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  1. Platinum N° 152 - Agents of Mayhem Agent of the MonthComplete all trophies. STATS 1. ENJOYMENT: 7/10 (General) ; 6/10 (Platinum Journey) 2. Difficulty: 4/10 (Mainly for one trophie) 3. Would I recommend it: YES! Hello all!, have you ever wanted to play a saturday cartoon game? If your answer is yes then I have good news to you... this is your game "All cultures think they are the best, that´s stupid is obvious that Japannese culture is the best" - Oni. This game is hilarious and fun everywhere and that is expected knowing it was developed by the same guys that brought to us Saint Rows. I really enjoyed my time with the game and the trophies are pretty straight foward and easy to go for it, there´s only ONE boring and bad designed thropy that can give you some headache but nothing to horrible to stay away for it. It´s a shame the game seems that it was a failure cause I would love to see a part 2 of this. Seul is a small but beatiful city, graphics in my opinon looks cool and combine with the game, music is great and gameplay is fun and diferent with each character. The story is simple but fun and have a lore at the back that would be interesting to know more about it, each character have his piece of lore to!. The game is short and doesn´t have coop that a shame in this one in particular but overall I think is a really good game and you can find it really cheap in sales right now so I totally recommend it. Thanks for reading all! Cheers!
  2. Platinum N° 151 - Mass Effect Andromeda Andromeda's FinestCollect all trophies. STATS 1. Enjoyment: 7/10 (General) ; 7/10 (Platinium Journey) 2. Difficulty: 3/10 (I did it all in single player) 3. Would I recommend it: Yes. Hello all today I´m coming to talk with you about an project or a iniciative, I´m here to tell you about the Andromeda Iniciative. Andromeda is a whole new galaxy were you will have to do the first step as a pathfinder to make it your new home, for this you will have to explore new planets, know the local life and do a toon of stuff. Are you interesting? Well keep reading! This is my first entry in the saga and I glad to did it be cause I really think is good game. I know it was awful full of bugs and errors in the launch but at his current state and for 10 - 12$ you can find it in the store, I think is a good game to get and try, it´s fun, large and and interesting to do play and go for the plat. The game is the tipical Bioware RPG games where you choice your gender and start your journey knowing new teammates, characters, stories and secrets, there´s lots of things to do even after you get the platinium or end the main game story plot. The trophies otherwise are pretty straight foward, at first you can see it like hard be cause there are lots of them and requieres you to do diferents things but when you start going for them you realize they are actually pretty easy and fast to go, only three missiable trophies and again they are pretty easy to get if you know what you are doing and the better thing is that they are not spoilers trophy so you can see them from the get go. The game have a multiplayer mode where you can get trophies too if you don´t want to do some stuff in the single player mode, but honestly I didn´t touch it cause I don´t like multiplayer games and trophies. BUT the game have some online trophies you will have to do via single player and they are a bit of the grind so don´t rush the game cause you will need still to wait for those trophies to make the requeriments. (They aren´t hard either anyway). I really enjoyed the game and I´m not going to buy the triology but I will like to see a sequel for this one for sure and if anyone likes this types of game I thinks this is a good game to go for it for real. Thanks for reading and have a good day all! 😁 Cheers!
  3. I still don't understand the obsession of some developers to add online trophies to a mostly single player game.... Thankfully I already have the platinium years ago when I bought it, it's a really good game but going for the platinium can get tedious for sure. I don't remember well about those two trophies but my recommendation if someone want or already started the game and is really concerned about not 100% you can rush the game to end and focus on those two trophies. Also if someone knows how to contact Avalanche maybe askint them about that could give you a clear answer of what to expect.
  4. I think you shouldn't worry about the leardboards for the reasons explained in the first comments but moreover be cause it's not going to happen. My advice be your own learderboard with your friends/players you respect and feel great for what you archieve be cause that should be your own satisfaction and fun after all also it's not like in real life or here someone is going to treat you bad for that and if it happen just ignore (I don't support cheaters)
  5. I love this notice wish is true cause I really want to replay this gems (for me) in my PS4. The first one is one of my favorites hack and slash games of all time and always wanted to try the platinium but it didn't have in PS3 and the second one and third one I didn't play it on a PS3 system. To all who talk about the online, I don't think they will add it companies almost never do that in collections or remasters for example the Assassins Creed gamer or some Call of Duty games so that's a good thing be cause I didn't like that part to much either BUT I disagree with the "hope the lower difficulty" nope that would kill the essence of the game I just hope they fix all bugs and makes gamepley smoother and better so we can deal with the challenge. Hypes for this and waiting to be true
  6. My golden rules are: - Enjoy first, Hunting later. In other words I take my time with the game and do what I want and when I feel like going for the trophies then I start the hunt. - Buy/get the game I want or like. I buy the game for what I want and not for trophies I don't care if are hard or easy to plat - Accept I can't 100% every game I'm not a professional nor work in this so if one of the games I like is really hard or tediuos to do it's okay I got fun playing it and that is the objetive after all, trophies are just a bonus to continue playing. - Missiables and Online are the only danger If I really can't resist seeingna guide cause the game is to big I see for those two type of trophies just to maybe save me a bit of time and what to expect in the case of multiplayer. (I don't want to do all and then find out that multiplayer is imposible for me). Buuuuuut going again to my rule if I'm enjoying and want to doit, I DOIT..... take your time with each game. - Don't buy Rataikala games..... just kidding lol if you like them go for it jaja
  7. I can spend HOURS in Litte Big Planet 1,2 or 3 I love those games so much and I have the plat for the 3.
  8. If I could I would buy it to play with you buddy, but at the moment I can't I don't know about the game but trophies seems good for a sport games the ones I would be careful are the online ones but you will manage it for sure!
  9. I don't have any problem as long as the game is good cause I'm playing for enjoying the game the trophies are a plus easy or not.
  10. Yup and I really love the saga I've playing it since the first one and still enjoy it haha I don't understand why so much hate lately but whatever if I enjoy it it what's matters
  11. Nicee Odyssey gold for 25$ it's a literally gold opportunity for me 😁
  12. I been waiting to play this game long time. I didn't try the original version and know this is a perfect oportunity with all the dlc. And the trophies well they seems cool the original ones with the dlc ones included
  13. Yeah awesome way to can't justify to anyone "why I doesn't have the time" lol. Jokes apart yeah is a good idea and is more fun and exactly to see how really took you in game to archieve something or just wich game gave you more time to play and compare to others, also heard suggestion/recommendations cause is not the same 1 person with low time playing it than someone with a really considerable time of play
  14. Platinum #150 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaing Remastered Is That All You Got? Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I was happy to comeback to this campaing cause is one of my favorites in the series. The new graphics and renders apply really good to the game and honestly is a shame the multiplayer wasn´t added to the game cause the maps and guns in this one in my opinion are the best in the entire franchise with Black Ops 1. I think the trophy list is pretty easy and straight foward as was in the original game just this time is even more easier due to the not inclusion of the "Spec Ops" in the game what is a shame cause some of them where pretty fun and challenging to go for, also with the veteran glitch found the plat is pretty much a gift for everyone there´s not difficult at all, I gain mine fairly in the PS3 version so I´m proud I did it the hard way the first time jaja but gotta admit I used the glitch in the penultimate mission cause that one is really frustrating and I wans´t in the mood. Well with this one is another one from the COD collection for me and I´m proud of that cause I like the franchise but never buy it since ghost cause I now is almost all the time the same lol. Wish you all a good day and thanks for reading. Cheers!
  15. The day is coming 😁