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  1. Hi everyone! Second game of December done, and it’s a doozy. Stardew Valley, 10 months and 4 weeks to complete. 171 hours total - Fector’s Challenge took me over two months alone. What a ride!
  2. Got one in for December - Spider-Man: Remastered. 1 year and a month. That makes two months in a row, which hasn’t happened in a while
  3. One for November - Far Cry 6. 6 months, 3 weeks. Bought it on sale way back, only got like 2 trophies before backlogging it. Glad I came back around to it after all
  4. Got 1 for August: Medieval: 1 year, 9 months. Rented this one a while back and put it down. Picked back up thanks to PS Extra
  5. Check one off for March: Nier Automata 1 year, 11 months @Gretchen27 - could I be added back to the active list? Between this one and Dragon’s Crown Pro that I checked off in January, I’m back to knocking out the backlog
  6. I’m finally back after a decent sized hiatus while wrapping up my degree and having any spare gaming time going to some more recent releases. So I wanted to focus on something that had been stuck in my backlog for a *long* time. First one checked off this year is: Dragon’s Crown Pro! First Trophy: 8/8/13 Platinum: 1/16/22 Gap: 8 years, 5 months, 1 week
  7. The Minotaur tongue was the one I kept missing because I never went back that way through Bilbaron after my first playthrough or for one-off quests.
  8. @Gretchen27 still here - just haven’t had any of my backlog qualify. Wreckfest was my most recent that was close, but that was a 5 month 3 week one. Trying to fit one final platinum in before year end
  9. Mine was the Jester Aee hat. I scoured the map for 30 minutes just to realize I’d missed that one dang golden chest
  10. Just passing along a tip for anyone stuck on this trophy. It was my last one before unlocking the plat. In Chapter 7 when you fight the Inquisitor, don’t use any special attacks either for Star-Lord or any other Guardians. Just basic blaster fire. Once you get the Inquisitor’s first health bar depleted and are between 25-50% remaining on the second, Drax should pin both the bosses arms down and you’ll get the Triangle button prompt and your shiny trophy. Regular button prompts when the Inquisitor is dazed never worked for me - always got either Groot or Gamora to do the disarmament. I spent probably two hours on this trophy in total and the only thing that worked was using no teammate abilities.
  11. Same thing for me. I’ll try some of the suggestions here. If it keeps happening, then this game will get tossed into the never ending backlog.
  12. Absolver- not because of the rarity or the difficulty, but because of the sheer amount of partnership and teamwork with other players that it took. I generally only play single player experiences so a multiplayer focused game that took a ton of teamwork to get the platinum was outside my wheelhouse
  13. I had one issue on Savali going off the ramp to the sanctuary / temple / whatever it was called. Got launched up into infinity for about 30 seconds. No other issues whatsoever. Sounds like just really bad luck
  14. ****Never mind. I still had 3 minutes to go on the install. I’m an idiot. **** Anyone else having this issue still or have another workaround? When I load my imported 100% save from my PS4 files, it continues to crash. Last save was somewhere on Ilum. Haven’t picked the game up since platinuming it back in ‘20.
  15. May’s additions: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. One year, one month, and two days. What an absolute grind toward the end, and getting the DLCs changes the requirements for the base game.