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  1. It's a while back but I've gotta say Mortal Kombat. After Midway went under I feared the worst but to come back with a game as good as the 2009 reboot was amazing, and now to follow that up with two great, if not better, sequels was way more than expected.
  2. Good news guys, after weeks of getting the same stock standard replies, I received this email today "Your request (2243857) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. WB Games Support (Mortal Kombat Games) Sep 19, 4:43 AM EDT Greetings Jacob, You recently contacted WB Games regarding MKX Invasion Events. You stated that they were running on a weekly basis up until around the 24th of July but then ceased and were wondering if they would return. The good news is I have some information from the game team regarding Invasion Events, which should reappear in the next week or so. However the events themselves will only run periodically, so please keep an eye on our official social media channels for any official announcements about any future events. Thank you, Iain.M WB Games Support Follow us on Twitter! @WBGamesSupport" So I guess keep an eye out for them to reappear
  3. Up until the 24th of July, Invasions were occuring on a weekly basis. Now it seems they ceased, which if so renders the trophy "Die Will You" unobtainable. I've sent through a support request to Netherrealm and will update this thread as soon as I get a response. Hopefully this is just an oversight or something as I've been hoping to make this my 150th Platinum, but somehow I doubt it :/
  4. Dead Space, damn I miss those games.
  5. Definitely not a game for everyone, Personally I loved it. One of the few games I've continued to play even after getting the plat. A lot of fun can be had taking it in turns with some friends and passing it on after deaths, also good as a drinking game.
  6. Probably not the most popular opinion, but this was actually my favourite game in the franchise. Would love to see a re-release with some trophies.
  7. I had this same issue with Spelunky. I was able to download it by exiting the store and going into my library and downloading it through there. Hope this helps .
  8. I watch pretty much every horror movie that comes out, but recently watched Cannibal Holocaust. Never had so much trouble getting through the movie, the gore was fine but the scenes of rape and all the animal cruelty (all of which was real) was a bit much. Certainly not something I'd recommend as a "Date Movie" lol
  9. Ok so the issue is kinda resolved. Appears you have to sign completely out of PSN to play. Hopefully it's patched soon, in the mean time that'll do I guess.
  10. Yeah PS4, They said they would look into about 5 hours ago on twitter, nothing since. lol yeah, one day I'll learn to not buy games on release day.
  11. Just picked this game up from EB and can't get past the splash screen before the game crashes. Tried the typical uninstall/reinstall etc. but no luck. Thought it may have been just me having issues with the disc, but then I saw some other people having the same issues with the retail version. Not sure about the digital version but so far no one's found a fix. Shame really, I was looking forward to this.
  12. Proteus... Still don't know how I got the 100% without blowing my brains out. 1 hour in that game felt like years.
  13. Still a better plot than Halo 4...
  14. Well... That would sure suck for me.
  15. So I recently started Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and was fairly disappointed. It's not that it's a bad game or anything just that it's not as good as A Crack In Time or Tools Of Destruction. It honestly feels like a step back from a gameplay standpoint. Anyone have some good examples of this happening in other franchises?