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  1. I got a few dedicated friends and I'll find more here but I'm worried about the servers as my friend said it's so bad and unstable
  2. Is it still possible? I really want to go for it but I don't know, one of my friends that unlocked the platinum couple months ago says that the servers are unstable and bad making achieving the Platinum much harder, idk What your thoughts and opinions people? I really love rare platinums and I really want to go for this one. Your advise are extremely needed fellas
  3. Warchief trophy unlocked, ohh thanks god!
  4. Level 69 and still no trophy. I'd kill myself if I reached level 74 and Warchief didn't unlocked
  5. Already tried all of the workaround that people been posting on the Internet except two methods which they are playing on a different PS3, and finally the pain in the arse method, though most likely going to unlock my trophy which is deleting my Origin account and start all over again.Edit: actually 3 methods I did not tried yet, including deleting my Origin account. Going to unlock all mp trophies first, and then I'm going to try two methods before calling EA to delete my account.If any of the two methods worked with me I'll inform you guys. Thanks
  6. Anyone can tell if this workaround works on PS3 and how to do it? This trophy makes me wants to stop leveling up and going for other online trophies. This trophy is easy to get, but the big problem is when you reach level 74 and you find out that Warchief is also glitched, I'll be screwed man
  7. Really wish I could , but I've played a couple of stupid and boring games before I became a trophy hunter that has closed servers, or too outdated games that I don't feel like to play and even require some horrible grinding like fifa 12. Gonna surpass 90% for sure, but 100% never . I wish if Sony gives us the ability to delete trophy lists. This problem really concerns me and make me over thinking, always thought of creating a new account to go for 100%, but after all the hours I put into the games, the hard trophies, the boring and tedious grinding, the hard platinums, everything just makes me hold back
  8. I got it with random people yesterday
  9. How can I get this trophy? I see a lot of players got this one recently but it seems impossible! , I always get stuck with my partners in the loading screen!. Is there any methods?, it's the only trophy left for my Platinum
  10. I got the Platinum 5 days ago, I didn't received the Email yet! Is there anything I have to do?
  11. Congratulations! So bad it isn't a good Platinum Screenshot... as mine
  12. She is cakewalk.. I beaten her in my first try
  13. Allant
  14. Thanks to all of you for your replies, really appreciate it. So.. I just figured out two weeks ago when I got my last Trophy (The One) that the game wasn't as hard as I imagined at all! I got good at it and have beaten all the difficulties except Master cause I didn't even started it. Got all no damage trophies. I was really planning to get 100% at the game, but I bought a PS4 and Bloodborne and MGSVTPP and I don't think I'll play KickBeat over these games and I don't think I'll come back to play it any time soon . The only thing that I'm afraid of is losing my skills and forgetting how the game plays when I come back to it someday.
  15. It wouldn't change the Platinum difficulty literally.. But my point was when you have the chance to play the game on the Vita you'll have more chances and opportunities to play the game often, when you're in bed before sleeping, when you're lazy to turn on your PS3/PS4, When you're in a long trip, in the taxi, waiting your friends in a coffee shop, etc. and by this you'll have more chances to get the platinum. You got what I'm saying? Although.. Even if I was spending all my time on the PS3/PS4, I hate wasting my time playing games like this one, I feel like I want to play decent games such as Bloodborne/BF/MGS/GTA, etc. Peace.