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  1. Nice trophy log I will take Injustice of course! I mean the rare level of the trophy is amazing but I take it be cause I love DC Comics and I would love to be good in fighting games and have this plat so I can show it jaja I take lot of plats but when the game is from some universe I love I want even more to get that plat if you don't trust me look at my Batman Akrhams games or lego games
  2. 1. The last of us remastered Yesterday I end the mp trophies now focusing on the single player should be fast for now on šŸ˜ 2. Resident Evil VII or Call Of Duty WWII I still have to decide when time come
  3. I think he don't deserve to be flaged if it wasn't his fault moreover in Gta Online that we all know is fully with hackers. Probably I think you can contact Rockstar or maybe create a new character (?), maybe trying to delete your online files in game Hope you can resolve it and get your plat if you are going for it! I'm a legit player and in this case I don't care if you got literally two trophies free from a hacker you didn't ask.
  4. After this month I feel really happy actaully still need to see the other one, the rumours is there is going to be 2 triple AAA games so šŸ˜
  5. After this month I take whatever they give man haha Also it's really good for me! I enjoy a lot the COD games
  6. Honestly no, I mean maybe someday but is not in my list for now and is not for the leaks is be cause I think there are so many other awesome and better games out there for example: Ghost of Ts.... Also not big fan of tlou, it's a good game but in my opinion no the big master piece everybody said back at time. I swear I'm more hyped for Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated than this.
  7. I know it's not the best I have but it one of my first plats I got and it was a beatiful and happy time for me. I really enjoy Lego Indiana Jones Adventure 2 (PS3) the nostalgia and feelings I get remembering the game and the time I get it bring me good feelings of the old days. Actually almost all of my first plats are the ones I enjoyed the more, I still do but nothing like the magic of the first times on something Have a good day all!
  8. Hi again! I'm in here too Name: Nordic Saiyan Rank: BBSA Soldier I think Plats: 4 and one 100% extra game Resident Evil 5 (PS3) Resident Evil 6 (PS3) Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) Resident Evil 4 (100% PS3) Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4) And thanks again! @Leon Castle
  9. Totally agree I don't like mp trophies and MORE if you ask me to play almost 30 hours of the same thing for both sides factions. If the game is online/multiplayer oriented not problem but if it not I don't agree with those
  10. Ohh okidoki no problem!
  11. Hey! I in I mean just look my name lol Name: NordicSaiyan Rank list: Super Saiyan 3 Here are my games of Dragon Ball I got the plat: - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3 and PS4) - Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi - Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z 4 Platiniums in total for now - I still need to get some money to finally buy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot And thanks for this amazing idea and thread @Leon Castle
  12. Just got my Plat NĀ° 143 - The Evil Within 2 A really good a fun game if you like the genre. Difficulty: 6/10 Fun: 7/10
  13. Platinium: 136 Boderlands The Pre - sequel Well I don't know if maybe I made a mistake going for this one as soon I was ending Bo2 but I did it anyways I gonna say it's still an amazing game. Much short and cut in content than is older brother but still good and in my opinion the story and lore is more interesting than the second one. Still I felt a bit exhausted going for this one at the end maybe to much from the same game in a month but the list are similar to boderlands 2 actually I would say more easy in some ways it's just the fact that playing the two on the same time may get bit boring after a time. Awesome game not hard to get the plat just lot of time consuming and if you like the series and the gameplay you will love it going for it anyways. Dificulty: 3/10 Enjoyement: 7/10
  14. Platinium: 135 Boderlands 2 Really amazing and fun game, I'm really happy they give us this with the Ps Plus last month cause otherwise I probably would never get to know this good and amazing saga I enjoyed it a lot! The plat is fairly easy just time consuming and of course requires you to really like the game to get it cause you are going to play a lot! But if you do the journey is amazing and really fun overall. Looking forward now to go for the 100% on The Pre-Sequel Dificulty: 3/10 Enjoyement: 9/10
  15. Bahh honestly I'm a bit tired of recieve history novels games on ps plus for this I would preffer the PES one. I fall a sleep with those games, I like more to go the movies instead