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  1. Congratulations mate Glad u finally finished the grind. @SonicChaos74
  2. And i just deleted the game couple of days ago.. lovely
  3. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut. Doing all side quests and getting all trading cards was such a chore..
  4. #201 - Muv-Luv Alternative Muv-Luv Alternative Aquire all trophies #202 - Super Destronaut DX Platinum Destronaut Get all the trophies #203 - NORN9 Var Commons NORN9VC Completionist You have unlocked all trophies! #204 - MotoGP 10/11 The Ultimate Prize Complete all other Trophies.
  5. Is there anyone with Ninja Gaiden 3 who can help me get 2 DLC trophies (weapon kills)? 😇

    1. thepeaguy


      Host a Gaming Session and players will be sure to help you.

    2. Whyfire


      Session is up for almost a week now, but i'm still waiting someone to join 😅

  6. Yeah sure, go ahead
  7. After a long time i can finally join the club My 200th Sword Art Online: Lost Song
  8. #199 - Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth C: R Master Obtain all trophies Got this game from PS+ awhile ago but didn't bother playing it since i'm not the biggest otome game fan. But it turn out to be a decent game, even tho i got to admit, i skipped... some... most of the text And that's because the routes tend to drag a bit towards the end and i usually found myself skipping dialogues just to get over with asap. Enjoyment 6/10 - Difficulty 1/10 #200 - Sword Art Online: Lost Song ALO's Strongest Player "You are an excellent fighter. The best I have ever seen." It took me awhile to get to this milestone but finally i got my 200th platinum. I didn't really know what game to pick for it, but since i'm a big SAO fan, this was a kinda obvious. Anyway, Lost Song is a sequel to Hollow Fragment and it takes place in Svart Alfheim, a set of floating continents in Alfheim Online. It's a very fun game to play, lot's of characters to select, having so many skills and weapon choices. The flying segment was a bit odd for me at the very beginning, but i got used to it eventually. So the main story and everything attached to it was great, but post game grind was a bit boring. 100 side quest, 100 extra quests, raise a sword skill to lvl 500, raise magic skill to lvl 500, unlock all skills for a sing character... Luckily, skill trophies could also be unlocked when an AI reached the requirements. All in all, great game with a bit of post game grind. Platinum time should take somewhere between 35-45 hrs. Enjoyment 10/10 - Difficulty 2/10
  9. #198 - Muv-Luv Muv-Luv Aquire all trophies. This VN is divided into two parts. First part EXTRA features main character Takeru who wakes up one morning to find a girl sleeping in his bed just in time as his neighbor Sumika comes to wake him up. So as the story progresses both girls compete for Takeru's affection and he has to chose one of the girls. So cliché Second part, UNLIMITED explains that BETA (aliens) invaded Earth and mankind fights back against them with mecha called Tactical Surface Fighters. There's not much similarities between two parts except some characters, so it doesn't matter much which one u start first. All in all, really chill and relaxing VN with interesting characters, dialogues, visuals and music. Enjoyment 7/10 - Difficulty -/10
  10. #196 - Ratchet & Clank The Hero of Heroes Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank I finally got around to playing this game and for me, it's probably the best R&C game in the entire franchise. It's very well done reboot of the first game with addition of some new things and characters. The game looked amazing. I wouldn't mind similar reboots for second and third game too, but a new game would be much better. Enjoyment 10/10 - Difficulty 2/10
  11. #195 - Dust: An Elysian Tale Mithrarin Awakening This game is amazing. The animation, music, gameplay, story and everything else. It's a story about fallen hero who "somehow" receives a second chance in life to redeem himself. In terms of platinum difficulty, its rather easy game even tho i had a bit of trouble at the very beginning. There's also 6 trials which are not too hard just really annoying (Trial 4). So if you haven't played it, i definitely recommend it. Enjoyment 10/10 - Difficulty 3/10
  12. Since i don't have too much free time, i only kept Far Cry PP active, and still updating it when i can. While God of War PP is closed for couple of months now. So if anyone wants to claim it, be my guest. Just mention me as the original creator
  13. #193 - Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Platinum Unlock every Trophy. #194 - Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Nothing much to tell. Both really easy games to relax and finish in couple of hours. Enjoyment 7/10 - Difficulty 1/10
  14. #192 - Alice Madness Returns Platinum For All Other Trophies Platinum For All Other Trophies After nearly 3 months break i got my first platinum Game was pretty fun to say at least, but i wasn't that much into it. Still it was nice to play as Alice in Wonderland. Also need to finish the DLC, but the controls are a bit odd, so i'm not really looking forward to it... Difficulty 3/10 - Enjoyment 8/10
  15. Updated. FC3 and FC3 Classic counts as one platinum...