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  1. It’s a good game! I bought it on the Switch a while back. It’s challenging but once ya get the hang of it the game is a bit easier. I think playing the archer is more preferable to me so that you have distance from enemies since they can take more than one health price away from you.
  2. I swear I can’t get to 300,000 points. Closest I’ve got was like around 277,000 points. It might be easier on other consoles likely but Jesus it’s ridiculous. You can’t see enemies spawning so you’ll end up running into them by accident.
  3. The trophies are likely the first few that you’ll get, I do know when trophies were trying to sync the game wouldn’t show up on the trophy list. I think it’s an issue with the system or wi-fi. Ugh I wish it was easier to explain this but what happened is just strange.
  4. I did all that before, deleted the save file, deleted the game and reinstalled it, they still didn’t pop up even if I do em again.
  5. So this is a really odd glitch that happened a long while back that I think involves the system, when I first played this game when I bought it the trophy list wouldn’t come up (wouldn’t sync up) at the time I didn’t pay no mind, but I’ve noticed that I can’t get these trophies at all even if I play it again and again, is there any way to get the trophies or am I screwed out of getting these three all because of a stupid glitch?
  6. So this is an issue I have with this, I’ve beaten the game but I haven’t been able to locate the last Boguin, I explored every area on where they would appear but no dice. Is there something I’m missing? I should mention this too, but the little island where they would be, I don’t see em. Am I supposed to find em elsewhere or did I just run into a glitch?
  7. I got it now, thank you. I thought I would’ve had to do a lot of messing around on my Playstation settings.
  8. Okay now I got it. Thanks.
  9. You mean the thing on the main page? I did.
  10. So do I need to do something specific to get em connected?
  11. So I’m confused, I’m told that my forum thing isn’t connected to my PSN, how do I get em both connected?
  12. I changed my PSN username a while back, it won’t screw up with this will it?
  13. Well I just got the premiumfor a year and nothing I see is letting me edit it.
  14. Where from my account settings, is it not possible to do on smart phone?