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  1. My own! Don't know how I came to that but I must have been in a rush or something lol
  2. Certainly a trophy hunter, I usually collect trophies just as a gaming hobby but if the 100% is in close reach then it's my number one priority. Sometimes if a game has no trophies I don't bother with it as much as other games with trophies, although I wouldn't play a game I didn't like just for trophies (COUGHCOUGHfalloutnewvegasCOUGH).
  3. FIFA 13, Sonic Generations & Buzz Quiz World! Got my PS3 last August.
  4. Uncharted 2 if you still have it.
  5. Favorite rapper of today would definitely be Kanye West, favorite rap (or rappers in this case) of the gangsta rap days would be NWA. I'm also into Slim Shady, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and lots more.
  6. The Terminator on DVD a couple of nights ago.
  7. Tomb Raider: Legend
  8. How do you put the theme downloaded from the internet to your PS3?
  9. Usually hard when it comes to sports games (Legendary for WWE 2K14, Pro for FIFA etc.) but when it comes to other games which I haven't really specialized on like a FPS, I'd opt for normal difficulty more often. Just to get my bearings for the game.
  10. Would appreciate answers, whether you have the PS3 or PS4 version.