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  1. #31- Soulcalibur II HD The Soul series ranks among my favourite fighting series. I can't tell the amount of time I've played Soulcalibur 3 with my group of friends. Soulcalibur II is a great game, with a variety of modes, characters and weapons to unlock. Anyone who knows this series will surely recognise all its quality and trademarks in this game as well. This is a must both for average players and trophy hunters, as it's not a difficult platinum. Still, while many people rank this as the best game of the series, for me the third takes that distincton... the league system was great for having a group of people play matches among them I can only hope for an HD remaster of SC3.
  2. Soulcalibur 3 is the best in the series for me. Have so many good memories of playing with a group of friends back on PS2 I would definitely buy a HD remaster.
  3. #30- Assassin's Creed II Having only played the first Assassin's Creed, I can say it was good but the second is everything the first was and much more. It pretty much improves almost everything and the story is definitely the highlight for me ☺️ Fantastic game!
  4. I've run into the exact same problem. I've just finished sequence 4 and the trophy didn't pop Besides, I've also been denied the trophies for the first two Assassin's Tombs... Well, I'll delete the game data and start from scratch, hope now everything goes alright. It's the first time I'm getting glitched trophies.
  5. #29 - Prototype Very good game. It was my first time playing it, despite being an old game, and I loved the gameplay. It felt so good unlocking all the abilities and stomping on both the military and the hunters who gave me some trouble in the beginning The platinum itself wasn't easy at all, especially because of the horrible movement events but in time and with loads of patience I was able to do it
  6. Can you add me too, please? I've the platinum for Last Rebellion πŸ™‚ Thank you
  7. Can you add me too, please? I have the platinum for RE5 πŸ™‚
  8. #28 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution This has to be one of the best games I have ever played. I honestly loved everything about it: the plot, the characters (Adam Jensen was a really strong and charismatic protagonist), the voice acting, the soundtrack (that Icarus Main Theme 😌), everything really. It gives the player plenty of different ways to complete the objectives so the gameplay is varied. I've played it 3 times always keeping me entertained and engaged. Definitely a must play in my opinion!
  9. #27 - Sound Shapes An easy game, no wonder it's so popular among trophy hunters The only hard part is Death Mode, which made me rage hard. It's doable, I knew that but still I tend to have a problem with luck based games when the AI and rigged mehcanics make it impossible to get to the goal. Persistence is key here - considering it's not skill-based, it will be a matter of time until a good combination comes up.
  10. The Death mode made me rage a lot but keep trying and your persistence will pay off.... eventually Luck based games always put me on edge
  11. #26 Hotline Miami Now I'll say this game is different from any I've recently played. The gameplay and game visuals have a very retro style, almost felt like I was playing on my old Mega Drive back when I was younger. For those who haven't played this yet I recommend you get it, at least for the soundtrack, which is absolutely stellar. Even if electronic music is not a genre you like I'm sure this soundtrack will grow on you and of course, I also have to mention the game plot. I won't spoil anything but it sure is a trippy ride, to say the least. The platinum itself isn't difficult and won't take long when you start to understand the game mechanics that are behind the grading system.
  12. #25 Velocity Ultra Good and fun game, especially recommended to fans of arcade shooters. This isn't merely a copy of space invaders; in fact the game mechanics are both simple and complex. The game leads us during the first couple of levels and introduces the teleport. In later levels there will be plenty of mazes and challenging levels. Keep in mind that if you're going for the platinum, you will be repeating the levels over and over again until you master the gameplay and memorize the obstacles in your path. Yes, it is frustranting (very frustrating at times) but it is equally rewarding when you finally get a perfect on the level you were struggling with. That sense of relief and accomplishment isn't something we find in many games
  13. #24: Tron Evolution Despite being a movie game, it is actually good for the fans of the movies and still decent for everybody else. I found my 1st playthrough a little bit frustratring during some parts but after getting the hang of the controls and leveling up my character I had plenty of fun, especially on my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs. A game I recommend if you can get it for a decent price
  14. The game is huge and so much fun. I've completed it some months ago and still play it every once in a while. Are you focusing more on the main island or are you having fun on the archipelagoes at the south? I completed almost everything on the south, dunno why I always found myself there blowing things up
  15. Could you please sign me up for Titan? I have the platinums for GoW I, II, III, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Thanks