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  1. Finally got it. It was all on the Minerva. I missed the pirate hat room even though it was filled in on the map (must be the map item that messed me up) and the top right corner of the room where the Sanjiegun was. Thanks for all the help everyone - man, I feel like a dope.
  2. I’ll give this a try tonight when I get home - thanks again for the assistance!
  3. I spent another hour yesterday poring over the sub maps from the collectible guide and still can’t see the rooms I’m missing. I assume it’s two since I’m still at 99.8%. Anyone know if maybe the breakable walls add to your percentage? Honestly that’s the only thing I could think I’m missing at this point
  4. I’ve got the Santa hat room - that was one I’d seen several people missed online. Still no look otherwise, and I poured over your individual maps as well and I’m apparently blind. I’ll try going back through these maps again though and compare with my inventory. Hopefully that will show what I’ve overlooked. Thanks for the response though!
  5. Alright fellow demon slayers. I’m stuck at 99.8... and I’ve stared at the map for over an hour now. Anyone’s eyes better than mine? https://imgur.com/gallery/9qajIWc?s=sms
  6. PC Gamer has a first look - anyone else excited for this? https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/darkest-dungeon-2-trailer/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Just caught this video after failing to do this by button mashing for days. Using the technique in the video, I got the trophy on my 2nd attempt. I think the key was starting out using Nightwing’s escrima gadget attacks. It’s also worth pointing out that he has two finishers (Square + Triangle, X + O) as well so along with the Team Takedown, he’s basically giving you a free two gadgets and three more easy moves.
  8. How'd you fix it? Replay the level? Game crashed on me during this level and I didn't get the trophy.
  9. Maybe common knowledge at this point, but patch 1.06 buffed the bejeezus out of the Ring of Lucii. I was able to kill the Adamantoise at level 53 in about 15 minutes just by using the ring spell that drains enemy health. Also tried using the Alterna spell about 20 times for an insta-kill but could never get it to hit.
  10. #137 - Color Guardians Easy platinum, but the final boss fight was a pain. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the glitch to work, so it took a solid hour of trying to finally beat it without dying. Follow that up with a quick grind to 500 deaths, and VOILA! Platinum time.
  11. I'll bite. Sign me up for Season 1! Here's my list of games: Minecraft : Story Mode | 13% | Goal: Plat and 100% Mark of Kri | 2% | Goal : Plat White Night | 1% | Goal : Plat Shouldn't be too hard to attain!
  12. I had the same issue, it seems to have affected a number of people online. Luckily I had a cloud save about an hour before I did the mission and Endangered popped the second time I killed the mammoth.
  13. I've got Black Flag & AC2.
  14. Sign me up! Looks like I'm a Squishy Vanquisher, plats as follows: 1. Ratchet & Clank 2. Going Commando 3. Up Your Arsenal 4. All for One 5. Into the Nexus ~50% done with Crack in Time, but it fell onto my backlog.
  15. This. Cancelled it two months back, there really hasn't been enough on the service for me to keep extending it. I'll hope that November's offers give me a reason to come back.