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  1. The list is form pure by the time I played each game cause is unffair to compare for example the on point gameplay of Unity vs AC II. Also I will only say my top 5. So 😬 here goes my list: 1. Assassins Creed II (I started with the fist one but honestly fell in love with the saga with this one, by the moment all the maps, graphics and story where so well made it and I think this game is and second on my list are the pure essence of what an assassins creed game was). 2. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (Pretty similiar feelings I had with "II"). 3. Assassins Creed Unity POST PATCH (I think this game is the best in the series in gameplay/graphics and style wise. When I play this game I really feel like I was a kind of vigilante in France and about France I think is one if not the best map to do parkout in the entire serie). 4. Assassins Creed Oddyssey/Origins (These two are the same with an another skin and map but I gotta admit I enjoy the new thing and costumization of the new games the only thing I DISLIKE a lot is all the stealht and assessination system also the parkour sucks). 5. Assassins Creed III (I love this game is big, fancy and Connor is a baddass. Also you are still with that essence of assassins from the Ezio saga). I like the other games but they are under this five (6 honestly).
  2. Injustice God Among Us (PS4) - 0,14% Call of Duty: Black Ops III - 0,75% Transformers: Devastation - 0,92% Outlast 2 - 1,33% Furi (My favorite from the top) - 1,57%
  3. Yuju! I wanted to try Just Cause 4 but was to lazy to buy it lol. About the other one I don't know but still give it a try and for PS5 go to the library cause I still don't own it
  4. There is more expensive games for less also I there was already told the game wasn't going to be long or big. This is the type of games that if you are not a super fan you can easily wait for a sale cause there are lots of other games you can play in the waiting.
  5. If you see it like a competition yes, if you doit for your own and be cause you like it is not ruined at all. I'm proud of all my platinums and I don't care in what # I'm in the learderboards of this site or any cause this has been like this since always nothing new to be sad or upset about it. There's will be always a feeling of enjoy and success when you got a plat/100% of a game or a series you really like for me there is the catch with trophies not to race against guys I probably will never see in my life and if they have more money/time and just go for trophies and not fun of course I always going to be back cause I don't go for that I go for fun.
  6. Yeah sure why play new games for new generation if you can go with games I already played to get a digital trophy stack again, I'm so upset! They never told what you are asking for and I actually I'm pretty happy and impressed (even I don't have the console yet) with the good number of launch games the console is comming also there are games with two version upgrade so that's cool if you want to. Last thing the PS Plus thing is amazing for almost all player you have to remember not all players are trophy hunter/completionist etc etc....
  7. Didn't know it! Thank you for the the advice
  8. They seems good but it really put me off that the games is not totally out yet and there is already the dlc trophy list :/ Still I do enjoy mp and don't care to much about completition so when I got the chance I probably will give it a shot
  9. Platinum N° 157 and 158 - Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux METRO 2033 REDUX Platinum TrophyGet all Trophies. METRO LAST LIGHT REDUX Platinum TrophyGet all Trophies. STATS (PERSONAL OPINION): - Enjoyment: 7/10 (General) - 7/10 (Going for Platinum) - Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 - Would I recommend it: Yes! But try to get them both as one in a deal for 8.99$ Hello all!, today I´m here again with two platinums in one post 😊, but there are not from a saga I knowed this time but one I not and just discovered playing this two really good games and I feel great for that! The series started (from what I know) based in a book and later the games came out for the PS3 generation time, I don´t know if the games where as good in that moments but for the Redux versión that is the one I played for PS4 I can say yes, they are! Also I talking about the two games as one cause really there is not to many changes from one to another so all I´m going to say aply for both. Metro 2033 Redux start his story in a Moscu metro after a war that end with normal life when they shoot a bomb and almost kill all. People who survived refuge they self in the BIG metro system of the city and I gotta tell this works awesome for the game cause the atmosphere and general feeling of the game is so well made it that make you to want to know more about this universe and his people. On the other hand Metro Last Ligh Redux continue the story just where the first one end it with the same protagonista and everything and honestly doesn´t add too many new thing to the gameplay BUT it adds so many interesting things and conflicts to the story so if you liked the first one this is a must. The gameplay is a good is your normal FPS with resources and survival management, graphics I think they are okay for the time the game realeased, music and ilumination are on point with the saga and the story is the winner here with the strongest part that will make you want to explore this ruined place. Platinum trophy for both games are easy and fast and there is not any tediuos big grind/online trophy over there so is everything fine and enjoyable if you like to go for it. You also can get both games in deals so that´s the way I recommend you to pick it up. Well that is all for now. Wish you a happy day and week and cheers! 😁
  10. I still don't have the game but if have separate trophy list (I still don't know how it works sorry) I will replay Assassins Creed Valhalla there for sure. But who knows I'm not planning to get my PS5 at least for a year I still have so many things to play on PS4 while the next generation low prices and get better with more games and upgrades in the system itself
  11. Pretty sure you will don't like them be cause they have those points you say you don't like about those games so I will pass if where you....
  12. Platinum N° 155 - Assassin´s Creed Liberation Remastered (PS4) Julius CaesarEarn every Trophy. STATS (PERSONAL OPINION): - Enjoyment: 6/10 (General) - 6/10 (Going for Platinum) - Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 - Would I recommend it: You will have this one automatically for getting Assassin´s Creed 3 Remastered (Note: I´m a fanboy of the franchise so be aware of that I totally love the saga and formula). Hello all! It been a while since I post here jaja but I´m back and with two games this time. I will start with Liberation cause is (for me) the weak one in the main entrances of the saga and the shortest to end and 100% but this is not bad at all if you know this one was first for the Vita and moreover you are getting it as part of Assassin´s Creed 3 Remastered one of the best in my opinion and a game that for his time (2012) was BIG. Assassin´s Creed Liberation introduce you to Aveline the first female protagonist in the series and in my opinion a good character, the map I admit is not awesome but is acceptable for the size of the game, the story is pretty rushed that´s a bad thing and the gameplay I think it was better in the Vita don´t know why but the controls were a bit tedious sometimes for me. But guys the reality is that is a fun game and a fast and easy platinium also you are getting it as part of the 3rd one so give it a try if you already make the pucharse. Honestly I love the saga but I will avoid this one if it wasn´t free for getting the 3rd one whom is the star of this post. Platinum N° 156 - Assassin´s Creed 3 Remastered (PS4) Master AssassinGet every trophy. STATS (PERSONAL OPINION): - Enjoyment: 7/10 (General) - 7/10 (Going for Platinum) - Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 - Would I recommend it: Only if you get it as part of the Gold Edition of Assassin´s Creed Oddyssey wich can be bought it for 25$ (Trust me that´s a lot of content there for this 3 games). (Note: I´m a fanboy of the franchise so be aware of that I totally love the saga and formula). This game is awesome is big with a lot of content, the map is amazing the combat is the more fun in all saga and Connor is a really good character in my opinon. The platinum is time consuming but not hard and if you like the game is not going to be tediuos at all. I got this game as a part of the gold edition of Assassin´s Creed Oddyssey so for 25$ I was in!. You will play around Boston, New York, The Frontier and and fictional homestead for the player all zones pretty unique, the story is long and good with all characaters being pretty good and interesting with their motivations. The naval missions are introduced in this games and they are as fun as they were back in 2012 and the side content and dlc is fun and lot of things to do. Thanks for reading all! wich you all a nice week , cheers!
  13. For the same reason you want it. Think it upside down
  14. This! But I get really tired fast with games that requires you to repeat the same thing multiples time in an obscene way that just don't make sense cause doesn't add to the game. I usually do them but I take my time don't rush it. And..... fighting games, I like them but I don't have the time/patience to learn characters also each game is diferent so you have to like learn again with each game sooo no thank you lol. I did it one time with Injustice 1 and them I pass to Street Fighter V in a friend house and I was bit dissapointed that I was like from 0 again.
  15. Same here lol Thanksfully almost all my boost sessions are actually from coop games so techically makes sense I'm going to boost that with my friend you can kick me or ban me for doing something with a friend in a coop game jaja but on the other hand if is a competitive game and you can't doit in a private server I can see the issue actually. Man all those people boosting Fall Guys trophy last month must be scare lol