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  1. You've been on my PSN friend list forever and I played your first two games. I've also been listening to Colin for over a decade. Congrats on another game and the awesome collaboration. Cheers to what is hopefully your most successful game yet. Can't wait to check it out on release day.
  2. Solved it just after posting this. Went into the saves and noticed two files, progress and meta. Meta seems to track things like collectibles and other misc flags. I backed up the save files and deleted meta, leaving only progress. I loaded up the game and ran through the level and on the very first try the trophy popped. If you're having trouble with any "don't touch" or "don't die" types of trophies I'd recommend backing up your saves and then deleting the meta file and giving it another try.
  3. Has anyone had trouble unlocking this trophy? I've run the level over a dozen times but the trophy won't unlock for me. I've had many runs where I'm positive I wasn't touched by any sorrows. I've looked up guides and videos and I've replicated what the video shows, many times even cleaner, and yet no trophy. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Got some help from some nice folks that had the trophy. Repeatedly hit him on the top of the head while pressing the grab button (L2). After two dozen times or so he looked at me. Stared at me for about 15 seconds and then held up his fist. Just hit it with the light and the trophy will pop.
  5. Wondering the same thing. I've stared at the toad myself, as well as with the mouse. I've poked and prodded it and I've done everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. Sometimes I can seemingly get it to look at me by tugging on its chin but it looks away after a few minutes and I don't see any prompt or opportunity to fist bump it.
  6. Thank you for the incredible detail. I asked for difficulty/time and it feels like you gave me a whole trophy guide. Thank you!
  7. There's only a few owners so far so it's kind of hard to judge how hard this plat is from completion percentage. How would you rate the difficulty and roughly how many hours does it take to get the plat?
  8. I'm fairly certain ocean biomes is bugged for some people, myself included. I spent around three hours exploring a new world and when the trophy didn't pop I looked up some videos to see if I was missing anything. Even though I was fairly certain I had seen all the biomes, I loaded another new world using the seed suggest in this thread. I explored that world for another three hours... still nothing. It's always possible I missed one somehow but after six hours, two worlds, and looking at photos of all the biomes, I'm pretty sure something bugged the trophy.
  9. I had the same issue but I discovered that some chests are tied to story progression. Keep going and the chests will show up on your map once you've gotten far enough in the memory sequences. They're not actually tied to a particular mission. They just won't spawn until certain missions are finished. I have no idea why.
  10. I see AC3 remastered on the store and from what I understand, Liberation is part of that bundle. So I clicked download and was expecting it to start downloading both games but all I've got is AC3 downloading. Am I correct in thinking that you have to launch AC Liberation from within AC3? I've already played 3 but never got to play Liberation so I only wanted the remaster for that. But if launch AC3 remastered it's going to add both trophy lists to my profile, isn't it? Is there a way to play just Liberation separate from AC3?
  11. Just cut down my level 22 time from 20 minutes to 8 minutes on my first try back after implementing a bunch of suggestions in this thread. Reworked my Wizard Companion a bit. Swapped out my higgldies for the element the boss is weak to. Realized I could continue refilling my MP by using the items that refill both HP and MP. Just a bunch of small tweaks and I went from being 8 minutes over goal to 4 minutes under it. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help.
  12. Sorry, can you clarify what you mean by spellflings? I'm not familiar with that term. You say they are better than boosts. Which boosts are you referring to?
  13. Any chance someone can post their setup for this trophy? I feel like I'm doing everything right to stack the odds in my favor but I can't even get an S rank on level 22. My best time is 18 minutes and I feel like everyone on the forum is saying that using Wizard's Companion melts through the enemies but I'm spamming it and I'm out of MP items before I've whittled away even half of the enemy's life. For example, the stone tablet at the start of one round of level 22 says I'm facing a dragon that's weak to fire and here's my setup: Evan (main magic user) Level 150 Genie Juice food before fight (seriously strengthens all attacks) Tactic Tweaker set to 5 for dragons Using Wizard's Companion 18/20 points unlocked Magician's Apprentice Sage's Student Fount of Knowledge Spell Strengthener II Spell Strengthener III Faster Caster Even Faster Caster Stout Heart Fireball fully leveled up to 15 (since dragon is weak to fire) Pyreball unlocked with it Direball unlocked with it Weapons Wyrm's Talon (774 atk, 496 mag, imbues weapon with fire) Mightier Mornstar (718 atk, 525 mag, massively strengthens magical attacks, huge dmg boost vs. dragons) Armor Ebbswane's Redoubt (614 def, 458 mag def, increases maximum MP by 1) Dead Knights Boots (2x massively strengthens magical attacks) Godhead Ring VI (2x massively strengthens magical attacks, increases MP restored) Godhead Pendant VI (increases maximum MP by 1 After spamming Wizard's Companion dozens of times and using every MP item I can to refill, the dragon is still standing, two minutes have passed, and then it takes me another 5 minutes of hacking away at it to kill it. So I've already used up 7 minutes to kill one enemy and have another two enemies to kill. Which leaves me with only 5 minutes remaining for S rank. And to be honest, the other two fights aren't going great either. Am I overlooking some important stat? Did I accidentally equip/enable something that somehow makes dragons way stronger? Am I using the wrong spell? Am I somehow using Wizard's Companion wrong? I spam every icon I see excepts for the Xs until time runs out and I always get 5-10 icons at least. But it takes off like 2% of the life bar, if that. I have Roland and Tani with me, as well as some high level Higgledy, but I wouldn't think that matters much as it sounds like I should be melting the enemies mostly myself by spamming Wizard's Companion. So... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. That's awesome, thanks for the info!
  15. Any missables in this or is there a chapter select after finishing? Looks like there's possibly two endings, a secret purple tree, spirt bird collectables, and a 10 minute speedrun which could all be missable unless you can go back and retry chapters.