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  1. So for harvesting 5000 of a type of veggie, do you have to do it on one board of the game or do I get it without closing the game at all? Edit: Nevermind I got it. It was just a long grind through multiple boards. You just don’t close the game.
  2. Lol nope, even if I could make games I wouldn’t make achievement/trophy booster stuff like this. XP
  3. I joked about there should be The Jumping Shake, now they got The Jumping Soda! My jumping food combo meal is now complete!!
  4. Okay an update I haven’t gotten around to saying. NOW my PS Vita analog doesn’t make moving to the left constantly (left it alone for a few days) however now I can’t move left and right at all, it only registers up and down movements. Is it a problem with the wiring or something? Do I have to take it apart to fix it now?
  5. I’d have to make a list and think all of em, but I do have one. MOP: Operation Cleanup, frustrating gameplay where you’re constantly moving in one direction with some moments where the direction you’re going changes, finicky jumping where it’s easy to overshoot and undershoot objects you have to get and/or avoid making completing certain missions harder than they should be, has the occasional frame jumping glitch (like it’ll stop and suddenly move to the next part quickly if that makes sense) despite the game being 2D. But yeah, it’s the type of gameplay that can easily piss you off, it’s not challenging in a good way.
  6. I just want to get it just so I can have the option to use it when I play the game. XP
  7. So I’m trying to unlock 1984 and I heard one of the secondary methods to unlock it is by playing in Effect Mode and choose any mode on the date of June the 6th (when Tetris got first created). I’ve played multiple times on different modes to get it come up but nothing comes, was the date method only accessible for a limited time or is there something I’m missing?
  8. Turbo Edition huh? No thanks I’ll wait for the Championship Edition, I’m sure they’ll be more perfectly balanced.
  9. The Jumping Shake, my jumping food meal series must be complete. I sure hope they do The Jumping Burrito as well, that’ll be a neat spin off. I wonder if they’ll do The Jumping Salad Wrap?
  10. And now my left stick is completely unresponsive now, before it would just constantly keep moving to the right, I tried circling the stick around and now there is like no response no matter which direction I put it. So pretty much any games that require the left analog stick I’m screwed with being able to play now.
  11. Okay, since I should mention this, earlier I was dealing with not being able to log on due to a 2 step verification thing I needed to activate in order to get my Vita to connect. After relenting and activating the 2 step authentication, I noticed now I no longer need to constantly log onto PSN. It’s only just now recent but whether this will stick or not I’m glad this issue has dissipated for the time being.
  12. I did the generate password thing and it still didn’t work, only reason it doesn’t work is because I don’t have 2 step activation on at all but the system STILL thinks it’s that. EDIT: After messing around with PSN and the 2 step thing I no longer deal with that issue now, it’s just odd you NEED to have it on just to get it to work.
  13. So I just received this problem last night when it came to trying to sign in on the Vita. My regular password I couldn’t use to log in because of something with a 2-step verification method. Thing is, I don’t have the 2-step method activated for logging on and when I go on my systems. I did activate it briefly just to get it to work (which I managed to connect), generated a password, but I deactivated it afterwards when I needed to do something on the PSN on that system. Is there any way to fix it? Do I have to keep 2-step verification on JUST to play on the Vita? All of this just feels like a massive inconvenience for me.
  14. Bumping this again, I still get issues for online network stuff for games as mentioned earlier. Error code NP-5910-5 comes up for some of em. No clue if it’s the Vita itself or it’s because of PlayStation and PSN.
  15. No I had it on the 4 for a while, it was just recently I wanted to go back to it. I don’t want to delete the save cause I don’t want to go through the trouble of unlocking everything all over again. XP I don’t think it could be that. I hope.