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  1. Yeah, that's normal. All the other trophies pop except for those. Unfortunately you have to do those again but I was able to do them pretty quick after watching a guide on youtube to refresh my memory.
  2. Thank you, I reached out to them.
  3. Has anyone reached out to the developers or seen a comment from them that they're aware of the new secret poem bug the patch introduced. I'd be happy to reach out but I couldn't find an official discord or anything with a working invite.
  4. Agreed, love the trophy tracker feature. It's a quality of life option that more devs should definitely use. It's already been on Xbox for years but not sure how widely supported it's been by devs. Having it on both systems will hopefully increase the adoption rate, if anything.
  5. Same issue happened to me with the lotus bridge. When I unlocked the only other remaining location, which was the arcade, the lotus bridge and the trophy popped as well. Someone posted the same thing on reddit so it wasn't just me this worked for. Keep going and hopefully it'll pop for you as well.
  6. Hope this helps anyone that has yet to start. No idea if it was luck but here's the process I used. 1) Created an IOI account on the site and connected it to my PSN account. 2) Started Hitman 2 on PS4 just to make sure there was a recent profile sync with the servers and that my IOI account was associated with my PSN account which you can see in the options menu. Then exited the game. 3) Started Hitman 3 on PS5, for the first time, and went through initial setup options. When it asked if I wanted to do the carryover process I chose to skip it. Once I was at the main menu I exited the game. 4) Went to the profile website and went through all the steps. I waited until it said "Finished" on the import process screen. 5) Started Hitman 3 on PS5 again. Had to go through all the initial setup options like I had no save and as soon as it connected to the servers I had 31 trophies pop. Again, this obviously won't help anyone that already started the process and has run into an issue and it's possible none of these steps actually matter and I was just lucky, but hopefully it helps someone who is not sure what order to do things in.
  7. I really appreciate the response. I had pretty much given up but your tips and ideas give me some hope and I'll give them a try soon. Thanks!
  8. I struggled through Invincible difficulty for the plat but was able to do it. Now I'm trying Ultimate difficulty and it seems comically hard. I was able to finish chapter 5 and 10, the helicarrier missions, with a bit of cheese by hiding in the ship and picking off enemies. But I'm now doing chapter 9, the refinery, and I can't even get past the first encounter. I've looked for places to hide and I've tried some of the new weapons, but I die within seconds regardless of the strategy. On my Invincible run I was constantly moving to avoid enemies but it's not working on Ultimate. Most of my deaths are due to the enemies that slow you down. The problem with Ultimate difficulty is that you die in literal seconds so by the time you spot and kill the enemy that's got you in the slow beam, the other enemies have already killed you. Maybe I'm just too old and my reflexes are no longer good enough but this new difficulty mode seems unfairly hard. I like a good challenge but this just seems punishing, unbalanced, and not well thought out. Am I missing something? What cheese, strategies, and loadouts have worked for you? Appreciate any help you might have. Thanks!
  9. You've been on my PSN friend list forever and I played your first two games. I've also been listening to Colin for over a decade. Congrats on another game and the awesome collaboration. Cheers to what is hopefully your most successful game yet. Can't wait to check it out on release day.
  10. Solved it just after posting this. Went into the saves and noticed two files, progress and meta. Meta seems to track things like collectibles and other misc flags. I backed up the save files and deleted meta, leaving only progress. I loaded up the game and ran through the level and on the very first try the trophy popped. If you're having trouble with any "don't touch" or "don't die" types of trophies I'd recommend backing up your saves and then deleting the meta file and giving it another try.
  11. Has anyone had trouble unlocking this trophy? I've run the level over a dozen times but the trophy won't unlock for me. I've had many runs where I'm positive I wasn't touched by any sorrows. I've looked up guides and videos and I've replicated what the video shows, many times even cleaner, and yet no trophy. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.
  12. Got some help from some nice folks that had the trophy. Repeatedly hit him on the top of the head while pressing the grab button (L2). After two dozen times or so he looked at me. Stared at me for about 15 seconds and then held up his fist. Just hit it with the light and the trophy will pop.
  13. Wondering the same thing. I've stared at the toad myself, as well as with the mouse. I've poked and prodded it and I've done everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. Sometimes I can seemingly get it to look at me by tugging on its chin but it looks away after a few minutes and I don't see any prompt or opportunity to fist bump it.
  14. Thank you for the incredible detail. I asked for difficulty/time and it feels like you gave me a whole trophy guide. Thank you!
  15. There's only a few owners so far so it's kind of hard to judge how hard this plat is from completion percentage. How would you rate the difficulty and roughly how many hours does it take to get the plat?