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  1. I have both of those. I'm currently trying out getting the crowns that I lacked except nergigante since master rank nergigante is ruiner. I'm finally done with the crowns. UPDATE: can confirm, you do need some of the base game's crowns. The miniature trophy finally popped UPDATE II: can also confirm that OG nergigante is required even if he/she is just a high rank monster.
  2. This is getting weird. I've managed to get all MR miniature crowns but didn't get the trophy. Do take not that I'm using a save that doesn't have every HR rank monster crown since that save of mine got corrupted. I don't have a tzitzi yaku, pink rathian, kirin, and vanilla nergigante. Are any of this monsters required for the MR crown trophy?
  3. 38.01 right now. Probably going even lower once i finish my 2 ultra rare backlogs
  4. I got the asian drumset and it seems to be compatible with japanese dlc despite of being a different region. Got to admit though, those online consecutive wins and rank is discouraging me.
  5. MEIN HERZ BRENNT (MY HEART BURNS) But seriously though, since it didn't fit I had to put in Herz Brennt
  6. I just plat the game last August 17, 2014 but it took me a year coz a sold my Vita between that time and bought another one.