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  1. Pretty sure Diablos is missable. I think you can get most of the GFs later in the game if missed, but there's only one opportunity for him. Haven't played the game in ages, but I can't wait to get back into it. Too bad there isn't a trophy for collecting all the cards.
  2. Uncharted 4 Shovel Knight
  3. Personally I would rather the game be fun and that's all that really matters. If its ultra rare there's a high chance it just isn't very fun.
  4. Dawn of the Dead Evil Dead 2 It (remake) can't wait for the sequel The Thing Childs Play
  5. They're common. Basically it will work with most of the enemies in the DLC aside from the statue gaurdians. Just go to the Forts and farm them. Didn't try the overseers, but it did work with the captains.
  6. It's a good 7-8 hours. Keep eps freeing the humans in mind before the conquest battle, but the game keeps a rediculous amount of auto saves. Even if you screwed up its the last mission and you can just reload one of the 8 or so auto saves.
  7. So, the conquest battle isn't repeatable in the DLC?
  8. I've enjoyed several of them, but they are what is to be expected. Sony Rewards also factors into it. I played a bunch bunch of them back to back when they went on sale and racked up $40 from Sony, so free games/plats.
  9. Personally I just ignore NG + DLC trophies and am happy to see they're not required for the plat. Lots of games require multiple play throughs on different difficulties or have NG+ in their list such as Arkham Knight. If I really enjoy the game I don't mind playing it more than once, but if I'm looking at doing the exact same thing for 30+ hours then more often than not it's a chore to get through it.
  10. Dead Space Dragon Age Origins Fallout 3
  11. They've made games with missable trophies. The Wolf Among Us Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Back to the Future Other earlier titles. I don't exactly see how making any of them missable is going to change the experience of a Telltale game for the better. I didn't exactly like revisiting sections to collect collectables in the Wolf Among Us. Seemed kind of pointless.
  12. I remember it being enjoyable, but honestly more than half of it is cut and paste from Black Flag. What I remember the most is that they added a few extra catchy songs for the sailors to sing aboard the ship such as "Donkey Riding", but most of the soundtrack is even the same as Black Flag. The stories different, the protagonist is different, and they added a few small changes to gameplay. Honestly this wouldn't be a day one purchase for me. AC games go on sale often enough.
  13. You actually have to do all of the races. Using the cheat codes to unlock characters does not count. There are also 1 or 2 races that don't unlock until you have completed other requirements I believe. The only actual glitch I encountered in the game was Stan Lee. Trophy popped at 49/50 and I still had the one in Knowhere to complete. Icon was deep below the volcano in Asgard.
  14. Looks very similar to Rapala fishing on PS3. As soon as all the Monster Fish locations are found it should be an easy Plat.
  15. I'm really looking forward to replaying this one. I thought there would have been a trophy for obtaining the Zodiac Spear. There could have even been a trophy for obtaining a Ribbon. I remember farming Ribbons for hours trying to get enough of them for my party. Should be fun.