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  1. I got all four ending screens with a time of 1:05:05 confirming that the limit is at least greater than that. I would agree that the limit is probably 1:10 or 1:15.
  2. That answered everything I wanted to know. Thank you!
  3. Please, no story spoilers. For the V3 Complete trophy, do you simply need to unlock everything or do you need to unlock AND buy everything in the gallery? Also, what should I generally be using Monocoins for? Not sure whether I should be saving them for the gallery or... ...or both? Or something else entirely? Thanks!
  4. Please no spoilers, but does anyone know if there are missable trophies? Or any that need grinding that should be done the whole game (similar to the walking/pet trophies in the second game)?
  5. Wow! Thanks for the reply. Well, 170 hours is quite a lot but at least you can just let it sit while you're away doing other things.
  6. For the 1001 nights trophy, would it be possible to start up a new city and just let the game run for a few days while you're at work/school to let the days pass? Or are there notices/events that stop time and requires player interaction to proceed? Also, is there no option to speed up time so you can fly through days really quickly? Most sim games have speed options.
  7. Just throwing in my two cents. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro and 4k TV (not monitor) and it's been fine for me. I never played the original and I struggled for the first couple hours but I'm now able to consistently keep fever mode going for minutes at a time. From my experience it just seems like any normal learning curve but for those with issues I would have to guess it's TV latency issue.
  8. It's not a great solution but tapping the square button is your solution. Every time you tap the square button it positions the camera based on where the move controller is in relation to the helmet (I think, or at least it seems so). If you move the move controller around and keep tapping square you'll see how it's changing your viewpoint on the world based on where your hand is. A good way to confirm this is by tapping the square button while the move controller is behind you (the helmet). You'll get warped into the middle of the world. So just keep playing with your hand position and you'll get a view that works. As far as rotating around the world, so you could view it from behind for example, I haven't found a way to do this.
  9. I figured it out and I believe this applies to all trophies so read on if you're struggling with trophies in this game. There are bounds to the build area. If you build outside of this area, which isn't always obvious, you can still technically beat the level and the game will let you continue. However, you'll notice that in the level select the level base will be colored red. When you beat a level fairly, "without cheating," the level base is colored purple instead. It seems that trophies only pop when you complete the level within the bounds of the build area. So if you meet the requirements of a trophy but it doesn't pop it's most likely due to this.
  10. Anyone know how to get this trophy or if there are any specific requirements. All it states is that you need to use less than 3 pieces. I loaded up a level, attached the ball to the top of a long vertical rod, and pressed play. The rod fell over and the ball landed in the goal area and the game let me continue to the next level, signifying that I had cleared the level, but no trophy popped. I've also tried more "realistic" solutions using exactly 3 pieces but still nothing. Any ideas?
  11. Congrats!
  12. I found a fix for the Trap Game Strong trophy. Pretty sure it'll work for this trophy as well.
  13. Someone let me know they also got the trophy by following two of my steps: 6) Went into network settings and turned off Internet Connection 7) Went into Mafia saves and noticed 4 saves, 1 of which is a profile save, and 3 of which are games saves; deleted the 1 profile save and the two older game saves, leaving only the newest game save Looks like we've got a confirmed solution!
  14. Finally got the trophy to pop! Listing everything I did as I'm not sure exactly what made the difference but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with step 5 and onward. Here's what I did: 1) Switched from my PS4 Pro to my regular PS4 (don't think this matters but listing it) 2) Deleted my saves and loaded an old save from right before I started the DLC (not sure if this matters) 3) Drove into the DLC area, lost the cops during the scripted cop chase, and drove around shooting 15 or so road traps but trophy didn't pop 4) Did not drop off what's her name to end the mission and instead just closed the game out of frustration - I believe one of the following steps is what mattered but not positive 5) Logged out of PSN 6) Went into network settings and turned off Internet Connection 7) Went into Mafia saves and noticed 4 saves, 1 of which is a profile save, and 3 of which are games saves; deleted the 1 profile save and the two older game saves, leaving only the newest game save 8) Tried to start up the game but it wouldn't let me because it said that I had Internet Connection turned off, as my game is downloaded, not disc 9) Turned Internet Connection back on, signed back into PSN, and then turned Internet Connection back off 10) Strangely, I was now able to start the game with PSN signed in but Internet connection turned off (not sure how that works) 11) Game loaded post-cop chase but with what's her name still in the car with me 12) Drove around and shot 10 traps and the trophy popped Ultimately I'm not sure what really made the difference but I would venture a guess that it has something to do with Mafia not connecting to the 2K servers due to the Internet Connection being turned off, and/or, the profile/game saves being deleted and having some kind of stat counter removed. I would venture a guess that people having issues with the danger close trophy could also use this method to get that trophy to pop as I'm sure it's a similar counter issue. Edit: Did this on the latest patch with the new DLC installed as well (not sure whether this matters)
  15. It's always been obtainable for some people. For others it randomly glitches and won't pop, even after deleting saves and starting fresh. No idea how or why.