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  1. Oh I’ve had that issue before, I got it taken care of for now with actually deactivating and reactivating my Vita, fortunately no issues with that again yet for me. But yeah, seems there’s like more and more things happening on the Vita in regards to internet or it’s just me.
  2. So I don’t why this is happening, but recently I’ve noticed on my Vita I have to constantly log onto the PSN for when I need to go on the PlayStation Store or use PS Plus cloud save feature. Usually it’s automatic for logging in but another issue I also noticed is that games that use network features on the Vita (leaderboards for example) just don’t seem to work now for some reason even if I manually log in, of course this also means games that have cross save features for me are now unavailable. I’m not sure if it’s my Vita or it’s something that’s going on among PlayStation servers. Also I don’t know about any issues for buying any PS Vita games, I can still download stuff I’ve gotten but I haven’t confirmed about buying as I haven’t gotten any lately.
  3. Lol, I did look at Breakthrough Gaming’s catalogue of games a while back, a part of me felt like this was gonna come on here after seeing all those Project Summer Ice games being put onto the PS4. Just saying now, we’ll likely see Zippy the Circle come on here soon. Btw, it’s kind of weird, but I’m oddly fascinated with what this person is doing putting out these Christian themed games onto here. It’s like all those Christian games on the NES by Wisdom Tree like Bible Adventures and Bible Buffet haha. XP
  4. Lol, I’m being sarcastic, bet you later this year there’s gonna be a Thanksgiving Break.
  5. I sure can’t wait for Burger Break to come out next.
  6. I messed up, I need to find another now, if there is anyone. I didn’t even realize closing the game would erase it. Will accept anyone if I need to.
  7. Seriously? That’s kind of a pain.
  8. I recently discovered this issue on my Vita, but the weird thing is, the only game affected by it is Break Quest Extra Evolution, I checked some of my other games for any drifting movement and they don’t have any. I guess for me it’s extremely subtle and only happens with a game that requires a lot of precision movements.
  9. Well if any consolation, the updated version Overdose is still available on PS4, PC, and Switch so it’s not like it’s gone forever.
  10. I thank you for this, the last piece I had no idea where to look and got annoyed backtracking everywhere finding the thing, it was satisfying finally finding it, btw for me the trophy did glitch (I think it was cause of internet in my place earlier) and I couldn’t get it the first time I got all the gun parts, fortunately I had a saved file on the cloud and after the second attempt I got it. But seriously though, this game is very awful even if it was on sale. I’ve no intention of trying to beat it due to how unfair the difficulty is to it.
  11. So since I’ve tried a few of these titles by The Voices Games out of curiosity and for the 50¢ price tag it’s got, I think from most of the ones they put out this one stands out pretty decently. I’ve yet to beat it and get everything in it but this one seems to have a bit of a challenge.
  12. Well I could go for this before it’s too late, maybe help someone that doesn’t have it like me. Both helping each other out.
  13. So since I can find so little of help with this on the internet, to get this trophy, do I need to have a total of 200 avatar uses or use like this much in a single game or so? I looked at some people saying the trophy is glitchy and I can say the game is a bit glitchy trophy-wise. Ya gotta quit the game and start it up again if it doesn’t pop. This one bothers me though, is there anything I have to do specific?
  14. This game is now unfortunately no longer available to buy now, for PS4 and WiiU at least. It’s still available on Steam however so there’s that. It’s not a bad platformer, the later areas in the game get very tricky however for constantly switching between the foreground and background and jumping through all the obstacles.
  15. It’s a good game! I bought it on the Switch a while back. It’s challenging but once ya get the hang of it the game is a bit easier. I think playing the archer is more preferable to me so that you have distance from enemies since they can take more than one health price away from you.