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  1. My platinum for February is done. Finished up Dying Light with the help of @JayDeLosDioses. We are working on the DLC now and I know he is close to the plat as well, just missing the same trophy that I was closer to getting. Anyway, Platinum is out of the way. If we somehow finish the DLC before the end of the month, I will amend this posting... Dying Light 53 of 69 Trophies 8th February 2021 • Platinum in 4 years, 2 months Dying Light (PS4) - Platinum in 4 years, 2 months Plat rarity - 6.53%
  2. So yeah, that was a quick turn around from Platinum to 100%... heh. This was a fun little batch of DLC's. They sure were little though, about an hour or two each. I had a good time with them, but now I am 100% done with the game. Completed and deleted! Time to move on to the next game... Saints Row The Third (PS3) - Completed in 8 years, 7 months 100% rarity - 2.78%
  3. First backlog game of the year platinumed. Was a long time coming for this one. I forgot just how much busy work there was in the Saints Row games. It was a fun ride, story was... oh who am I kidding, no one plays this for the story. Anyway, off to try to complete the DLC... Saints Row The Third (PS3) - Platinum in 8 years, 7 months Platinum Rarity - 11.83%
  4. @Gretchen27 Thank you very much for all you have done for this event. This is one event on this site that I have no problem keeping up with. I can do things at my own pace without worry of a time limit. It has been great fun keeping up with everything everyone else is doing as well. As far as the year end results go, while it is awesome to see, I can completely understand your decision to not do it next year. Unless there is someone else who would want to take up that mantle by then I suppose. It does look like it would take a considerable amount of time to put together. Monthly updates are perfect enough. For the year long streak challenge, I am certainly up for it again. I am actually on a 19 month streak, dating back to when I joined the event. So I am absolutely looking to keep up with at least one game a month. Currently working on Saints Row the Third and forgot just how much busy work there is. My goal for this year is to try to work through a lot of unplayed games, because there are many. Now to your questions: What game were you most proud of finishing? There were a few but it would have to actually be 3 games from one series. It was nice to put the finishing touches on the inFamous series. I platinumed inFamous, inFamous 2, and inFamous Last Light in 2020 to bring the series to an end (for now). Were you able to help another member out? Or received help yourself? Big shout out to @bruin-rocks! Very early in the year we met up to take care of the Far Cry 3 co-op trophies. We also did the MP trophies on a (not so great) PS Plus freebie racer called Truck Racer. I was also able to help him with powerleveling some characters in Diablo 3. Also, was able to help @Gretchen27 with a special shield 😉 in the Borderlands Remaster. Any memorable moments to share? Just the big one, 42 games removed from my unfinished backlog list! 👏 Also, getting my completion rate up to over 82.5%. Keep up the great work everyone and have a great gaming year! I look forward to seeing what you all accomplish...
  5. @HeyaBen All the info you need to know is in The Rules section at the beginning of the thread. The core info you asked for is as follows: The main idea is to finish games you already started, not games you have yet to start. Unless you want to tag a trophy or all but one and get the platinum after 6 months...
  6. I'll join in again. Had fun getting my main goal of 80%. Won't be hitting my stretch goal of 85% though. I will probably end the year around an 82.5%, at least that is what I am aiming for. As for 2021, I think I will do the modest 5% and shoot for an 88% by years end. I was thinking of maybe going for 90% but the percentage increases per completion is starting to a crawl.
  7. I didn't even see a difficulty related trophy. Seems like it will be a time sink, which is just fine...
  8. Saw this on the top of the US store page, nice addition, weird amount : games with easy trophies, cost ≤ $4.54 Did you mean $4.99?
  9. Thanks @Gretchen27! I didn't want to make a big deal of 700 but it was a nice number to hit before the end of the year. Still trying to debate what I want to do next. I may get the Arms Race DLC trophies out of the way for Borderlands 3. Except, I really hate that mode. Take my character that I love to play, strip him of everything that makes him fun, and force me to use crap weapons. Tis why I do not like Battle Royale games... As for The Last of Us Part II, I do have my reservations. I did..... not.... like the first game on PS3. There, I said it. I always said I would go back and try it again with the remastered version on PS4 but still haven't done it. Plus, the first one has MP that I hated and would have to play in order to get 100%. I may just skip right to Part II, which doesn't have MP right now thankfully. Cyberpunk 2077 is another game I am actually looking forward to but I haven't seen the trophy list yet. So not sure how hard or time consuming the platinum will be just yet. I will play it, I just like to get a sense of how much time or frustration is going to be required. I should also go back to my PS3 and finish up Saint's Row the Third and Sleeping Dogs (among others). Two games I know I can finish and get off my backlog. It's tough going back to PS3 though. Not having that automatic standby available, if I need to turn off my system on short notice... Edit: heh, an hour after I posted this the Cyberpunk trophy list showed up. No difficulty trophy, just seems like a "complete every damn thing in the game" list. AKA, a time sink, which is fine by me 😁
  10. Another backlog completed for December. It was a DLC clean-up to 100%. I finally got around to doing all 3 DLC's and the New Game + on Ultimate difficulty for Spider-Man. I forgot how much fun the game was. I may just pick up the new Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS4, rather than wait for PS5. Plus, I read the trophies for the new Miles Morales auto pop to PS5 anyway. It was a fun ride, but another game done and deleted... Marvel's Spider-Man All 74 Trophies 7th December 2020 • Completed in 1 year, 10 months
  11. Well, that finishes up my 12 months for our little friendly challenge. I picked a good way to finish it off too. While I am not as overjoyed as other were playing God of War, I did have a good time and thought the combat was top notch. With the exception of that slow ass axe that took too long to be decent. I really didn’t fully enjoy myself until the Blades of Chaos came into play, then everything felt right. The story was good but I had some issues with certain bits. Anyway, I may try to clear up one or two more backlog Games before the end of the year. Although, I did pick up Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II (among a few others) during the recent sales. Also need to go back and finish up the final DLC for ME: Shadow of War. I needed a break from that, hence God of War. Choices, choices... God of War All 37 Trophies 4th December 2020 • Platinum in 1 year, 3 weeks
  12. Love the website! Simple to use, easy to navigate, no bloated graphics and most importantly for me, a wishlist again! It took me a little while but I was able to pair up my entire PS4 library and wishlist games I want to keep an eye on. I love the fact I can even keep an eye on other region prices as well. My only quibble would be the amount of wishlist email notifications. This morning my inbox was hit with over 30 emails of games that went on sale for the Black Friday sale. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love love love the email notifications. I just wish it was condensed into a single email for the sale items instead of 30+ emails. Not sure if it is possible but just throwing it out there. Keep up the great work @NathanielJohn! I would be interested to help out with a donation, if you ever set a donation page up. Would be well worth supporting this project...
  13. Addendum to my previous Platinum. I was having fun with the game so I figured I would just finish it off 100%. The Trials were a bit of a pain, especially the Trials of the Wild from the first DLC. Took me a good 4 tries to get it done. Anyway, Shadow of Mordor is off my list and system completely! On to something else, maybe Shadow of War, not sure yet though... Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition All 75 Trophies 9th November 2020 • Completed in 5 years, 2 months
  14. Year of rest! heh, jk. I will probably focus more on cleaning out unplayed games. My digital library on PS4 is up to 846 unfinished or unplayed games, so I have a few to get rid of. I will of course throw in an unfinished backlog game here and there. I also don't see myself getting a PS5 anytime soon, so this will give me time to catch up. Even if just a little bit... Oh and I do plan on playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla soon. If that is anything like Odyssey, then I will be in for a long Platinum...
  15. Well, second game is mostly done for the month. The Platinum has been obtained. I rather enjoyed this game, it was a mix of Batman and Assassin's Creed with that fun little Nemesis system thrown in. I originally started it back up because the servers are coming down at the end of the year making one trophy unobtainable. I am glad I stuck with it. The one downside, some of the main boss fights were kind of a let down. A lot of QTE's instead of solid boss fights. Fighting the groups of orc captains and warchiefs were more entertaining. Anyway, I will update this to a 100% if I knock out the DLC by the end of the month. I guess the DLC can be kind of tricky from what I read... On a side note, this game did help me finally hit another goal for 2020. My unearned trophies dropped below 7000, that makes around 1050 unearned trophies earned since the beginning of the year. That also makes all three of my goals for 2020 completed. Under 7000 unearned trophies, check. Under a 200 game difference in games played vs games completed, check. Over 80% completion percentage, check and then some... Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition 52 of 75 Trophies 7th November 2020 • Platinum in 5 years, 2 months