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  1. Going on the dev's twitter page to see if they were aware of the glitched DLC trophies, I remember reading that the earliest you can start Faster, Baby! is after you have your first sit down with all three of your associates.
  2. Thanks so much for the write up! From what you experienced I'm under the impression that you actually had the trophy just behave as intended (you lucky bastard). With this assumption, I'm led to believe it is a glitch similar in nature to the Tomb Raider glitch I wrote about: "...where at one point the best workaround was just: copy a save file to USB > finish the last mission > hope the trophy popped > if it didn't, overwrite current save with the old one > finish the last mission again > hope the trophy popped > etc.)." The trophy in question popped sometimes when fulfilling the requirements, but often did not. People used this functioning workaround which made it apparent the trophy pretty much popped by chance based on undetermined background factors. So what my last attempt will probably be is just reloading my old save, holding onto mines for a while into the DLC and start accurately counting kills to about 28-29, upload this new save state to a different USB (optional, but that way i get to keep my save with the maxed out greenhouse, my safe, completed save from before the DLC without any mine kills, and this new 28-29 kills one for convenience - saved locally), and try to get the trophy to pop over and over until it works. Otherwise I'll have to just be patient and see if someone can find a workaround or a patch fixes the problem. I'm optimistic though, since this method is somewhat general and has worked with similar trophy issues. EDIT: Would also like to know if you did this in a single play session (did you start from 0 and go to 30 kills in a single session without closing the game?). UPDATE: Tried the old save file strategy a couple times and just did 0 to 30 kills in one session. Neither work for me. Seems to be down to luck more or less. My best next guess is attempting this from a new save file, but I'll probably just wait for a patch.
  3. Ok so I realize I technically didn't try two things outside trying a different save file. I didn't try killing enemies outside of Sinclair Parish and on-foot, non-direct-hit kills. So I addressed both of these scenarios by heading to one of the racket side mission areas (weed smuggling for the Hollows faction in the Bayou) and throwing mines around or at the feet of a group of two enemies (so that the mine would go off based on proximity rather than being in direct contact with an enemy). Left to reset the area after killing two and repeated until I counted over 30 kills. This also didn't work so it may just be a problem with the game properly communicating "Hey, the trophy requirements are fulfilled!" I'll try a different save file sometime today and see how that goes since IMO all of the methods I've tried (literally every possible method) do not work. Oh and I'm curious if you felt you got 30 kills before getting your trophy to pop or if you think you somehow 'fixed' the trophy by doing it they way you did. Would help me figure out what's happening. Thanks.
  4. Nakurwiator91's situation addresses the last scenario I haven't looked into which is mine kills outside the DLC area (since almost all of my existing kills were almost exclusively inside Sinclair Parish. I'll test this out later today probably. Didn't think it was worth looking into since using the zone as a random constraint is especially dumb IMO compared to the other methods I was using. Think I have probably 5 mine kills outside Sinclair Parish from yesterday though it shouldn't take long to test this theory.
  5. Thinking it's glitched too. Some people have it but there are posts on other forums reporting the same problem on Xbox and PC. I'm wondering if the way you use the mine matters cause you can just go for direct hits, plant it on foot and hope an enemy patrols over it, or drop/ throw one out of your car during a police chase. Either way I'm probably sitting some where over 100 total mine kills atm. Started counting around what I assume was like 50 kills, so something is definitely wrong with the tracking on this trophy. To elaborate on what I did and am doing currently: BEFORE: A good farming spot (unless this application of the mine doesn't count for some reason) is the DLC mission "A Good Man" where you drive to the Southern Union bar. I drove up the road and sneaked through the left side, stealth-killing the guard with his back to the main door and the guard looking out a window towards a dock behind the bar. Throwing a doll near the back door of the bar attracts 6 nearby guards. After they clumped up I threw a mine directly at one of the enemies in this cluster (for an on-contact-explosion) then left the way I came, driving until the area reset (the objective changes back to something like "go to the Southern Union bar"). I did this about 4 times at this location, and a few other times at other locations using a similar AoE lure strategy totaling to about 50 kills. NOW: I'm testing the car chase strategy to see if these kills count. I'll be dropping mines out of the window into the path of pursuing police cars, exhausting my mine inventory, escaping, and then resupplying to do it again. I should be back in a bit to post the results of this strategy. My backup plan is that I have a previous complete save file on a USB drive (from one of the two playthroughs I did for the platinum) and I'll try reinstating that save to try getting 30 kills again if/or when I feel like it. Since some people have earned the trophy it could be just super finicky like the Rise of the Tomb Raider 'complete all side-missions' trophy (where at one point the best workaround was just: copy a save file to USB > finish the last mission > hope the trophy popped > if it didn't, overwrite current save with the old one > finish the last mission again > hope the trophy popped > etc.). UPDATE: Took out around 40 cop cars with mines. Taking into account that each car has two officers in it, and that the trophy hasn't popped... the problem most likely lies deeper than player control and may just have something to do with how the game is recording or reporting the trophy qualifier for its requirements to be fulfilled. *Might be worth nothing that the game autosaves (Mafia 3 logo in the top right corner of the screen) every time I got kills using either strategy so the game is definitely recording these kills. For those of you uninterested in backing up your save to a USB drive, waiting for the issue to be patched might be the best option.
  6. December 6, 2016. Still works. Doing it right now in a public friendly lobby. Though from what I've seen and read about this it looks like the bodies are more like regular NPC models only stuck in place in a prone position (rather than "zombified"). Though I've read and seen the bodies spawn in different places it seems that they do not spawn in a single, consistent place (i.e. reports of them spawning around the train station and railroad tracks while mine spawned pretty much all around town - both indoors and outdoors). EDIT: Would also like to add that if you're server hopping to find a glitched server, I'd also like to confirm a rule of thumb to check is that if you call for your horse and it does not come to you at all, you should be in a glitched server.