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  1. Platinium: 136 Boderlands The Pre - sequel Well I don't know if maybe I made a mistake going for this one as soon I was ending Bo2 but I did it anyways I gonna say it's still an amazing game. Much short and cut in content than is older brother but still good and in my opinion the story and lore is more interesting than the second one. Still I felt a bit exhausted going for this one at the end maybe to much from the same game in a month but the list are similar to boderlands 2 actually I would say more easy in some ways it's just the fact that playing the two on the same time may get bit boring after a time. Awesome game not hard to get the plat just lot of time consuming and if you like the series and the gameplay you will love it going for it anyways. Dificulty: 3/10 Enjoyement: 7/10
  2. Platinium: 135 Boderlands 2 Really amazing and fun game, I'm really happy they give us this with the Ps Plus last month cause otherwise I probably would never get to know this good and amazing saga I enjoyed it a lot! The plat is fairly easy just time consuming and of course requires you to really like the game to get it cause you are going to play a lot! But if you do the journey is amazing and really fun overall. Looking forward now to go for the 100% on The Pre-Sequel Dificulty: 3/10 Enjoyement: 9/10
  3. Bahh honestly I'm a bit tired of recieve history novels games on ps plus for this I would preffer the PES one. I fall a sleep with those games, I like more to go the movies instead
  4. On my on way, only for those games I liked it a lot or those who aren't my favorites but the platinium or 100% is reasonable or easy. But I'm not afraid or feel bad to left a game without a plat or 100% if I don't feel to get it. Time is a precious thing nowadays haha My gold rule: first playtrought blind and for pure fun... then check if I want to go for the plat or not. Ps: It's funny how a lot of people here says "I only plat or have 100% on games I really like it" and them you see their list or backlog and "completition 98.99%"
  5. Man awesome beautiful and amazing month for me games I don't have, I wanted to play and now I'm getting it for free
  6. Literally two years later, give this man a beer! I don't like to much these types of game some I only play them if they are free like right now with this one. However I'm not telling they are bad games just not for me. I like more play than see
  7. The real question is "Does that matter?". I mean I don't know since when a Platinium or trophies in general became the curriculum for gamer in Sony consoles. Just play whatever you want, plat whatever you want and ignore or don't plat whatever you want. Unless you get paid for been a completionist and also a trophy hunter. That's not my case so I only plat games I really enjoy or see like a challenge for me I don't care if the game is easy or not and also if I don't want the plat or it's to tedious for me I enjoy the game and done I don't care that fictional number over there on my gamer tag "completionist". Play and enjoy mate that for what games are mean to be. (Expept some money grabs game but that is another story).
  8. Recently Dreams I think that game deserves and need a little more attention. - Dc Universe Online (Love this MMORPG, it's a shame is kinda of dying right now, but one of the most fun, good looking and full of content if you like all the heroes theme). - Injustice 2 (Honestly for me the best and more friendly and deep game of fighting for everyone). - Lego games in general deserve more attention in my opinion. - Outlast 2 (not for everyone but definetly hard and real horror for the fans).
  9. You can get it asap on the ng+ save him again
  10. Call me crazy but I would preffer one thousands times more the Metal Gear Survive Line up than this
  11. I will wait to get it a little more them, I really want to play it but still got somo other games on my backlog so probably when I end those the game goes cheaper, thanks mate Yeah I will wait them! I still have some others to try, also if I'm not mistaken I think Re7 go down to 29.99 really fast, thanks too mate
  12. Do guys think RE2 is going to go lower than 40.19$ in the future?
  13. I gotta be honest I don't care at all about MGS but I would not mind getting it for free I mean at least the gameplay seems kinda fun the first hours. Also its not a horrible game just not a MG or a super zombie game but again for free I think its a pretty good game to have
  14. A friend told me is not a bad game at all. I would prefer to stick with gow anyways haha
  15. I feel you but, you know what? I feel real good and happy when I got my plat from a game I like and more if the games is not easy or hard for the mayority of players to get it so I don't care if others get easy ones and have more points I still enjoying my thing and more important (in my case) I'm not racing against those guys either