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  1. Thank's For the Video Bro! Soon Have my Plat to!
  2. Congrats Bro and i Hope this never Happen to you Again and Take Care! Congrats for Doing that Game i dont Finish for Two Trophies but i Pretty Happy for You Man! Congrats Again and Have a Great Week!
  3. Jim Ryan - You're Breathtaking!
  4. Hey Everyone! For First i Hope Everyone its Okay! Yesterday i play this alot time on the PVP and now when i reach to the Menu appear a mensage say: ATENTION You must have a active Internet connection in order to Acess Onlne related features. As a result, Online features and Playstation Store are currently unavailabe. But i dont have any problems because are online on my Console and they keep show this mensage everytime i enter the Game, i Hope the dont close servers before time they put... So im the Only one with this Prob or someone have connection to servers isues to? Thank's Alot and Have a Great Weekend and Take Care and Safe Everyone!
  5. Hey Everyone! Anyone here create a List with DLC'S gonna be Take Out from Stores for PSVITA nd PS3? Because with that list some trophies gonna be to the Limbo and People cant do the 100% of that Game... Sorry Everyone, Good Luck and Thank's Alot
  6. Hey Everyone! Hey @EdinhoN i see on Twitter on 2K Suport of BattleBorn and the Servers gonna close now on 31 of January and Everyone have more time now to get 100% of Game and Good Luck to Everyone! The Link of the Information is This:
  7. Thank's Alot Bro @IntroPhenom!
  8. Im Happy they Extended de Date! Nice Find @Shadow_Kisuragi!
  10. I Confirm, Yesterday i dont Gain any one of Scrap Crews but i have Finish Challenges in Time for some Days Ago....Hope for Everyone Get this Challenges in Time to...
  11. Hey Everyone! I Confirm to Everyone that the Game continues the Same as the Second One but with some Challenge Level's and the Trailer are in 3, 2, 1 and ENJOY:
  12. At the Moment only 3 Versions for PS4 are Confirmed (EU, NA and JAP). No Version's for PSVITA are Confirmed...
  13. Hi @Lezonidas! I Plat my Game on 25 August and i Recomend First you do a Game with the Only Save you have but never begin a new Game next, if you begin a new Game you loose all your Progress, when i finish my First Time i keep saving and not saving on Chapter Select for Some Trophies but for all Collectives i recomend save when they Say to Save but use only Chapter select for the rest of Trophies, Choices and Collectives and some Times you Have to save Game because its alot Important! Some Collectives are a Pain but i Hope you can get all of them! Good Luck and i Hope see your Plat soon! P.S: Congrats for All your Plat's and Keep the Excelent Work Man!
  14. WOW I see some Alot Hardcore Gamers Here!!! 😁😁😁 NICE JOB Everyone! 💪💪💪 Continue the Great Job Everyone and Good Luck to All! I Hope Everyone its Okay and Take Care All!
  15. Np Bro, Im Happy to Help When i Can!