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  1. @MidnightDragon here is the perfect song to listen to while playing one of the games on your list 😁
  2. Update... Finished off three more games over the past few days. First I did The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. That was an interesting game with some nice detective elements. However, I could see someone getting lost a lot in the game if they didn't have a guide of some kind handy. Then I worked on The Liar and the Blind Prince. That was quite possibly the most interesting Escort Mission I have ever played. Little bit of platforming and puzzle solving all wrapped around one big escort mission. Artwork and music was quite good too. Last game was The Wardrobe, a fun little point and clicker with a lot of pop culture and movie references strewn about. Didn't do much to change the formula, but the writing and references were a fun touch. That makes 9 games down. My goal was to try to finish off 20 games before Borderlands 3 came out on Sept. 13. Not sure I will meet that goal, will try though. I have decided to make two swaps. The Deponia games are all on sale now and I picked up the last two I needed to finish them all off. So I am swapping in Deponia Doomsday and Goodbye Deponia to replace Bridge Constructor and Dark Arcana. Updated list below...
  3. Update... Had a rather productive few days since the last update. Finished off What Remains of Edith Finch, which I rather enjoyed the story and gameplay elements around the story. Even though it wasn't quite the uplifting experience one normally gets from finishing a game. Also knocked out two point and click games, Full Throttle Remastered and Wailing Heights. Neither of which really blew me away, or was all that fun for that matter. They are done none-the-less. Made some progress on Wheel of Fortune. Still have 16 more games to win. Then, I played a game.... with horses... 'nuff said. Would have been done quicker with it if I didn't get caught up on 1 collectable. That and the fact that said horses did not like small hills or any type of water it should have been able to go through. Off to see if I can knock one more out before I get too tired... As always, updated list below...
  4. First Update... First full day of the event is done. I managed to get two games crossed off the list. I went a bit of a different route than I originally had planned. Ended up playing through Psycho Pass first. I would have been done quicker if it weren't for that stupid mini game they force you to play to get money to buy pictures and sounds. Then I played Through the Woods and completed that. Was an ok walking sim with some character death available. I thought it was broken early on. An enemy kept showing up on the path I needed to take and I couldn't find a way around. Eventually after a few deaths, it wasn't there anymore. Anyway, good first day. List is below...
  5. 42 games in 61 days, even I am not that crazy 😝 Best of luck!
  6. @Edunstar84 might I ask if you are using Google Docs in an app? Because I just did a test table on my computer and it copy and pasted just fine from the Google Docs website to here.
  7. Heh, no problem. It's all good. I didn't create that in the forums, no way to do that (that I know of). I used a word program to create the grid, then copy/pasted it over.
  8. Final Update! This is my final update for the summer challenge. I will say that I came out of the gate strong and wiped away a lot of games in June. 12 of the 20 games were done in June. Sadly, I was only able to finish off 2 more in the final two months. July was eaten up by another event I was in, so that took all of my play time away. August has just been a busy month for me personally, but I was able to finish off two more games. When I did have time to play something, I just didn't have much motivation or energy to do so. While I fell 6 games short of my goal of 20, I did feel like I was able to accomplish clearing up some unfinished games. I have moved 4 of the 6 remaining games over to the Fall/Winter event. I set a super lofty goal of 50 games (!) but I feel I should be able to defeat that list. Over half of the list contains games that should be finished in under 10 hours (under 5 hours really). I do have quite a few lengthy games and who knows what Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds will hold with their trophy lists. We will find out soon enough in the coming weeks. I just know there those two games will eat up a big chunk of my next 3 months or more. This has been a great help in getting some motivation to finish up some incomplete games. I look forward to the next 6 months! If I were to pick a favorite game from my completed list it would have to be Tales From the Borderlands. Even though I had played it before on PS4, it is still by far my favorite Tell Tale game of all they have done. The writing was top notch and all the characters were so much fun. I know some of the characters will be returning in Borderlands 3, so it is nice that they have been fully integrated into the Borderlands cannon. Completed games during the Summer Event... Broken Age (PS4) - 17% on June 22 Lego Legends of Chima (Vita) - 10% on June 4 Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trilogy (PS4) - 7% on June 17 Persona 4 : Dancing All Night (Vita) - 5% on June 7 Far Cry Primal (PS4) - 18% ➡️ on August 15 Batman The Telltale Series (PS3) - 0% ➡️ on June 28 Game of Thrones Telltale Series (PS3) - 0% on June 3 Tales From The Borderlands (PS3) - 0% on June 26 The Walking Dead : The Final Season (PS4) - 0% on June 24 WRC5 (PS4) - 28% ➡️ on August 8 Noby Noby Boy (PS3) - 19% 100% on June 5 The Mysteries of Little Riddle (PS3) - 22% 100% on June 5 Cars 2 (PS3) - 20% on June 18 The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (PS3) - 17% on June 20 Games that I did not finish... Lego Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham (PS4) - 1% Lego The Hobbit (PS4) - 2% ➡️ 8% Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (Vita) - 12% The Wolf Among Us (PS4) - 0% Beyond : Two Souls (PS3) - 24% Puppeteer (PS3) - 7%
  9. Well, if my world clock is correct and you are in Germany, I am only 5 hours ahead of you. Shouldn’t be too big of an issue. I do have that weekend free as well, although I have prior engagements set for the 14th, so I am unsure of my availability. I actually won’t get to play until 11:01am my time on September 13 since my digital copy is tied to my US account, which unlocks at 12:01am EST.
  10. I can't say what game will be first exactly, but I think I will be trying to complete the 7 games that have W in their title first. I have to get as many of those easy to complete games done before Borderlands 3 comes out on Sept. 13. Speaking of, if anyone else is getting Borderlands 3 on launch date and is looking for a co-op partner, I would be open to joining up. The game is much more fun with other people.
  11. Heh @neospoon I wish that was my whole backlog. A lot more where that came from. Just not enough time in the year to make a dent before new stuff is sadly added...
  12. I have finalized my list for the event. I went a little crazy (50 games!) but have a lot of quick and easy games I need to get done on there. I will update a little different this time, due to the size of the list. I will put the list in the spoiler section, to shorten the post. I do fully intend to complete this list. Even though there are some lengthy games to go with the easy ones. Original Post with my List Here Best of luck to everyone come September 1st. We have a long 6 months of gaming ahead of us 😁
  13. Hmm, I am pretty sure I have enough for every letter among my PS4, PS3, and PS Vita unplayed backlog. I do have a question though @iXanon, where do games with numbers to start the title land? Would they be considered based on the letter of the number? An example I have is 428 Shibuya Scramble, would that fall under F for Four?
  14. Well, that was a fun little DLC. I forgot just how much of a joy the free flow movement was in AC Syndicate. Traveling by rooftops was actually fun with the grappling hook / zipline. Even the free flow climbing down was nice and smooth. Never liked traveling by rooftops in previous AC games because of the times when you had a big gap and had to climb down, then climb back up another building. Most of the times I just ran in the streets in other AC games, found it much faster. Anyway, not sure if this will count since it was a last minute “oooh, I should play that” game and was not originally on my list until yesterday... Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - 100% complete in 3 years, 9 months
  15. All this talk of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has now made me want to do the Jack the Ripper DLC, for some reason, I never completed. Downloading it all again as I write this. The Platinum was achieved already, just doing the JtR DLC like @bruin-rocks did.