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  1. Nice avatar, name, and collection of plats.


    Is your name a reference to something? (Sylvan Vos)


    Grats on Demon's Souls plat :)

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      Thanks for reply. Your avatar kinda looks like something Cthulu-ish. Ah kos....or some say kosm xD


      Ooo we got to get you to play Dead Space 1 then, one of the best games of all time!

    3. Sylan Vos

      Sylan Vos

      Hehe I definitely will play that game, just don't know when :P I still have many other games that I haven't even started yet ^^

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      Lol I just noticed, after zooming in, your avatar is Rita Repulsa, it looks like something else if you don't zoom in, or I am just blind.


      Yeah we drowning in games X_X