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  1. Eli, for sure Black Flag.... Very addicting and actioned packed. Ahoy Mateys!
  2. Having recently Plat ed Uncharted 2 and waiting to play Uncharted3 when I am more free. I must say that the Uncharted series as a whole are among my favourite PS3 games of all time. Among the classics as Grand Theft Auto and Rock* games, Uncharted just gives me, as a player, the perfect blend of action, shooting and puzzle genres. The actors, as well, are very, memorable and don't get me started on the cutscenes and the atmosphere they give me.... I can talk about them for days! I feel it is a great growing up game, transitioning from a young man to an adult. Its not extremely violent, but violent enough to satisfy a gamer. It was not a surprise the series won Many acclaimed awards along the years. Anyways, sorry this dragged on. Besides this series, I am an avid fan of the GTA series, not much to say there as many other people already mentioned the best points. The only thing I will say is the resulting stress relief from playing the games. So yeah! These are some of my fav games, and it is great to hear yours! Have a great day!
  3. Time to explore the Gorgeous world of Skyrim! Sadly, though, not for very long gotta go back to school soon...

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    2. supersurvive1345


      Lol @McJacs2. I will :)

    3. SoIidWoIf


      Yes I have, didn't like it so sold it.

    4. supersurvive1345


      I got theFUS RO DAH Legendary Edition. Should be worth it. All DLCs included for 30 bux. Traded in my old Skyrim for 6. So, 24 bux total for game an dlcs. Worth it

  4. Also, got South Park Stick Of Truth for a big discount. So can't wait to play it!

    1. DJROE95


      Its a really funny but short game, like your in an episode of South Park - enjoy!

  5. Yeah, I played it and it is much easier now. Thanks Ubisoft
  6. Yup confirmed, got tailed by a friend and got the trophy, should work for piggyback and hacking. I still need hacking trophy, so if anyone can help me tomorrow that will be A+. I can also help anyone else with their online trophs too If you don't believe me, that server is pretty bad so I never get tailed. I got tailed like an hour or two ago with help from my friend. Just add me if you want the trophs I am glad to help, will be available after noon tomorrow.
  7. I'm gonna Play Watch_Dogs Soon ^^ So happy

    1. supersurvive1345


      It mean Plat, should of realized the typo... sorry

  8. Yeah, if you have extras I'll take a PS3 NA code please and thanks! If you guys need help with trophs I will help depending on if you and I have the same games or not.
  9. Thanks dude and wow you are so good at games! Very good job there!
  10. Hi guys, so I started to takedown, no pun intended (You know like takedown a car lol), the trophies for need for speed: hot pursuit this year. I realized there are some trophies that need you to "win" to get the trophy. I just tried for the Bumblebee trophy and it say to win. On my first try, on this session, I got second place but I still got the trophy. So my question for all you NSF: HP owners out there that have finished with all the trophies or all the ones that require you to "win". DO you need to get first place for the trophies to appear or are there some in particular that requires you to get number one? This is just a curious question as I need to get first place in all of them anyways for the distinction trophy. Thanks all!
  11. Same here. However, I hope there aren't a lot of microtransactions tho... I hate it when you can't get cool stuff without paying something...
  12. That was embarrassing... I meant to say last decade... #Badday... Sorry Drifter
  13. GTA IV: 9.5/10 Great gameplay, storyline, but has those frustrating moments when you failed a missions with second to completing it...ARGGGG Oh MP is great too JetPack Joyride: 9/10 Loved it on my Iphone, glad they have it free for PS3 with trophies. The only issue is, it gets very repetitive after a few runs... Now I just want all the trophies (Wish me luck)
  14. "You've Got Mail" has got to be on my top list for romantic movies. Oh yeah, AOL was in that movie... Old times Anyways... What is your favourite movie of this decade? (Lets carry the don't say trend, oh plz don't say Avatar... Was good but not the best)
  15. Well, I guess it is fixed since I can see it is 1% for both base game and overall percentage.... Good luck getting 100% for game and Plat!