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  1. #135 - Deponia Deponia Unlocked! Complete every trophy of the game. Pretty fun point-and-click game and platinum can be achieved in 2-3 hrs. But there are couple of lol's and interesting dialogs, so i don't really recommend skipping and rushing trough game. #136 - Killing Floor 2 Platinum Obtain all other trophies, and be an all around Zed slaying machine This game reminds me a lot on COD Ghosts Extinction mode and honestly it's only fun if you play it with friends. Grind towards the level 25 was really boring since i already got all other trophies earlier, even before lvl 20. Platinum is not hard at all, cause there's a glitch which you can use on highest difficulty and during solo boost.
  2. Congrats @MStalker58 Well deserved win!
  3. I got this game last year for ps4, didn't even started it yet
  4. Wow, this was really close And this is the first time i've been eliminated in the first round Best of luck to all of you, and @MStalker58 i guess, you'll have to wait on your revenge a bit longer
  5. Yup, guess your plan is kinda working so far Good luck guys @MStalker58 @Kent10201 @Tearraven
  6. #132 - God of War Trophy of Zeus Unlock all God of War® Trophies #133 - God of War II Trophy of Gaia Unlock all God of War® II Trophies I finally decided to finish these first two games in the series. Both games were very good, even tho i liked the second one more. I encountered couple of glitches in the first game, but nothing game breaking. Only hard part in both games were the challenges, especially challenge #10 in the first game.
  7. I just beat it on all 3 difficulties. It works on bosses too.
  8. Thanks Same here, hopefully it will be another exciting match And me as a winner again
  9. #130 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Master of Unwritten Tales You have unlocked all trophies of "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2". This game turned out to be a lot longer then other point-and-click games i've played. Story had couple of laughs here and there, but honestly nothing special. There's couple of missable trophies and since there's no chapter select, i recommend using textual guide for it. Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 1/10 #131 - Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Saviour of The Lost Kingdom Obtain all Trophies I'm not a big fan of platformers, nor i'm very good at them, but this game was really easy. It kinda reminded me on Ben10, since there's quite a lot of Invizimals to play with. Being a Ps+ freebee, i would recommend this game, since it's a straight forward platinum, no missable trophies, and as i said, it's really easy. Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 2/10
  10. Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! (Hanzo x Crimson Squad) A Repertoire of 100 Completed 100 songs! (Doesn't matter if it's Story Mode, Arcade Mode or Free Mode.) Harem of a Hundred Saw 100 Specials
  11. Consider that win as your birthday gift
  12. And i'll be also joining the party #129 - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier A New Frontier Completed The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Some people like it. some people don't, i personally enjoyed this season. Yeah, it's not nowhere near Season 1. but it's much better then Season 2 imo. I was expecting for Clementine to be the main character. but Javier was also a very good protagonist. Story was very well driven and it had some great moments. Looking forward to Season 4, since by the look of it, it's going to happen for sure. Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty -/10 Platinum Screenshot
  13. Yup, that scares me the most But i'm hoping he's out of protein juice for this fixture We'll see how things turn out after this fixture
  14. Gokukoku No Brynhildr aka Brynhildr in the Darkness I heard of this anime cause of this video and just couldn't skip it lol It's so addicting