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  1. Hi Everyone! I Here to Wish the Big Luck to Everyone on Races Wins because at the Moment i Have only 0 Wins....and i Think dont gonna finish this in Time....for sure but im Playing Everyday to help some people to win to for sure. Gooddd Luck Palllsss.
  2. Hi Everyone! In the End of the Post of the Site appears this: "This update will only affect the Windows version of XCOM 2 on Steam, with multiplayer in the Mac, Linux, and console versions remaining online." So consoles its not Problematic at the Moment but i think i can reccomend do that before its to late to.
  3. Thank's Alot for the Info @HuntingFever i Edit Now!
  4. Hi Everyone! I dont dont no Exist or Not a post about this. So i gonna Focus a List with All Games for all Platforms they have Probs Because the List of Your Frinds List to Unlock some Trophies and Play Online: The List is This: PS3: - Injustice: Gods Among Us (Some Trophies Online to Unlock Require a Less List of Friend's) - Sonic Generations (One Trophy Require to Deleted All or Obtain a Less Friend's to Unlock) - GTA 4 (Less Friends of 100 to Unlock Some Trophies Online - Thank's to Gamer @HuntingFever for the Info) - Alien vs Predator (Less Friends of 100 to Unlock Some Trophies Online - Thank's to Gamer @HuntingFever for the Info) - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Less Friends of 100 to Unlock Some Trophies Online - Thank's to Gamer @HuntingFever for the Info) PS4: - Hardware: Rivals (All Trophies are Online and Need's a List Like Less of 200 Friend's to Play More Fast, and Servers Close on Day 8 of December) - Injustice: Gods Among Us (Some Trophies Online to Unlock Require a Less List of Friend's) - Just Cause 3 (Less Friends of 100 to Unlock Some Trophies Online - Thank's to Gamer @HuntingFever for the Info) At the Moment i Only Know this, but any one What to Help me on This Say the Game and i Put on The List Up ok Everyone? I dont Find any Post About this, but if Exist's One, please deleted this ok? Thank's Alot One More Time and Have a Great Weekend to All!
  5. From the Last Event, i do the Same like this and in couple days received a Email from Sony, but for this Event i dont Received yeat! But i think on Monday they send because the Weekend i Think... Cya, Good Luck to you on the Challenge and Welcome!
  6. Hey Everyone! Can you Deleted the Last Post Please? Because i dont see a post here from this...sorry Everyone... You can count on me for Help for Gain some New Stuff of Avatars and Themes on the Last Challenges e Help Alot to! Dont Forget when we Finish all of This we have a Great Oportunity to Gain some Great Prizes and a PS5 TO! Cya soon Everyone, Take Care and Let's Take out the King for Good!
  7. Sony Announces “Conquer The Throne” Challenge for PlayStation Community with Awards; know more October 28, 2021 by Raju Singh The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog. We are pleased to announce Conquer The Throne, an exciting new community challenge inspired by the brand’s new worldwide campaign. Our goal is to highlight the power of play, which unites us in unforgettable moments and in new and daring experiences. This special event invites all players to join together in a chess-themed celebration.* By playing together and completing three stages of the Community Objectives, players will be able to reach the King’s Tower, access the Inner Chambers and invade the Room of the Throne, earning exclusive PSN avatars and a special PS4 theme.** Registration is now open and will go until the end of the second stage. The first part of the competition ends when the community completes all three steps to conquer the throne, or by November 16th (whichever comes first). See how to participate: 1. Sign up Sign up with your PSN login ID here. After signing up, players will automatically participate in all subsequent stages of the program. The event is open to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users from the following locations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States . Note: Players from Brazil, Italy and Japan will not be able to participate in the “Conquer The Throne” quiz round. 2. Start playing! The event will have three stages, with the first starting on November 2nd. At each stage, players will need to complete the following activities to earn points and reach the Community Goal in each: Play PS4/PS5 games — Each PS4/PS5 game that each player plays for at least one hour (for the week total, it doesn’t have to be all at once) will earn points towards the Community Objective. Players will earn extra points towards the goal if they play with users from their friends list (who are also signed up to participate). Use the “Share” function — Every image or video that each player shares via the Share function with friends on PSN or on social media will earn points towards the Community Goal. Up to six PS4/PS5 shares per player per day will be counted towards the goal. Win trophies — Each player can earn up to six PS4/PS5 trophies per day to contribute points towards the Community Objective. Earn extra goal points for every five trophies earned in a single PS4/PS5 game. See the points you can earn for each activity: PlayStation player activities Number of points play any game 10 Play any game with another player 15 Use the Share function 5 Win Bronze Trophy 5 Win Silver Trophy 10 Win Gold Trophy 20 Achieve 5 trophies in a single game 25 3. Earn Exclusive Rewards Everyone who signs up will earn exclusive avatar and theme rewards when the Community Goal is reached. Rewards will be delivered to PS4/PS5 players via the notification system within approximately 2 days of completing each stage. See the Community Objectives for each stage in the table below, as well as the prizes you can win: First Step – Reach the King’s Tower Community Goal: Achieve 25 million points Start playing from November 2nd 2 exclusive PSN avatars Second Stage – Access the Internal Chambers Community Goal: Achieve 100 million points It starts after the First Step is completed 5 exclusive PSN avatars Third Stage – Invade the Throne Room Community Goal: Achieve 160 million points It starts after the Second Stage is completed 1 PS4 exclusive dynamic theme** 3 exclusive PSN avatars
  8. Beautiful Arakune Had a perfect match using Arakune. This is the First Time i put here my Last Trophy so i Hope you Like It!
  9. Hi Everyone! Im here to Share to all of you the First Trailer Gameplay of Game: Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed! I think this Gonna be a Great Game if you Like the Last One's! Enjoy the Video! P.S: If you Like my Work on Platinum Games on PlayStation Subscribe my Channel for Help me Putting more Videos Soon! Thank's to All who Helping me on This: -
  10. Hey Everyone! A Friend Mine Confirms that servers of Max Payne 3 are Now Offline... I dont Finish in Time... Congrats to Everyone who finish this in Time!
  11. Hey @VELOCIOUS-VIPER! For Sure its Cheaters because its Impossible to Get Trophies Online, so Everyone knows the Reopen's Servers but its wrong because they are Close and Dead.
  12. Thank's For the Video Bro! Soon Have my Plat to!
  13. Congrats Bro and i Hope this never Happen to you Again and Take Care! Congrats for Doing that Game i dont Finish for Two Trophies but i Pretty Happy for You Man! Congrats Again and Have a Great Week!
  14. Hey Everyone! For First i Hope Everyone its Okay! Yesterday i play this alot time on the PVP and now when i reach to the Menu appear a mensage say: ATENTION You must have a active Internet connection in order to Acess Onlne related features. As a result, Online features and Playstation Store are currently unavailabe. But i dont have any problems because are online on my Console and they keep show this mensage everytime i enter the Game, i Hope the dont close servers before time they put... So im the Only one with this Prob or someone have connection to servers isues to? Thank's Alot and Have a Great Weekend and Take Care and Safe Everyone!