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  1. its a very enjoyable shooter, my third time buying this and i haven't regretted it
  2. if anyones having 'trouble' with this game try having a look at one of the world's best Skyforce players youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOcfNCkt3yql2_oHXmsiGyA/videos those videos are a joy to watch
  3. thanks, i got the ship a little while ago. my fave at the moment
  4. the patch is now live [1.05] and the frame rate is much improved, new enemies, you can now save your progress at the end of a level. this now feels like a finished game
  5. haven't got the Octopus yet, would love to see some footage of the ship in action if anyones got any?
  6. if anyones having trouble with a medal on a stage at higher difficulties just do it in co-op with the shareplay function
  7. Completing (not finishing) all levels on nightmare is going to be hard.
  8. There’s a limited time card (15 minutes) which increases the amount of stars you can collect on a level
  9. at the moment Murder Zone is almost unplayable because of the frame rates. the main game is better than it was on release, but, nothing amazing really, it still feels unresponsive mainly i think because of the 30fps its your money, but, if i knew what i do now about the game i would stay clear. theres a massive patch coming in december, maybe that will fix a few things, or just give us more content im not sure
  10. [ive just started the game and completely forgot about the manual save thing] thanks for the heads-up about the save bug, i'll try backing up to a USB as well, just to be safe
  11. Just played through the game on 'normal' and the final boss fight is some serious BS I'm going to check out some YouTube vids on strategys because the room is so small and with limited cover, and after the mech is destroyed he pops out with a instant rail gun shot. Not fun.
  12. i'm not quite sure what you mean. when you load up a Vita game there is a 'refresh' icon at the top of the screen you just press that and if theres a update it will appear on the top left
  13. just loaded the game up and checked; nope
  14. i mainly use Assegai just because i seem to not crash into the walls as much in it :-)
  15. heres his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqMg-ew-3_2CrTP0pNsjRw amazing watching some of his vids