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  1. #175 - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Hope's Last Reward Earned every other trophy in the game Like in the first game, the story is brilliant. But this time story takes place on Jabberwock Island instead of school. Murder cases and class trials are interesting and there are some new mini-games added during those, which i really didn't like. The new characters are great and they have very interesting background stories. The ones I liked most are Chiaki, Ibuki, and Nagito. Besides the story mode there's also Island Mode and the Magical girl Monomi mini-game. Island Mode is the same as School Mode from the first game and just as boring. It took me 4 playthroughs to fill every characters report cards and obtain their endings. The Magical girl Monomi mini-game is even worse and i think it was completely unnecessary. There are 6 levels where Monomi fights Monobeasts from the story. Completing each level is okay but there's a trophy to obtain 60 pieces of equipment. All of them are random drops and it's possible to get the same item multiple times. It took me somewhere between 8-10 hours to get all of them which took all the fun out of it. All in all, it was a really great game, but i have to say, Trigger Happy Havoc was a bit better. Enjoyment 10/10 - Difficulty 3/10
  2. #173 - Eventide: Slavic Fable Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Very easy hidden object game like any other Artifex Mundi game. It was much shorter then other titles since it required only one playthrough. Enjoyment 7/10 - Difficulty 2/10 #174 - Demetrios Cynical master Unlock all trophies in Demetrios. Demetrios is a simple, yet very interesting point-and-click game with a lot of "toilet" humor Characters are weird and the story is quite interesting. I really enjoyed in this game, so i can recommend it. And it's only couple of hours long platinum. Enjoyment 9/10 - Difficulty 2/10
  3. #172 - Far Cry Classic Paradise Memoirs Unlock All Trophies in FarCry Classic. With this game whole FC series is now completed/platted, well until FC5 Unlike later titles, Classic is unfortunately full of glitches and occasional freezing. The PS3 port is awful, and even tho i was looking forward playing it, it was a real chore to finish. The story is kinda boring and the ending was disappointing imo. Okay, enough about that lol On a side note, platinum is easy, so that's the only reason you should play this game, otherwise you can just skip it and play other FC games. Enjoyment 5/10 - Difficulty 3/10
  4. Updated, congrats! Everyone added and updated. I apologize for long-awaited OP update
  5. #170 - Steins;Gate 0 To the Promised Land 100% Completed Steins;Gate 0. Even tho i think that first one was better, SG0, like it's predecessor, is an actual masterpiece. Definitely recommended Enjoyment 9/10 - Difficulty 1/10 #171 - Dark Arcana: The Carnival Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Not much to tell about this one. Its a typical hidden object Artifex Mundi game. Very short but still interesting enough. Enjoyment 7/10 - Difficulty 1/10
  6. #169 - Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Trophy Complete You have obtained all trophies I can't say much about this game, it was alright i guess. Story wise it was interesting in some parts, but in the others was just meh So i may or may not have skipped some parts Personally mini game wasn't really that bad but i felt it was really pointless. Enjoyment 6/10 - Difficulty 1/10
  7. Congrats on the Plat win @ericperez18 well deserved. I was a bit burnt out from previous season, so i didn't give you a proper match, but will be waiting for you next season (probably) @Toxi you got this m8 And good luck to other participants in CWC too.
  8. #168 - XBlaze Lost: Memories Omnipotent Obtained all of the trophies in the game. This is a decent VN to play but if it wasn't free on plus i probably wouldn't even play it. I did follow the story at the beginning and didn't just skip everything. But even tho, story was just meh with way too much conversation Difficulty 1/10 - Enjoyment 6/10
  9. #167 - Bioshock Infinite Platinum Columbia Acquire all other trophies It took me awhile to start Infinite, but i'm glad i finally did. This game definitely become one of my favorite games. I didn't really enjoy previous Bioshock games, but this one was different. Story was amazing, although at the end i spent like 20 mins trying to figure out wtf happened?! So yeah, ending was a bit confusing at first, but during second playthrough all made sense. 1999 mode was a decent challenge but all other trophies are easy, and most of them are kill related or just collecting stuff. Next will probably be DLC's, which i really wanna play and see what's going on in those. Difficulty 4/10 - Enjoyment 10/10
  10. Nah, don't worry. I'm looking forward beating you again next season
  11. This. I personally used Labrys since i didn't have DLC, but yeah, Margaret is the easiest one to master for all challenges.
  12. Thanks. I would say i'm a decent player. Game is hard, but its much easier then other Persona game. Challenges are tricky, especially ones between 25 - 30, but as i said with a bit of practice and some yt videos, it's very doable
  13. #166 & Trophy #8000 - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Thou Art I You mastered Persona 4 Arena Ultimax! Pretty much enjoyable game. Only boring part was getting to level 30 in online and Golden Arena towards the end. Also platinum was not too hard except some of the challenges, but all of them are manageable with some practice. Enjoyment 8/10 - Difficulty 5/10
  14. Weeblympics #1 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (UR 1.49%) Pretty much enjoyable game. Only boring part was getting to level 30 in online and Golden Arena towards the end. Also platinum was not too hard except some of the challenges, but all of them are manageable with some practice.
  15. #165 - Batman: Arkham Asylum Platinum Trophy Platinum Trophy I'm really late to the party with this game, yh, i played ps3 version but i'm glad i did Batman is my favorite superhero and to get a chance to play as him was pretty awesome Game is really good and its really easy, even on hard. There are only two missable trophies which is okay. Challenge mode is a bit tough but i only had to replay 2 or 3 challenges to get all needed medals. But hardest trophy for me was Freeflow perfection - Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves. I've spent like an hour trying to get that trophy And what's worse, that trophy is also in Arkham City... And yeah.... I AM BATMAN! Enjoyment 9/10 - Difficulty 4/10