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  1. Opening the E-mail in Thunderbird as plain text doesn't seem to show any codes for me, unfortunate.
  2. Also, if you die (completely, no respawn beacon) and your team is still alive but you leave the game completely (go to lobby), you miss out on all EXP except the ones for kills.
  3. Bug

    Please just read the other posts on this issue.
  4. On Twitter 56 minutes ago: "Issues with trophies and party invites are being investigated." So nope, they will not be fixed for some time.
  5. The patchnotes for the upcoming update do not say anything about fixing the trophies. We might have to wait a little while longer... :\
  6. Read the other posts, there are many that reported this issue already ;)Read the other posts, there are many that reported this issue already
  7. They've already sent a tweet that they are looking into it. We can't be sure if they'll share any details on it today though. Hope it gets fixed asap, and the early game freezes do too...
  8. @StylerX01 The show today gives you us a "sneak peak" into what's coming in the next patch (so the patchnotes). The patch, however, is not being released today and probably will come next week, at the earliest.
  9. Can confirm. I did not recieve the Absulute Unit and Jack of All Trades trophies. Lets hope the game remembers we completed the requirements and they will insta pop when fixed
  10. I cannot seem to find any arcade hero multiplayer games. Is anyone experiencing similar issues or is the gamemode just dead? I have been able to find games in other gamemodes.
  11. Hey, I need some help with the Changing Lanes trophy. Add me on PSN if you can help: DaveyDino-99
  12. Hey everyone, Does everyone know if there are any missable or glitched trophies? Also - is there a trophy guide coming soon? Thanks in advance
  13. Darkest Dungeon for sure!
  14. I believe The Order 1886 is currently on sale till the 6th of September. So I doubt we'll see them featured in the PS+ line-up for next month
  15. Alright, thank you. I moved my pet into the crafting rooms and I'm fairly sure it counted towards the trophy. Not sure how the pet works with lunchboxes but atleast I've gotten the platinum since. : )