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  1. You look cute today.. did you do something different with your hair? It's just your bald head looks much sexier today.

  2. Dashboarding lol, 12 years can't take losing now a days. Go play CoD, it's dash board city. Dash City Bitch Dash Dash City Bitch Can't take losing, so I just cry like a little kid.. Dash city bitch Dash Dash city bitch.
  3. lol about time, maybe someone will actually play it now.
  4. I'm like Japanese to a French person, no one understands me.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      I am going to make it my life's work to find someone who understands you. There are 7 billion people in this world...someone has to be able to figure you out.

    3. TheManQueen
    4. Dr_Mayus


      challenge accepted :)

  5. It's... it's.. it's beautiful. Kings are men.. Queens are women, Harry's in Griffindor, Malfoy's in slitheren Ladies why are you reading? Get back in the kitchen. Nah I'm just kidding You can make me a sandwich anywhere you want. I just thought of my name randomly, because I'm the best main.. i did iyt.
  6. I always turn them on, because I'm afraid I'll miss something important.. also in games like the last of us they were needed, I always ran away from Ellie and without them, I would of missed so much dialogue. Anybody reading now who's yet to play TLoU, when you do, turn the subbies on man!
  7. It was a joke, making fun of people who actually do that.
  8. Youtube? I lost weight once, I swear I put in the kitchen.. never saw it again.
  9. Wow, I'll totally want to use this but won't because I'll have no clue what I'm doing! Can't wait!
  10. Where did all the good men go? My basement.

    1. Goekie


      I'm right here!

  11. Blood borne looks sweet man.. I'll buy that game used because fuck the games industry.
  12. This trophy -
  13. Nice list bro. I don't see any Mel B, Hannah Montana or terminator games on there though, so I'll deduct two points for not playing the best games of last gen. So 8/10 thanks to your severe lack of style. But other than that, call me impressed, good list and good job. *tips fedora*.. I don't own a fedora, but if I did I tip it.. and keep tipping it until it fell off, then I'd set it on fire.
  14. Terminator salvation Get fit with Mel B Hannah Montana Greatest masterpieces of the last gen, excellent character development, wonderful scripting and graphics beyond its years. You'd honestly be fucking insane to skip them. 10/10 would buy on PS4 20/10 would buy twice on ps4 just for bragging rights. OVER 9000!!!/10 would plat on 10 different accounts for even more bragging rights.
  15. Terminators in terminator salvation. Miley cyrus's voice in the hannah Montana game. Zombies - Walking dead season one Zombies - Walking dead season two Zombies - Dead Island Zombies - Dead Island Riptide Zombies - Dead Nation Zombies - Dead rising 2 Zombies - Dead rising OTR Mel B - Get fit with Mel B.