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  1. Yeah I would love to plat all games I played but honestly if I don't like the game or the plat is impossible for me I don't mind skipping it. Also if I like a game that I know I will not get 100% for different reasons I don't care either. The day I skip a game I like for trophies that day I would preffer to leave gaming
  2. Platinum #183 Shadow Warrior 3 My Precious!Collect all Trophies Difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinion) Enjoyment: 7/10 Would I Recommend it?: YES (It´s a Doom meets Deadpool in Japan/China). Funny game with short and enjoyable story, charismatic characters, nice design levels and great gameplay. (Each gun feel good to use, and the variety of monsters for the length the game is awesome.) About the trophies, they are easy and fun to do. Not hard at all but in the good way is not at all a easy bad plats like many out there. This one is respectable and enjoyable. Platinum #184 Crysis Remastered Platinum TrophyEarn all available trophies for Crysis® Difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) Enjoyment: 7/10 Would I Recommend it?: Yes if you like traditional shooters. (Also NO COLLECTABLES!!!!!) Really fun and easy platinum to have in your gabinet if you like first person shooter games. The gameplay is smooth, story easy and short and the graphics and mimics of the game are awesome for the time it was developed. Trophies are very straightforward and fast to do. Thanks for reading!!
  3. Platinum #179 FALLOUT 76 Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy Dificulty: 4/10 (Personal Opinion) Enjoyment: 7/10 Would I Recommend it?: Yes! At launch this game was a disaster but, right now it´s a pretty nice and enjoyable game to be honest and even more if you like the series and open world games. The gameplay is the same of the series since 3 just some mechanical fixes and improvements, sound and music is just what to expect from the series. (Yeah this game is just more Fallout but online) The trophies honestly aren´t hard at all just time consuming and for an online game is amazing that you can do almost all stuff solo if you want. Platinum #180 Homefront: The Revolution Homefront®: The RevolutionComplete all other trophies to unlock. Dificulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) Enjoyment: 4/10 Would I Recommend it?: If you want to try it is just like USD 5 so it´s not a bad deal for what the base game offer, but honestly I would go for another shooter. Do not misunderstand me, the game is not horrible and actually a lot of people nowadays see it as a game who deserve more attention. It´s just that i feel this game could be so much greater in so many aspects and honestly didn´t make any kind of connection with me. This is one of the few cases where I actually went for a platinum I didn´t like just be cause I was challenged by a friend to doit. Platinum #181 Bioshock Remastered Platinum TrophyUnlocked all trophies Dificulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinon / Also I admit I used the difficulty glitch) Enjoyment: 7/10 Would I Recommend it?: YES Really awesome game, nice atmosphere and story. I tried in hard but honestly they kicked me and I wanted to see all places, read and listen diaries so the difficulty was a problem for me haha the glitch saved me. Platinum #182 Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Complete dominationAll the trophies unlocked Dificulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Would I Recommend it?: 多分 私は日本のゲームが好きです Sayonara!!
  4. You probably missed two orbs friend. The good thing is that the game is pretty fast and (imo) enjoyable.
  5. The problem is that you are playing for the trophies and not for the game my friend. This is your first soul game also? Cause all of the games into the series (unless you use a guide and kill any kind of emotion for your first playthroug) is not made for been 100% in only one campaign. I used a guide in all the games after the first playthroug be cause without that I'm pretty sure the rarity of the platinum in those games will be much much lower. Nowadays I don't have the time I used to spend for gaming so I abandoned the 100% / no plat no game mentality and only go for those I really like or know I can. If there is a game I really want to play but the plat is to long/tedious to get I just enjoy the game and continue to another one.
  6. i came here looking for responses and go with nothing 😁
  7. I'm been full of work these last months to the point that I don't feel with the motivation of writing about my new platinums or goals here. I'm free today so I will try too! 


    I want to talk in my next post about my last platinums (Fallout 76 and Homefront the revolution) and also my goals in gaming for this year.


    See you soon all :)

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Exactly haha, and while i do get games day 1, price isnt an issue, you could realistically get most games for 10 or even 20 bucks cheaper just waiting a month or two. A weird trend where game prices drop so soon.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Finding the motivation to write stuff is always hard, I know that perfectly. Sometimes you sit on your PC and then you're hit right there and then with creator's block or some shit like that. Also, being swamped with work prevents good writing a lot too.


      So yeah, as some of the guys above said, bank some money first and once you're free from responsibilities and such, sit down and write about gaming. You'll notice your ideas and thoughts will easily flow out under the right circumstances and motivation. Cheers, compadre! :D

    4. NordicSaiyan


      @Honor_Hand  Compadre! Pues sí he estado full de trabajo ultimamente así que el poco tiempo que ando libre nada de ganas de escribir jaja



  8. So close to that 100# Plats milestone my friend :)

    1. ShonenCat


      @NordicSaiyan This is true xD So close yet so far away. It boils down to whatever plat is popped next will make #100. I haven’t quite figured out what that will be yet. For the time being, I’m catching up on a plethora of Switch stuff before I return to the hunt. Let’s hope it to be soon 😁 Good to see you back! 

  9. I found it more easy than Bloodborne, DS 2 and the two Niohs. At the start you may be a little confused but once you learn about the enemies you will see that they are actually pretty simple to manage. The bosses, the were only two that gave me problems (not gonna to say). But overall if you have some experience in this type of games this one is not the hardest by any means. I would use a guide for the secondary missions since they can be confusing and not add to many to the story
  10. Hey Leon do you recommend me Nights of Azure? I kinda fell in love with Arnice lol 

    1. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Yes if you are into Action RPGs and/or games made by Gust(the ones that make Atelier and Blue Reflection games)


      If you liked how Arnice played in Warriors All Stars then you might like Nights of Azure 1.


    2. NordicSaiyan


      Thank you a lot! Okidoki I will give it a chance them 😁

  11. Platinum #178 Warriors All Stars Platinum StarCollected all trophies. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) Would I recommend it?: YES! (only if you like the genre and in this case Koei Tecmo franchises) Heya all! It´s been a while but recently I been playing other stuff and not in the mood of getting plats since I´m not a completionist at all (sorry not sorry haha). Today I bring you my last plat and 100% for now comming for the game: Warriors All Stars...... Yes the guys behind Samurai and Dinasty Warriors. Gotta say this type of games is not for everyone, you must like the genre and characters to go for this one cause if not them my friend this will be really boring and repetitive for you. The gameplay is the same as the recently warriors games, only two atacks and the super atack + the rush atack. Every character have his own charisma and weapon from the series they are original from. The maps are really bland but they are inspired in the franchises of the characters so you will be happy to see some easter eggs. Story is pretty generic save the world stuff with a lot of endings and routes to choose. Music is pretty good for the game it suits and languaje is in nihongo 🇯🇵 and thats how it have to be cause is perfect lol. Trophy list is easy honestly the only thing is that you will have to repeat a lot of the same stuff and that can be the game breaker for people who doesn´t like the game but want to do the 100%. Honestly it took me time casue work and real life stuff but this one can be as fast as you can spend the hours and mark the battles you do so you can know which ones to do next. Thanks for reading all I hope to see you all soon!! 🤓
  12. This is my first time joining a event like this 😁, it looks fun so thank you!. Here goes my 2022 list (for now): 1. Warriors All Stars (4/10) - Obtained 2.. Bioshock Remastered (3/10) 3. Brawhalla (6/10) 4. Prey ( ) This is my list for now. It will be growing up with the time and of course I hope to add some 7/10 or more in the list. Good luck all!
  13. Platinum #175 NIOH 2 You Are NiohObtained all trophies. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Opinion and depends a lot on if you use help or not) Would I recommend it?: YES, if you like the souls like games this one is for sure Few years ago I plated NIOH and I loved it so I was waiting for the opportunity to play this one. Its almost the same as the 1st with some little changes but important also, like the Yokai transformation, new weapons and blacksmith upgrades. I love Japan so having the chance anytime to play there and learn a bit of their culture (even if is fake) is joy for me. Also I´m not the best in this types of games but I can defend myself and also enjoy them so going for this platinum was pretty fun and relaxing in the way that I haven´t had to use a guide or something, just a video for finding the kodamas cause since I start playing videogames, I suck getting collectibles lol. The trophy guide is pretty straight foward, just play the game and enjoy, using all the weapons and some minus miscellaneous trophies. I really enjoyed this one and hope to see a 3rd part or a continuation in another time period or even universe by the hand of the team. Platinum #176 HeartbeatUnlock every trophy Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 1/10 (I used assisted mode cause I didn´t like the game honestly so shame on me) Would I recommend it?: Hard to me be cause I know is a good game but I myself can´t like it don´t know why. Music is awesome, level desing is awesome, characters and dialogues are awesome, and story is awesome. The problem here was me and the gameplay that I didn´t like it at all. Using assisted mode you can get this trophy in a day so no problem anyway, note that I don´t feel proud of that but c´mon is a easy plat other way I would abandoned it totally Thanks for reading all!
  14. Doesn't matter cause Playstation have the "best exclusives" Jokes asides, I would love if they do something like 1 year exclusive for this one but, depending on the state of the game ESO VI is a console seller game by his own for people who doesn't want to get into pc gaming.
  15. Platinum #174 Medievil Savior of Gallowmere Unlock all trophies. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinion) Would I recommend it?: Yes it´s a fun and cool short 3D platformer remake from the gold era of cartoonish 3D platformer games. So if you are IN for this types of games, don´t miss this one. 👻 I never tried the original medievil neither the sequels. But I would loved to doit in that time cause I´m a big fan of 3D platfomers games and more when are with cartoon funny characters (I´m still a kid inside lol). This game is not a masterpiece and the remake voices in spanish sorry for the word but they really suck, awful job they did this time. But honestly the other things are minus and if you don´t play with spanish voices I´m pretty sure you will be okay. The trophies are really easy and fast to get but more important fun and not tedious.