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  1. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate All 27 Trophies 9th December 2015 • Platinum in 1 year, 6 months Why: Boring AF game, that I literally can only play in 5 minute increments without wanting to die
  2. I will edit this response and tell you the names of the ones I did when I get home. For starting with Bangkok, do the one where to have to kill the chefs and drag their corpses in the freezer, that one is simple. I'll find the name out when I'm home. You can start with the chef disguise to make it easier Also I remember I did the one in Marrakesh where you have to kill the soldier with a burning oil drum, will find the name out though
  3. I bought it, it's pretty good. With 2880 holes it offers a lot of playability. Sidenote: There is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning because its a golf game without a z-axis you are stuck on a 2-d plane and getting used to the power gauge is pretty frusturating.
  4. I have to disagree. As a male, I have been just as fully immersed playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider as I did playing Deslin in Infamous, I really have never experienced liking a game more or less because I "see myself" in a character, and I don't think a game developer should feel compelled to create characters that you can see yourself in. If they have a vision of a particular character with a pre-determined set of lines, than that is their vision.
  5. I think in your personal life you have the right to be called whatever you want, whether it is "she", "him", "they/them", or whatever pronoun you prefer. But a video game is stepping into someone else's world, you cannot expect them to cater to the identity / social needs of each and every person. Imagine how much extra work it would be if every video game asked you "how do you identify" at the beginning "male, female, they/them, none of the above, it, etc", and than had to customize the entire game to fit your niche. It's unreasonable.
  6. This is actually true. I think a lot of parents might buy their kids PS+ subscriptions while there kids are off school for the summer. Than maybe they are like, "September is here, Sorry [insert name], I am cancelling your sub so that you can focus on your schoolwork
  7. eliminate 250 bikinis? They make it sound like we are just eliminating the bikini off the person and not the person?😂😂
  8. Haha, I only found this out accidentally. I enjoyed the game though, except the bosses weren't very exciting. And I finished the game with 6 weapons not unlocked, 1 armor not unlocked, and some bracelet and rings not unlocked, so I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential there and no motivation to go back and unlock stuff
  9. This is how I did it 1) Press Home Button on the second controller, while the first one is signed in as your Main Account 2) Select 'Guest' 3) 'Sign In' -> No Now you should be able to earn the trophy using either 1st or 2nd player, and it will unlock for main account
  10. I wouldn't just because I'm unrealistically paranoid. I wouldn't mind my first name though. Also, This is hilariously accurate because I had a job interview only a month ago, and this is exactly what the HR lady looked like. I could just imagine the dirty look she would of given me had she found I spend my spare time playing video games rather than catching up on the latest episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  11. Platinum # 50: South Park: The Stick of Truth I never had watched South Park in my life, but this game was very funny even for someone unfamiliar with the series. I had to press the 'home' button on my controller a bunch of times while my mom walked by, that's how graphic this was!
  12. Honestly, I hate how they are so stingy with their prices when they probably are making $100'000+ per episode. By the above, I am talking about this scenario which happens every episode: Seller: Will you accept $200? Pawn Star People: Sorry, $190 is the most I can do, you realize we have to make a profit? Guy: How about $195, can we meet in the middle? Pawn Star People: $190 is my max, Me: Thinking, I doubt any of your profit is actually generated from the actual store, it all comes from this TV show, and its silly how millionaires are arguing with common people over a price difference of 10-20 dollars.
  13. The Last Day Of June was enjoyable, if you are interested in Chaos Theory / Butterfly Effect type scenarios. Ironclad Tactics - haven't finished it, but it is a unique turn-based strategy game, quite challenging too
  14. #49: Tekken 7 A friend convinced me to play this. Got my butt whooped continually. Won 1/15 ranked matches to finally get my trophy. The poor sap who was actually was worse than me. Good fun regardless, and I really liked Katarina.
  15. So, I looked at the old glide to see what you meant (13:30 if anyone is interested) And my opinion is, the new glide looks smooth and elegant compared to this old one. I don't exactly see a mosquitio, it seems more aero-dyanmic though.