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  1. I dunno but i can write here for you the titles of the stories: Aelita) DI Aleksej N. Tolstoj My, 1922) DI Evgénij Ivànovic Zamjatin The Fatal Eggs, 1964) DI Michail Bulgakov Человек-амфибия (Čelovek amfibija), 1929) DI Aleksandr Beljaev Пикник на обочине (Piknik na obocine), 1972) DIArkadij e Boris Strugatskij
  4. casually chillin'
  5. Someone know if trophies are unlockable now ?
  6. Are We Alone?: The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial Intelligence Interviews When Stanley Kubrick was working on the development of his classic movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, he arranged that 21 of the leading scientists in the world be interviewed on film. This collection of those interviews represents scientific, philosophical and ethical considerations of the implications of the possibility of other forms of life. by Anthony Frewin
  8. He like different type of platinum