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  1. I would delete 1% completion games that made the mistake of turning on. But I don't have that problem at the moment I wish they wouldn't lump platinum with DLC that you're not interested in and make them have separate lists that would appear near the game if you played it that is.
  2. Flopic You most certainly used the Infinite weapons yourself to get the plat, then come complaining that alot of people did the same and it's easy :/ What the heck?
  3. Yes it shouldn't exist unless for an app or something like Playstation Park, DLC trophies suffer as much sometimes there's non at all Like Dark Souls 3 DLC which is fun as hell played it multiple times but I got nothing to show for it. Everyone on this site should somehow care about trophies you know this is a dedicated website for trophies after all. I do agree they're hard tho specially the 3rd aka Dracula's Curse but not unbeatable, with practice and adapting anyone can do it even without save states. But save states will help some people enjoy the games I don't mind it as its an option, I think that if save state implemented only before a level not mid or anytime would be a balanced experience for all.
  4. I'm not dismissing anything I'm just disappointed, I already played those games and they're available everywhere so I expected a plat for my graceful revisit but here I am disappointed. So I'm not judging the games(Well 2 is trash and probably isn't even fixed).
  5. Yup I just noticed that sorry.
  6. Don't be a clown please I think most people interested in the game here has played some of them already, I myself returned and played almost all Castlevania games as I'm a big fan. I have thousands of hours in Harmony of Despair I played it till my eyes fell and Castlevania isn't even in my generation so please quit with the bullshit young talk age don't really matter any gamer could return and beat those games if they try as they're not Super Meat Boy. And not having Platinum for all this effort and money 25$ is bullshit. Stupid doggamn Konami assholes.
  7. Disappointing and pathetic :/
  8. I'm not interested in this game but if it's one hour plat I guess I could juggle around with it.:D since I'm not playing anything at the moment.
  9. The idea never crossed my mind, good thinking. You just perfected it.
  10. Pretty much, yup.
  11. No problem. No risks at all. At this point you already powered and the dual swordsmen are pretty easy you just gotta attack him till he deflect you then he will do one of two things, 1- Quick slash with either swords which you can easily deflect it as soon as his deflect happen. 2- Jumping dual slash which gives you enough time to deflect super easy to do and it do alot of posture damage to him. But I guess everyone has a preferred method safe or otherwise. I prefer faster than safe but that's just me. Cheers. Also you can ignore the second dual swordman if you can't deal with him you still get alot of of xp effortlessly.
  12. You'll not find a better run. Works fine in NG but obviously better on NG+ and above. Have fun.
  13. First of all Bloody Palace is easy with or without Supers. Without Super you get plenty of heals from Devil Trigger and enemies, it's only hard for V because of animal management and fury(S) not to mention Urizen at the End. + All bosses give you a huge amount of health when beaten (not sure how much tho but it's a lot) except Urizen 98 and 99. With Super you get no heals from DT but you'll be very powerful so it almost not worth mentioning. You can suspend the game after clearing any floor upload your save if you're not confident enough in the final floors so you can try again if you fail, never needed to use that I cleared all three first try using Super. Final rating- Normal, Easiest - Dante - He has fast regenerating health and powerful tools such as Sin DT Royal Guard and the MJ Hat. Medium - Nero - He has regenerating health but not as good as Dante, Devil Bringer and you get Devil breakers every 10 floors. Hardest - V - Well your fucked here as the final 4 floors will rape you hard. Super, All easy but some may struggle with Nero due to not having Super abilities and relying on combos only but if you try it's not hard at all it just as easy as the others. - Gerbera is your only Friend and maybe the Buster. - Do not spam Sin DT as it's not fun and takes time instead use the fully charged regenerating Royal Guard to kill Bosses, Hell Judgeca and Furies. - Use Sin DT on Urizen or if you need to. - You can ride Nightmare as V for complete protection but beware if you get hit your DT gauge will get depleted thus killing nightmare for the moment and the DT recharge rate for Super V is slow. - Power up your animals at all time, summon nightmare and do not press anything else, now just watch the chaos unfold. - You can protect your self from any damage as V by pressing L1+O near Nightmare then jumping off Nightmare to let him do his thing. There is no reason not to play Super unless you wanna challenge yourself then go ahead. I enjoyed Super Nero the most, it was a fun run.
  14. lol, ok.