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  1. Hey Everyone! I Confirm to Everyone that the Game continues the Same as the Second One but with some Challenge Level's and the Trailer are in 3, 2, 1 and ENJOY:
  2. At the Moment only 3 Versions for PS4 are Confirmed (EU, NA and JAP). No Version's for PSVITA are Confirmed...
  3. Hi @Lezonidas! I Plat my Game on 25 August and i Recomend First you do a Game with the Only Save you have but never begin a new Game next, if you begin a new Game you loose all your Progress, when i finish my First Time i keep saving and not saving on Chapter Select for Some Trophies but for all Collectives i recomend save when they Say to Save but use only Chapter select for the rest of Trophies, Choices and Collectives and some Times you Have to save Game because its alot Important! Some Collectives are a Pain but i Hope you can get all of them! Good Luck and i Hope see your Plat soon! P.S: Congrats for All your Plat's and Keep the Excelent Work Man!
  4. WOW I see some Alot Hardcore Gamers Here!!! 😁😁😁 NICE JOB Everyone! 💪💪💪 Continue the Great Job Everyone and Good Luck to All! I Hope Everyone its Okay and Take Care All!
  5. Np Bro, Im Happy to Help When i Can!
  6. Hey! You have another Game with All Gold Trophies and the Plat: Theme Park Simulator (2 Stack's)! And the Game are not from "Ratalaika" and i confirm in this Trailer in Next, the Game are from Company: "Daedalic Entertainment" the same of all "Saga Deponia", "The Pillars of the Earth", "Blackguards 2", "Silence", "State of Mind" and From the Future Game: "The Lord of the Rings: Gollum" ! Trailer of The Suicide of Rachel Foster:
  7. Good Luck to Everyone and Enjoy!
  8. Hi Everyone! So we have a new stack, but i think this gonna be the JP Version because dont no any other stack because all Stack Games from Ratalaika Games are From HK, EU, USA and JP! And im Gonna Think more Stack's are Comming so Preparing for alot Trophy Hunting again! The Games from Ratalaika Games are my Favorite and some Games i Plat and Finish Him to the End because some are a Trully Treasure and Deserves some Respect some of Titles! Continue the Great Work Ratalaika Games and Continue Given to Us alot Great and Excelent Titles to Us! And Thanks again one more time because your doing Well!
  9. Hey Everyone! Cod its just Cod but this Game Fall Guys gonna be the GOTY of Indies of this Year and its a MASTERPIECE!
  10. Thank's Alot Bro @HusKy! It's for Free in Portugal Store as Well! Im Downloading to! Thank's Again and Enjoy All!
  11. Hey Everyone! OHHHHH MY GOD.....WHAT A EPIC SURPRISE! I Inform Everyone the Mystery Game on Epic Games Store is GTA V for PC and you have a Week (to 21 May of 2020) to put them in your Library, this is One of the Best Games of Rockstar after the Big Great Game GTA: San Andreas! If you dont have the Game i Inform that you have to Create a Count First on Epic Store Games and Dont Forget to put the Two Phasses for Protection your Count (This is very Important to put your Game on Library) Please Focus on This because this is a Briliant and Beautiful Fu***** Game! I Hope you Enjoin This and Have a Great Fun and Take Care Everyone! Best Regards to Everyone! P.S: You can Create a Count and that Link! Link: But Now its Impossible because the Trafic, you cannot Download, or Create a Count...but wait they are Working on Error's....
  12. Perfect Guide! Thank's Alot For The Help FleaSixty!
  13. Hi Everyone! I only play and Platinum the PS4 Version and its a Beautiful Game with a Great Animation and the Colors and Controlers and Caracters....and the Story its Perfect! Soon Gonna Begin my Vita Version and i Hope in the End of the Game and Plat it to Have a Big Smile in my Face! Alot Friend's Recomend me that Game so i Recomend to Everyone to, its Two Perfect Games Exclusives for PS4! Cya Soon, Have a Great Day and Hope your all are Safe!
  14. Hi Everyone! Anyone can help me please add me with message: "Bost Table Top Racing" Cya and Thank's Everyone!
  15. Hi Everyone! A Friend mine tell me that the unique trophy are unobtainable are the Trophy: "The Generous Friend" and the rest can be obtainable because the Gift servers dont work for any one Games from EA.... So if you get that trophy you can continue get the others one! Cya and Good Luck!