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  1. #35 💎🏆
  2. is a Decent Game in my Opinion
  3. WWE 2K17 looks pretty simple only the online trophy takes a long time to get it. maybe i bought wwe2K17 soon :- )
  4. X_Gamer_Ali-2011
  5. don't worry Enjoys your PS3, i think the PS3 will live very long & the PSN Store still selling PS3 Games.
  6. 5 1-Gran Turismo 5 (0.84%) 2-Naughty Bear (1.00%) 3-Batman Arkham Origins (2.33%) 4-WWE 2K15 (2.89%) 5-Need For Speed The Run (3.89%)
  7. Good news
  8. "EasyPeasy"
  9. Austin 3:16 trophy (WWE 2K16)
  10. 1st - DEAD NATION (Romero Would Be Proud) 5th - Split/Second (Completionist) 10th - Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy (Gran Turismo®6) 15th - Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy (Gran Turismo 5) 20th - Paradise Memoirs (FARCRY CLASSIC) 25th ? coming soon
  11. WWE 2K15 & Gran Turismo 5
  12. I Already Checked the UK PSN Store & says £6.49
  13. Its Not Free Anymore
  14. I was hoping something big, This Sale is Kinda Dissapointing :/
  15. Cars 2! looks very fun
  16. This Sale is Kinda Disappointing
  17. This is a Great News
  18. NA code (North America)
  19. KEEP!!!! the PS3.
  20. I Already earned the Platinum trophy Finally! To be Honest i only played it just for the Gold Trophies lol this game is very annoying because you need to find the 100 parts (ship's engineer) and i can't believe the platinum trophy is Common, i don't recommend this game even if you are a Trophy Hunter