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  1. If you are looking for a Maduin then message me either here or on PSN and I'll try to get back with you ASAP. It's more reliable to reach me on PSN, but I'll be popping in here occasionally.
  2. These mini-games are a little rage inducing, but you'll probably beat most of them within 10 attempts or so and they're mercifully short. Especially since people have now documented how many points you need and various tips to beat them. None are as pointlessly meandering and tedious as lightning dodging and they don't "seem" as bad as Chocobo Racing, but getting the Maduin Memento seems to be a source of frustration for people. Suffice if to say, you need a Maduin to 100% the Mirage Manual for a trophy, so I'll extend this: If you buy the game and you run into this problem, message me and I'll hook you up with a Maduin. Provided you buy the PS4 version since PSV can't trade online.
  3. It has to be done by doing the intervention in the tea room and can't be obtained by doing the minigame in the twin's room.
  4. I'll trade you a maduin. I've been fulfilling requests for it all week. PSN ID: capnstubing
  5. The Tidus minigame has a bottom score requirement of 3,000. None actually got to me. Over the years I've become an adept at "God awful, sh***y Minigames". Also, graph paper works wonders when going for the Maduin's Memento.
  6. Yes, Lann must be unstacked and Yes, you can refight queen quachos in the coliseum and refight the queen herself by talking to her with Reynn in the post-script in her throne room.
  7. Looking for: Nothing in particular Offering: Maduin(s) PSN ID: capnstubing