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  1. And i thought you're gonna win this season easily since i'm not in the league anymore
  2. #186 - Cat Quest Le Platinum Trophy MEOW! This is just purrfect little game It was really cute and enjoyable. Gameplay is simple, mechanics are fantastic, the art is very colourful, and the music is delightful. Even tho story is a bit short and nothing about this game feels challenging, you won't find yourself bored. There's a lot of cat puns in it, so if you don't like cats then this game might not be your cup of tea Also, i'm very excited to hear that a sequel is in the works. Difficulty 2/10 - Enjoyment 9/10
  3. #185 - Infamous Second Son Enjoy Your Powers Collect all trophies Very enjoyable game and easy platinum to add to the collection. Collectibles were all marked on the map and Expert mode was not much more difficult then easy mode. Great looking game, but the main story itself was not very good, especially in comparison with Infamous games on ps3. I liked the variance of the powers although most of the time i only used Neon power. Difficulty 3/10 - Enjoyment 7/10
  4. Ronaldo 3-3 Spain
  5. Quote #3 "Mrmm mmrm! Mrmmmphm mrphrmm mmmmm!" - Kenny, South Park Stick of Truth I think i got that quote right
  6. Quote #2 "Can you smell the excitement in the air? No? Hmm, must been one of the guards then." - Joker, Batman Arkham Asylum
  7. Thanks for the giveaway guys! Quote #1 "A man who never eats pork buns is never a whole man!" - Sleeping Dogs
  8. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the laziest scrub of them all Interesting race, good luck to all of you..
  9. No enjoyment with Forma.8 ? I am shocked about it 😛

    1. Whyfire


      Lol Only enjoyment i had with Forma was when i deleted the game 😂

    2. Roster60


      It was the first thing I did when finishing the game too. I didn't even wait for the platinum to pop properly 😂

  10. #183 - Forma.8 formed Adventurer Unlock all other trophies This game is complete trash. Even tho its easy, controls made this game harder in most parts. Enjoyment none/10 - Difficulty 3/10 #184 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Borderland Defender Round 1.5 Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies. I'm really not a fan of Borderlands games. Only played it because friend asked me to play coop with him. Only thing, for me, that's interesting in these games are characters. They are weird, funny and weird Most trophies are straightforward and you'll get them by just playing the game. But Executioner trophy (Get 10 kills during Showdown) gave me a real headache. Yesterday i've spent around 3 hrs just trying to get this done and failed big time. Got it finally this morning and immediately deleted the game Enjoyment 5/10 - Difficulty 4/10
  11. Been trying to get Executioner trophy in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel for like 3 hours and i just can't get it -_- Its so frustrating...

  12. Leaderboard updated.
  13. I've prepared something special for you, but unfortunately i can't finish what i started since i won't be able to play rest of the fixture. So congrats on the win It was pretty good match. And yeah, at least i got Injustice plat
  14. #181 - √Letter √Letter You got all the trophies! I enjoyed this VN's story even tho it had some weird route endings. There are five possible endings in the game with two very good endings and three not so much. For those wanting a light read this is the VN for you. There are some minigames but the main focus is on the story and the characters. Enjoyment 8/10 - Difficulty 1/10
  15. #178 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Master of Siege Get all trophies. It was alright. The terrorist hunt trophies are a bit grindy and some of the mp trophies are a little luck based, but nothing too hard. I liked the variety of the operators in this game but it was only fun playing it with friends. Difficulty 4/10 - Enjoyment 7/10