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  1. Agree with you here on the difficulty of the dlc... It's not the hardest challenge but it's annoying as hell on some events and require a lot of retries. It's like dark souls with cars For Takahaki Hillbillies or Dam busters i recommend doing separate runs though. You don't need to get all 3 gold stars in one run. You can easily do face off run first and then focus on getting the rest of the star requirements.
  2. Hi. I believe that you can see if people are playing Gallipoli operation trough server browser tab in menus. Be sure to check there and dont forget to refresh the list from time to time. This is the only way i can think of. Hope this helps.
  3. Im also looking for partners to do ninja defuses and zombie trophies. Psn id - Anbu-LT
  4. Hi guys. Please play my level. I will do the same for you too.
  5. P4P Will play yours too. Thanks in advance.
  6. If my calculations are correct, you should get this trophy today. It depends on the hour. So tommorow it should unlock for real
  7. It is very strange that it didnt unlock after beating genin arc because it should. Im going to sleep right now but tomorrow i will test it on my console and let you know.
  8. Well i can see that you collected the feathers not too long ago. If i were you i would download the last AC 2 save from ps plus cloud, if you use it, and recollect the remaining feathers again.
  9. I had the same problem. DNA sequence 9 and 10 didn't count for me, so i had to replay the whole game again to pop those trophies. This game just glitches sometimes and trophies don't pop. I was atempting to get a Sweeper trophy, but after many failed attempts it just didn't pop... I though't that i just did something wrong and decided to do story missions. But then i didn't get a trophy for completing chapter 9 and after that for chapter 10 also. Luckily, it seems that a simple console restart fixes this problem. You can just repeat all misc. trophies again. But unfortunately, if it glitche's after completing a sequence or after collecting the last feather, you need to do it all over again on new game...