game several times after I platinum'd both versions because it was just fun to play. Still excited; but all of my hype resides with NieR: Automata. Now that game looks to have a fun combat system -- even if the game will be easy.
  11. Incredibly shitty. Very sorry to hear that. Sadly, I can relate to how you are feeling. My mom passed away about four years ago; shortly before I turned 19. Definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in life. Don't be like me and refuse to talk to your friends/family about how you feel; they'll understand. We may just be a bunch of randos on the internet, but my PM box is open if you ever want to talk about it. The best thing that you can do -- and I know it's not easy; is to enjoy your life. That would make your father incredible happy.
  12. lol git gud skrub
  13. Nicely done. PlatinumGames da best. I've platinum'd all of their titles -- including all possible variants.