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  1. I did everything as normal, just didn’t buy an extra gear or craft any outfits. I unlocked skills, and upgraded the weapons I had.
  2. after playing through this game four damn times I finally got the plat after doing what everyone said here. But guys, you do not have to ignore the crypts! in the end you have to get them because they count towards the 100%. Just don't craft the outfits you get from them. It's silly to make yourself double back. I just didn't buy anything extra (except what I had to) and I made sure my dlc wasn't installed. Anyways, I never want to see this game again.
  3. It’s probably because you have your square Enix account linked. Doesn’t it show that on the main menu?
  4. It's true. Happened it both my games. In san juan it says I have 36/27 documents, because I picked it up so much.
  5. I doubt that has anything to do with it. My game is 37gb. This whole thing is probably just being over thought. It’s clearly just a glitch, that they will hopefully fix. Not sure just one thing is triggering it, or what version/PS4 you’re playing on. People on Xbox are having the issue as well. Just a glitchy game being glitchy. all the tomb raider team can do is share screen shots, and not acknowledge the issues. According to someone on YouTube, square asked them to send their save file in, and they are working on it.
  6. "I'm told that Telltale is keeping a skeleton crew to finish The Walking Dead Final Season but The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things are effectively cancelled. Developing."
  7. I've tried uninstalling, and all that good stuff and it didn't do anything. On my second run I played with the boarder on that tracks everything at the bottom of the screen. As i played through I made sure to 100% an area before moving on. Everything was going fine until I got to san juan, and when I only had maybe 20 collectables to go, it stopped registering them. I even loaded up a save from about 30 minutes before it stopped keeping track, hoping that would work, but nope! It won't register anything I pick up. I just put that save on a flash drive, and hopefully I can return to it one day after a patch. If there ever is one.
  8. The glitches in this game are an absolute mess, and as others have stated, it's even more frustrating that no one is saying anything. I got the season pass, and while not the biggest deal, I never got my fox tunic/bow. They finally put them up in the psn store yesterday to solve that problem. I downloaded them both, and when I started the game it said I had them. Well only the bow shows up in my inventory. I'm just honestly tired, of nothing working in this game. I'm mad at myself for doing, as second run only to have it once again stop reregistering collectibles in the last damn area. I was so close. Wondering if I should even waste my time on DO run, since I probably will never get the plat for this game anyway. I'll probably just sell my croft edition, then pick the game up again when it's dirt cheap in PSN store, and hopefully patched up.
  9. Use the frame for sure, so you can see when/if things stop tracking. Hopefully you have better luck. I actually had a save from about 30 minutes before things stopped adding, i loaded it, but things are still not adding when I pick them up. San Juan, even says I have 30/27 documents, because of how many times I was able to pick some of them up. because I was so close to the end, I went ahead, and finished out the game hoping maybe it would still work. It did not, so I'm mad at myself for even wasting my time again. I put that early save on a flash drive, and maybe I'll return to it in the far future if theres ever a patch.
  10. Yea that's what happened for me with the dr. croft trophy. So I've been playing with the frame on that shows you how many collectables you've collected. I'm currently in San Juan. I've collected everything from all other areas, before continuing, and the tracker has been accurate. Well, halfway through San Juan collectables, it stopped keeping track when I pick something up. So once again it's going to show I've collected everything in the specific area, but it's not showing in the overall completion. So this run, was a total waste as well. I'm starting to think the San Jan area is just glitched.
  11. I agree! I'm almost done with my second run, and I'm going to be pissed if the 100% trophy doesn't pop again. Did you ever get your dr. croft trophy?
  12. I was heading into the belly of the serpent to go look for the silver box. So I’m not too far into the story. The trophy popped when I picked up the first document to the left, when entering that area. It’s obviously just random, since I picked that up in my first run.
  13. My doctor croft trophy just popped, after picking up a document in my new game plus run. Now I need the 100% to stop acting up. I'm not sure what is triggering these.
  14. Ah, okay, then it didn't register for me, even though I picked it up. Awesome.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I keep saying I'm done trying, until there is a clear fix. However, I obviously have nothing better to do with my life, so I keep trying. haha. So far it's looking like I got everything in all regions. I'm at 332/336. It's obviously just a glitch making it seem like we don't have them. Maybe mine are side story related things that are not showing? I feel like I didn't get the note in that one side quest, only the knife. And i'm not even sure what the knife shows under, but I don't think I see it in my collection.