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  1. A lot of people are i reckon lack of games that keep you entertained past completion
  2. Decided to play this yesterday after finishing championships i went for the 1mil drift 30-40mins i got it, takes a good 10-15 to learn where to turn to maintain your drift but its not to hard
  3. Dont know if its anywhere else but you can obtain this by hitting 1 car in the chase events as they only have the 1 opponent lol
  4. ^post that in other thread with people saying its impossible lol
  5. ok restarted my mkx did kung lao boom trophy
  6. i have done all 10 hit combos twice in kustom kombat and the knockout trophy has not popped..
  7. is anyone able to work out when you get juggle combat came back to this game to finish just need invasion 1v1 then the 10 hits i know i can do this legit but i honestly cbf combo moves do my head in at points and im a lazy mofo lol
  8. nope^ all mission b and c 100% but platinum stuck at 86%
  9. got last car on bout game 130-135 pretty sure i had chaged my car before i started as well so it may not register wins properly for them i dont exactly know but yea haha if you get stuck get another few wins on each car should pop eventually
  10. if you have a vita and can get internet while out could remote play lol
  11. alright hopefully bit weird then how it unlocks would think i would get it at 100+ compared to 50
  12. i got about 5 wins on all the cars except last one few have up to 20+ on about 115-120 games but the last car hasnt unlocked had someone i was playing with earlier get all cars without getting a win on all so am i possibly glitched or have some people unlocked it last?
  13. hopefully it will fix it, yea i know where all 8 are off by heart and know exact location for all packages, in the process of another quarantine run with such low weapons again -.- such a drain
  14. ive done them solo 4 times 3 times on new save offline as well, one was new game + on that run they didnt pop properly only had to do 1 the rest were automatically finished when i entered. im 1 off plat and i have been doing quarantine zones all night i want to snap my disc any ideas? i did them with a mate he got it on the 5th one :@
  15. Now that the stats are not tracked properly saving helps actually keep it tracked i saved each time, pese did not and it glitched on pese but popped straight away for myself and the others who saved.. Could be a myth but from what ive seen its not