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  1. Platinum #198 Marvel´s Guardians Of The Galaxy This Is What We DoWin every trophy. --------------------------------------------------------------- Platinum #199 Crash Bandicoot 4: It´s About Time Master MarsupialGet EVERY trophy
  2. If you are with the trophy hunting community, you may feel that this games are actually getting big support but trust me, we are a minority here inside a BIG market. Yes this "devs" sure have some cash grab from trophy hunters that only care about the counter and not the fun or quality of the game/trophy but is just like everything in life, heck people buy cigarettes knowing they are killing themselves...
  3. It's a good game that a lot of us remember and wanted to try again also now it have an extra, the platinum trophy, so I don't see the problem with this. Yeah some challenges are good to prove or feel better when we archive our 100%/Platinum trophy. But beat and enjoy the game should be the main focus when we buy a game so this trophy list is basic but totally OK in my opinion. (When trophies didn't exist we use to unlock everything we want for fun or curiosity and still have fun). To be honest I prefer this kind of list than those trophies lists that requires you to grind useless things that add nothing to the experience. I still have both games waiting to be played but hopefully soon I will get into. 😀
  4. After a month...... Crash 4 platinum is finally home :):platinum:


    Honestly I didn't try this one to prove something, instead I wanted to put myself a challenge to beat since I always been scare of trying hard 3D/2D platform games.


    Now after this I just gonna say.... I don't want to play anymore for a few days lol :jaymon:



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    2. Ais Wallenstein

      Ais Wallenstein

      I can't fucking believe it you platinum Crash Bandicoot 4: It's about time! That's something even I couldn't platinum for shit lol.

      Alright NordicSaiyan. Which stages did you had a hard time at the most of it? @Godo Fwar and @MrGarland. You guys are loving this aren't you? :)

    3. MrGarland


      @Ais Wallenstein If I ignore some of the flaws the game has like the hidden boxes bs and the Triple Spin, I'd say this is easily the best Crash platformer in recent years. The platinum itself is tough and asks a lot of skill, but if you manage to achieve it, you deserve a medal.

    4. IesuHado


      @Ais Wallenstein Hahaha I can't belive it also I started playing it just for fun since I think it's one of the best platformer game in recent years and also I like Crash. While I was playing a friend told me that the game was impossible to get 100% and there's where my competition instinct attacked lol.


      IMO stages for platinum time trial:

      - A real grind

      - Jettboard jetty

      - Ship Happens

      - Rock Bloked


      Those where the ones were I spend more time.


      IMO stages for the N Sane Relic:

      - Jettboard Jetty

      - Potion Commotion 

      - Dragging On

      - Off - Balance

      - Runing Bayou

      - No Dillo Dallying

      - Ship Happens

      - Stay Frosty

      - Bears Repeating

      - Rock Blocked

      - Rush Hour

      - Toxic Tunnels

      - Seeing Double



      Just said I deserve a medal, I'm so happy right now lol


      Cheers my friends!!

  5. I made a mistake and wrote a game with platinum. My proudest 100% PSN game without a platinum is Resident Evil 4. One of my favorites game of all time. @LegendExeter fixed, thank you for the head up!
  6. You must play all the stage without getting out of the game if you leave it's not going to work. Also if the game kick you for inactivity then is not going to register the process or count you in the match. Also you MUST destroy the helicopter at the end. Remember this is a english language forum so next time try to ask that way. Spanish: Debes jugar todo los pisos sin salir del juego ya que en caso contrario no te va a contar para el trofeo. Adicionalmente si te expulsan por inactividad el juego no va a registrar tu progreso en esa partida. Además DEBEN destruir el helicóptero al final. Recuerda que este es un foro en ingles así que la proxima vez intenta preguntarlo todo en ese idioma.
  7. I am currently playing Guardian's of the Galaxy for PS4. It is an amazing game I don't know why but it remind me a lot of God of War (PS4) in the gameplay but with the interesting story and and characters personality that Eidos Montreal can do.
  8. Hello all! 😀


    I want to let all my few friends and good people on the site who already knows me know that I changed my name in PSN. (My last name was NordicSaiyan).


    Thank you very much and have a good day :P


    my hero academia nejire hado gif - Google Search | Nejire hadou, Personajes  de anime, Arte de anime

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    2. Honor_Hand


      @IesuHado La señorita Hado es una buena waifu, excelente elección. uwu

      Ah, ¿pero vos andás en Argentina? Yo pensé que vos estabas por acá. xxD Fuera de joda, pensé que estabas en Venezuela todavía. Sí, he escuchado que la cosa está fuerte por allá por Argentina con problemas similares a los que teníamos acá. Esperemos todo mejore pronto.


      Fuera de eso, yo estoy por acá trabajando duro también, como siempre. Aquí ahorrando para conseguir mi propio espacio junto con mi pareja, y bueno, ahí vamos. Poco a poco. ^^

      Seguro que sí, agrégame. Yo pensé que ya me tenías agregado y todo. Del Plus sí que no he jugado muchos juegos recientes, pero lo más probable es que cambie eso con el remake ese de Tony Hawk que soltaron hace poco.

    3. Ais Wallenstein

      Ais Wallenstein

      It's been a while NordicSaiyan. :)


      But seriously what happened to you last year for the past 9 months and gone quiet? You have missed out all the fun old friend. :)

    4. IesuHado


      @Ciri Riannon 

      Hello my friend!


      Well I literally move out to another country so yes haha it was a long period of time without gaming 💼... But finally I'm back and happy to see that you are good and still here :P

  9. Platinum #197 Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning PerfectionistAwarded all trophies. Enjoyment / Trophy Hunt Enjoyment: / Difficulty to get the Platinum:
  10. That's a shame to be honest. Thanks for the head up
  11. For real? It looks fun in my opinion
  12. Nostalgic is no the feeling or word I would use. It's more like it bring me back good memories of past years in my case. Coming from the Wii to the PS3 and playing MGS4 and GTA IV all day long was amazing.
  13. Yup exactly! Actually I'm looking to playing it with my father (he is a big fan of comandos games haha). So for me that is a seller.
  14. The surprise is good but I like it actually when the leak be cause when I want that is coming the waiting feel awesome and if I'm not interested at least I not be surprised in a bad way lol. About the leak, I would love to try the new Ghost games that one in Bolivia seems fun so that's a good one for me :). Benefits of been a simple man haha Thanks for the head ups! @Sailar91
  15. I think it was Infamous: Second Son. What a good times.... I remember I told to myself that in the PS4 I was going to drop trophy hunting and here I still am lol