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  1. #141 - Tekken 7 I'll Get Everything Back! Acquired All Trophies. Really enjoyed playing it. The story mode is okay, but I'm a little disappointed since i expected more. Each character ending is kinda cool although i wish they've added a bit more to it. I got promoted to a Warrior in Treasure Battle really fast (i think i had like 1 loss in 60 matches) so it was less grindy compared to TTT2. But during those matches only one Special match occurred and it was neither Akuma or Kazumi. So i had to play another 30ish matches just to battle two more Special matches Online is really easy, but i had a lot of trouble connecting to Online Tournament. T7 is one of the easiest fighting games but imo it's not worth the full price. Oh, yeah i used Lili the whole time, cuz she's the best Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 3/10
  2. Congrats @voodoo_eyes !! Well deserved win..
  3. I like this one from Fast Five, Vin Diesel vs The Rock. Probably the best fight scene in the whole franchise...
  4. Added.
  5. #140 - Diablo III Diablo III Platinum Trophy Collected all other Diablo III Trophies. This game was in my backlog for almost two years, other games always had a priority over this one. I had a fun time playing through D3 and what I like the most about this game is a sense of progression. You can see your character actually developing as you play the game when you keep leveling and discovering different builds. Story itself wasn't much interesting, it was kinda dull tbh. But since i was more interested in gameplay, this didn't bothered me too much. Since this is an RPG, I was expecting some major amounts of grinding that would result in attempting to plat this game much less interesting. Completing the game's story itself (5 times) was not much of a problem, go through four acts, kills bosses, go through dungeons, kill stuff, and you know... simple stuff. But getting 5M gold, well that was a grind. And it's the only trophy and aspect of the game that i really hated At first i wanted to play with Barbarian, but i picked Demon Hunter instead. Once i unlocked majority of his skills, it was too OP I might pick D3: Reaper of Souls sometime, but that will probably take awhile. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 5/10
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  7. If it's still possible, i would like to join. Here's my list: BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Exist Archive Mamorukun Curse MeiQ Mind Zero Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Muramasa Rebirth Omega Quintet Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Resident Evil Revelations 2 SAO Re: Hollow Fragment Sorcery Saga Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World The Asterisk War Phoenix Fiesta The Caligula Effect Transformers Devastation Vanquish Yakuza 4 Ys Origin
  8. This is only the second time that i didn't score a single point in a fixture. I almost had you @CjShai
  9. Tales of Hearts R
  10. Well, as much as i would like to have another close fixture against you (and of course to win it again ), due to my lack of free time to play games or at least to pull up big scores, you'll have this win easily. So. yea, Proteinman is all yours
  11. Plat #139 - Spy Chameleon. I wanted to play this game to relax, but nope, this was everything but relaxing :rolleyes:

  12. #137 - Trine 3: The Artifact of Power Icing The Cake Earn all Trophies in Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Not much to say. Its short, easy and a bit annoying at the times. Story felt unfinished, but judging by the end, i guess there's gonna be another game?! Enjoyment 6/10 Difficulty 2/10
  13. Cool new avy! I almost didn't recognize you :awesome: 

    1. Lucas


      Haha, thanks :lol:. Yeah, I really like this one. Probably my favorite avatar so far ^_^.