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  1. #165 - Batman: Arkham Asylum Platinum Trophy Platinum Trophy I'm really late to the party with this game, yh, i played ps3 version but i'm glad i did Batman is my favorite superhero and to get a chance to play as him was pretty awesome Game is really good and its really easy, even on hard. There are only two missable trophies which is okay. Challenge mode is a bit tough but i only had to replay 2 or 3 challenges to get all needed medals. But hardest trophy for me was Freeflow perfection - Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves. I've spent like an hour trying to get that trophy And what's worse, that trophy is also in Arkham City... And yeah.... I AM BATMAN! Enjoyment 9/10 - Difficulty 4/10
  2. #164 - One Piece: Pirate Warriors King of the majestic oceans of the world All Trophies acquired! Overall a very good game, especially if you're a fan of One Piece. But farming all the coins and getting 100k kills took all the fun out of it. Luckily i started grinding kills early on and got lucky with RNG, so it only took me around 40-50 hours to plat it. Enjoyment 8/10 - Difficulty 3/10
  3. Why should we change schedule? Same thing happened in one of the previous seasons (S16 maybe?) and nobody complained about it. Everyone's in the same boat during those days
  4. #163 - Star Wars Battlefront Platinum Trophy Collect all other STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Trophies Even tho i know most of the iconic heroes from SW universe, i'm not really into it, nor i watched any of those movies But, in a game itself i really enjoyed. Its the same as any other FPS, but this one had a lots of different modes and each one of them was interesting and unique. Platinum wasn't too hard, but there are some trophies that caused me quite a challenge (especially Survival Missions). I still need to grind to level 100. which is going to be really boring, but okay. And one thing for sure, i ain't buying Battlefront 2 Enjoyment 8/10 - Difficulty 4/10
  5. Everyone added and updated. Kratos won't be happy
  6. #159 - Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Difficulty 1/10 - Enjoyment 6/10 #160 - Rime The end is new beginning Obtain all trophies. Difficulty 2/10 - Enjoyment 8/10 #161 - F1 Race Stars Race Star Unlock all 49 trophies Difficulty 4/10 - Enjoyment 8/10
  7. Thanks, GG. Good luck in your last two fixtures
  8. #155 - inFamous 2 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy Collect all other inFAMOUS 2 Trophies Overall really awesome game. Liked good ending more then the evil one. Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 10/10
  9. I was mostly busy on that day, but i got 9 trophies
  10. #150 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Despair's Last Reward Earned every other trophy in the game Puhuhuhuhuhuhuh !!! Before i started, i kinda knew what to expect from the game, but still I had tons of fun with it! The main story is clever and every next chapter was better than the previous one, and more intense. Also the cast of characters is very different in terms of personality and charisma. . School mode was fun at first. I liked the resource management aspect, though it was a bit grind having to replay it 5 times to get each ending for each character. Nonetheless, the game has good visuals, good writing, good music and catchy gameplay that mixes a bunch of stuff, so it is overall very good. I would definitely recommend this game since it's a must have for every VITA owner Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 10/10
  11. #146 - Rise of the Tomb Raider Platinum You unlocked every trophy in the game Compared to previous TR game, this one had a more interesting story which takes place one year after previous one. As far as gameplay goes, it's the same as previous one, so no surprises there. Although they removed MP from base game and added Score Attack. There's a lots of collectibles in the game, so it might take awhile to get platinum, but still its a fun ride. Even tho i achieved my plat, there's still a lot of content (dlc's) i gotta finish. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 4/10 #147 - Helldivers The epitome of Super Earth Complete all Trophies. This game was fun at first but later got too repetitive. And its better to play it with friends. Trophies are easy but there are two grind ones, achieve level 25 and kill 100k enemies. It took me "only" 108 hrs to get platinum. Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 3/10