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  1. Np, And sure you can
  2. I have Rifles. 1 AM-16gruppa, 2 Kramer assault rifle, 3 l36 Halberd, 4 m41a2 Pulse Rifle, 5 M41a3 Burst Rifle, 6 M42a2 Scout Rifle, 7 M42a3 Sniper Rifle, 8 Twilight V.4, 9 X46 Ballista Flechette Rifle. CQC, 10 dt-57 Medved, 11 lem mp11 stromsurge, 12 m37a3 pump shotgun, 13 m39 submachine gun, 14 type 21 tactical shotgun, 15 type 76 auto shotgun, 16 type 99 incinerator, 17 x43 barrage flecgette smg. Hand gun. 18 kramer .50 magnum, 19 kramer short barrel, 20 m10 auto pistol, 21 rapid responder, 22 twinhammer, 23 type 78 burst pistol, 24 type 95 combat pistol, Heavy 25 256a3 smartgun, 26 m12 rpg launcher, 27 m12a1 rocket launcher, 28 m94 impact grenade, 29 m95 grenade launcher, 30 ocap-91 volcan. and the 31st is the Heirloom standoff shotgun dlc weapon
  3. Just intense, we was farming it for xp for the weapons. I double checked to make sure I have 30 and I do. and I know for a fact my mate got the trophy with a gun still to go because he used it after to lvl it up. but that was the dlc weapon
  4. I have 30 weapons with out the dlc shotgun. One of the guy's who got it has 31 weapons with the dlc. my mate just got the 30 on ps4 and he still has another weapons to max out and he has the dlc shotgun
  5. Yeah you're right. my friends got another weapon from a mission reward on Intense and I got another weapon that's different to them.
  6. The same 2 intel glitched for me and 2 of my friends so we're all 37 out of 39. By the looks of things there's only 26 weapons and you need 30 lvl 4 for a trophy so that's a bit sus
  7. I got millionaire the first game I hosted. Collector is glitched a community manager on their Reddit said it'll be fixed soon, but that mite only be on steam
  8. I'm pretty sure collector is glitched me and a friend have everything and it hasn't popped. we're two rift lords of being done with everything else my guess without a glitch it'll be around a 20-30 hour plat
  9. Collector, I have everything and the it hasn't popped. Millionaire. I have been playing co-op all day and with a friend they got it but I haven't. As you get the same coin and I've spent all mine every game this could be glitched, been about 4 hours of play since they got it
  10. How much of the trophy's can be done with a friend in co op
  11. We're a two and can't get past well watch on nightmare we've done all the other nightmare missions. The bots just wonder into the middle and die and one of us gets hooked or sneaky stabbed and it's game over.
  12. If you play ranked you'll probably play vs people of the same skill. The lag could be your internet as I play a lot and never have lag.
  13. How long on average would it take per person to boost the 1k predator kills?
  14. I didn't transfer data. I have been connected at all times, when it disconnects me I wait in till it reconnect before I continue playing
  15. I've done all 3 story missions in Dubai and It hasn't given me the trophy. I asked a friend who's done it if there was a secret mission and he said no