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  1. Anyone know if the plat is obtainable if someone were to start now? I read somewhere that a previous patch might have broken previously working trophies while fixing others so I just want to be sure everything is obtainable now when starting from scratch. Also, any estimates on plat difficulty/time? Thanks!
  2. I couldn't get Carja In Shadow to unlock either. It finally worked by chapter selecting chapter 2 after beating the game and taking the path on the right.
  3. I held off on the Venom dlc until today as I was waiting for the bugged Venom trophy to be patched. I just finished Venom's story and research and didn't get Redemption or Comeback King. I played offline and used a save that I had from when I finished the Deadpool dlc. Was I supposed to start yet another NG+ save file and play all the way through the story until the dlc missions unlock like I did originally for Deadpool? Or should that save have worked?
  4. PS5 version? This happens every so often on PS5. It's not related to the game or a glitch. It just sometimes takes a couple hours to sync and show up on the trophy list. I've had it happen to me in other games. If you saw it pop then I wouldn't worry. Check your trophy list again in an hour or so.
  5. I'm seeing a lot of people mention the curator's cut with regard to collectibles. Is it possible to plat this game without the curator's cut or playing with a friend? I remember Man of Medan forcing you to collect some stuff this way. It'd be a shame if they returned to that after doing away with it.
  6. I stumbled on a tweet from Tom saying that the issue appears to be related to multiple trophies being triggered at once and that only one trigger will actually fire. This falls in line with what many of us experienced as far as getting the final item in the game and the "100% Items" trophy popping but not the trophy for the actual item that was picked up (e.g. "100% Apocalypse Flasks"). I had two bugged trophies left: - Mostly Invincible - Low Percent So I decided to test the multiple trigger theory by excluding everything I could. I loaded up a save and got the following things in place: - Not in speedrun mode - Over 6 hours in game time - Killed a large boss - Collected over 40% of all items - Died 1 time With all of this true, the only trophy I would theoretically be eligible for was "Mostly Invincible" and after beating the final boss, it actually popped. So now I loaded up another save and got the following things in place: - Not in speedrun mode - Over 6 hours in game time - Killed a large boss - Collected under 40% of all items - Died 2 times With all of this true, the only trophy I would theoretically be eligible for was "Low Percent" but this time the trophy didn't pop. After the credits I loaded the save again, died a 3rd time, and killed a 2nd large boss. I beat the final boss again but still no trophy. I closed the game and restarted it. Then I went for the final boss yet again without changing anything else and this final time it popped along with the plat. In summary, the multiple trigger theory seems to hold true. But even with all elements correct the trophies still seem finicky. If you've already popped an ending related trophy, it might help to close and restart the game before attempting another one. Not sure if/when a patch is coming so this workaround will have to suffice for now if you don't want to wait.
  7. Collecting the flasks from the bosses at (43,28) worked and the 100% flasks trophy has now popped for me. Gave another go for the under 40% items and invincible trophies. Did a normal run (not speedrun), never died except for the story one, and ended with well under 20% of items according to the ending screen. No luck. Haven't received a reply to my tweet. Anyone else hear anything?
  8. Interesting, I appreciate the info. The only flask I've tried to get last is the one before the final boss so maybe that's the difference. The only save I have is from right before that flask so I'd have to start over and collect them all again to test. Might give it another run in a few days. Thanks!
  9. @yamsluffy I noticed you just popped the 100% flasks trophy tonight. Did you do anything in particular when you grabbed your last flask? Do you remember which flask was your last one?
  10. Seems fairly likely those three trophies are bugged then. I also sent Tom a tweet. Hopefully we hear back in the next few days about a patch.
  11. Running into an issue with a few of these trophies. Strangely I haven't seen these topics come up in the PS4 forum which leads me to believe these are new issues for PS5. - 100% Apocalypse Flasks I believe I collected every flask but the trophy didn't pop. I was able to upgrade everything in the skills menu and the 100% items trophy even popped when I picked up the last flask. I reloaded my save and tried to pick it up a few more times but no luck. - Low Percent - Mostly Invincible Did both of these during my speedrun but the trophies won't pop. My ending screen says 1 death (which I believe is not optional) and 22% items collected so according to the game's own data the trophies should have popped from what I understand. I did use some of the accessibility settings for the speedrun and I'm wondering if that prevented the invincible trophy from popping but I have no explanation for the low percent trophy. On another strange but somewhat related note, the first time I finished the speedrun, the pacifist and speedrun mode trophies both popped but the under 6 hour trophy didn't pop even though the final screen listed my run as just over 2 hours. I loaded the speedrun save and did the final boss again and the second time the under 6 hour trophy popped. So there's definitely something up with these trophies. Not sure what else to try. Open to any advice.
  12. I got it on level 49. There's a spot with a couple of snails above flying marshmallows. Hit one of the snail shells into a flying marshmallow and it will kill it.
  13. Thanks guys! I appreciate the info. Looking forward to the game.
  14. Any estimates on difficulty and time to plat for the PS5 version? I know the PS5 version is harder than the PS4 version but are we talking like 5/10 difficulty or like a 9/10 difficulty? I'm down for a challenge but have limited time right now so I'd rather not grind out a super challenging list at the moment.