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  1. So this is an issue I have with this, I’ve beaten the game but I haven’t been able to locate the last Boguin, I explored every area on where they would appear but no dice. Is there something I’m missing? I should mention this too, but the little island where they would be, I don’t see em. Am I supposed to find em elsewhere or did I just run into a glitch?
  2. I got it now, thank you. I thought I would’ve had to do a lot of messing around on my Playstation settings.
  3. Okay now I got it. Thanks.
  4. You mean the thing on the main page? I did.
  5. So do I need to do something specific to get em connected?
  6. So I’m confused, I’m told that my forum thing isn’t connected to my PSN, how do I get em both connected?
  7. I changed my PSN username a while back, it won’t screw up with this will it?
  8. Well I just got the premiumfor a year and nothing I see is letting me edit it.
  9. Where from my account settings, is it not possible to do on smart phone?
  10. I want to be able to change it since I no longer want to use this name.
  11. I got to admit, the fact this game is for PS4 is STAGgering. :3
  12. Stupid question, if 1,000,000 downloaded the game, then how come I only see 14,694 and beyond game owners on here?
  13. I don't know if anyone else had this issue, but this game seems to have an annoyance of suddenly crashing when I go into menus, and apparently as I was playing this game getting pictures from previous areas, the game crashed and I lost my save file. So I lost ALL of my progress. This is a huge issue if it can suddenly do that to you.
  14. Great, NOW they release this in the US. XP