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  1. What about auto-compression? 😂 The EU version did auto-pop, but the NA-version didn’t
  2. I don’t understand why they are allowed to release games like this?
  3. The pace of new releases is too high, but gosh I love to collect these trophies 🏆
  4. #999 | Pizza Run masterCollect all trophies in game
  5. MotoGP 09/10 "Centurion" Complete 100 races in any game mode -- "Bohemian Unlike You" Cross the finish line separately from your bike -- "Blackjack" Win 21 races online -- "Nicky Hayden"Win 69 races online -- "Owned" Use your own Career Mode motorbike and rider in a multiplayer race
  6. MotoGP 09/10 Blackjack Win 21 races online. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/265-motogp-0910/34-blackjack Can someone tell me why the picture of this trophy doesn't show up? Thanks in advance!
  7. MotoGP 09/10 ‘Find your Own Way’
  8. Is it still working? Then I will buy the game ;-) Thanks, ZN-42-VS
  9. Wow!! That's a nice one ;-)
  10. With all the respect for the Japanese market, Sony has made its decision based on gathered information, so why don’t we ask Sony to comment? Wouldn’t you like to know the results of their surveys, investigations, etc.?
  11. Normally it is Press X to confirm or X to continue, so why change it all of a sudden?
  12. In my opinion it is better and less confusing. I say chapeau to Sony.
  13. Currently on sale €1,99 (DLC not included)
  14. I suggest to categorize the above. Makes life much easier and everyone can see what they are looking for. Cat. A : PS3 Games with trophies per region Cat. B : PS3 Games without trophies per region Cat. C : PS3 Games non-standard editions per region (e.g. Gold Edition, Limited Edition, GOTY Edition, etc.) per region Cat. D : PS3 Games cancelled for some reason Cat. E : PS3 Games released on PS1 or PS2 per region Good luck!!
  15. Just bought the EU version, installed and reinstalled it... syncing process ends at 60% and still no trophies being synced to the server