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  1. Are these trophies glitched or is the stuff just really well hidden?
  2. Can anyone explain the mine puzzle? Based on the chart, the directions are as follows: 4 + 4 up 3 right 1 down 2 + 5 left bomb No matter how you go about plugging these numbers into the grid, you don't end up at the right spot. In fact, the directions usually take you off the grid depending on where you try to start.... which is another issue, it's not clear where the start is!
  3. Any recommended spots to get this? I haven't found anywhere with an uzi and 3+ enemies grouped close enough together that I could hit them with 3 bullets from one squeeze of the trigger.
  4. I see that a high percentage of people have the Nice Combo trophy but I can't get it to pop. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have an uzi in each hand and I pull the trigger once and kill 4 guys but the trophy doesn't pop. The trophy says kill 3+ with on burst. Should I be shooting with both uzis or just one? Am I supposed to just tap the trigger or can I hold it down for one burst? On a side note, the High Noon trophy wouldn't pop for me either so I deleted my game and started over and got that one to pop no problem but Nice Combo still won't pop.
  5. You have to beat the whole game without getting hit at all? Are you able to save?
  6. I'm really interested in this game. Anyone know if there's any missable trophies?
  7. Anyone know if the 1,000,000G is cumulative or if you need to have that much at one time?
  8. Crash and corrupt save happened to me too soon after I entered the last section. Definitely suggest backups after each section, or at the very least when you enter the last area.
  9. You're right, I just got it. Thank you!
  10. Anyone know where the Moonie stamp is? It's the one on the 5th page, second on the bottom row. It looks like this: It's one of the last ones I need but I've played levels over and over and can't find it.
  11. So are the MuiMui House related trophies the only ones that are currently bugged? In order to avoid the glitch wait till the end and buy everything at once? Sorry, I haven't played the game yet so what all of this means is a bit unclear to me. Thanks!
  12. I got all four ending screens with a time of 1:05:05 confirming that the limit is at least greater than that. I would agree that the limit is probably 1:10 or 1:15.
  13. That answered everything I wanted to know. Thank you!
  14. Please, no story spoilers. For the V3 Complete trophy, do you simply need to unlock everything or do you need to unlock AND buy everything in the gallery? Also, what should I generally be using Monocoins for? Not sure whether I should be saving them for the gallery or... ...or both? Or something else entirely? Thanks!
  15. Please no spoilers, but does anyone know if there are missable trophies? Or any that need grinding that should be done the whole game (similar to the walking/pet trophies in the second game)?