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  1. For my 5th birthday party at the local Pizza Hut my parents put a giant box (to a 4 year old turning 5) on the table. It was the N64 which I got on November 22nd 1997, and little me never looked back since.
  2. Something on Hex-a-gon, I was thinking like, “I have enough time to Up, X, O, X.” But, nope, my finger slipped and I went to Audio instead of Leave Show. 😂 Hex-a-gon = sweaty hands i swear all the time
  3. Fall Guys demographic is trash. Got added as a friend and a lovely message after a round that I was a “bleeping bleep” and to choke me out. Chill out and so sorry that I pushed you off the edge of roll out 

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    2. KingGuy420


      I love getting hate mail. I always throw back the "don't blame me cause you suck, that's your mother's fault". The results are always fun =)

    3. Lonemankane
    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Seems like an overreaction. I've played a good bit of Fall Guys with friends and have never gotten any hate mail and neither have the people I've played with so to say the demographic is trash is a bit much lol

  4. # 65 - Dragons' Dogma Dark Arisen Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 I enjoyed this a lot. Final play-time logged at 256 hours and 32 minutes, may be the longest I spent in a game in a while.
  5. Looks interesting. I played that in a Board Game cafe years ago, and now it's a real game lol
  6. #60 Destroy All Humans Difficulty: 3ish/10 - Nothing too difficult. A few side missions like the cow race can take a couple tries. Enjoyment: 5/10 - Meh. Hated it. Lazy port, crashes every time there's too many enemies on the screen, counted 5 times just today. Game didn't age well either. Played it when it originally came out in 2005 so thought it would be nostalgic. Bad choice.
  7. #59 Yooka-Laylee Difficulty: 2.5-3/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10
  8. Interesting question. For me, it's not a waste of time, and no one could convince me that it is, because it's something I enjoy doing. I think the term 'waste of time' is all dependent on an individual person. For me: religion, politics, sports, raising a family, helping the environment, etc, would all be a waste of time because I don't care about any of those things, but I can see that for other people they wouldn't be a waste of time. But I never tell people who do those things that it's a waste of time because it's their life .
  9. RunItsAShark, Excavator BORING trophy title...
  10. After 3 years and 11 months lol... #57 - Bloodborne (PS4) Enjoyment: 7.5/10 - The chalice dungeons were the really fun part of the game for me. Without those i'd be more like a 6-6.5/10. Difficulty: 4-5 - Until I got a really OP threaded cane +10 that had around ~500 damage than the difficulty really goes down lol
  11. Last games I bought all 3 together...ehhh, kind of a in-the-moment splurge 'cause they were all on sale.
  12. That's slippery Became a slippery game god. STILL have nightmares about this one 2 years later.
  13. According to this the devs sent a patch so Sony around a month ago So i'm thinking nothing ever came of the patch yet...
  14. Oh my god, that took a lot of effort. Not much to choose from on your 99.99999% completed profile, but i'll say Amnesia cause its the one I've done myself. And it's doable.
  15. ASSASSIN'S CREED IV BLACK FLAG›EXCAVATOR Excavator Find a buried treasure. Add to Cabinet 24th Nov 2013 12:34:50 PM 215,309 ACHIEVERS 62.61% COMMON Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Trophy Guide