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  1. Guys, i wouldn't expect too much from DMC5, since it's gunna be a 2019 game... but the real question is more, if THE TROPHIES are being made easy right?? Plat it <- delete/sell it <- move on The game and devs do worry me. They seemed only to care for the real 2019 stuff, which means they mostly cared about the "superficial spectacularism" and "flash stuff" but not about deep gameplays/combos or a good Leaderboard Ranking System. Like always it'll looks like, it'll be only an attraction to the "big mass" without caring much about veteran players. With Veteran players aren't mean people who have done all Trophies for all DMC games or been playing the game for many years, those are the ones who are playing with advanced techniques or accomplished good spots at the Boards for example. I don't think the game will be "bad" by any means, but my feeling for now is that DMC4/SE will remain as the most complex DMC or probably the most complex game in it's genre. Nero got some new moves, that adds mobility and preciesly completxity, but im still a bit more pressimistic after all this footage. However, on Saturday i can play the Demo to figure more things out.
  2. Even tho i really barely use this Website, i still wanted to share this. After round about 8 months i earned my 2nd Platinum of the Year, which was DMC4:SE. Thats mainly because i basically lost interests to Trophies, many many other Games, better saying probably maybe gaming in general ? Who knows. DMC4 was the only Game (Trophy wise) which still had my attention because i quitted my previous account to get back to this account for improving my fastest achiever at that Game. I had streamed my entire run on Twitch and have recorded as well my session for Youtube. I may create a separate topic about my run, we'll see. I am really glad that i could achieve my personal goal to do the game below 24 hours :) However... i have noticed that rendering a video that long is quite impossible for my PC and i also have noticed that Youtube have kinda their restrictions for super-long videos. However... thats gunna be an other huge rendering grind #feelsbadman 

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    2. xDLloyd091x


      Thanks! :)

      And thats cool @CriveL20, glad you like my content there c: Are you maybe friend with DanteDevil? 

    3. Nostalgy_Flow


      @xDLloyd091x Do you mean DanteDevil12? I don't think he knows me, but I know him. xD
      He's really a great player, and he's Italian like me! :D 

    4. xDLloyd091x


      Yeah i was wondering it, because of the same region :P 

      And yeah he's a very cool guy and amazing as a player as well ^w^


      I am soon creating a topic about my run where i also will share my entire Trophy Speedrun for this Game, i still have to wait until Part 2 is done. :) 

  3. No that doesnt work, you have to decide between Lady/Trish or Dante/Nero If you want to enjoy the game play with Nero/Dante, but if you only care for the Trophies play as Lady/Trish, that way you'll also get more "experienced" when you have to do BP as them.
  4. I see you've done now the BP with all Characters, gud Mr Frog. All you have to do for this Games Trophies and of all other Trophies be "efficient", which means in most cases, - Simply exploiting the game in a non very subtle way algorithms. Like for example the whole BP can do done basically only by abusing the Camera to your advantage and Charge Shot your way through of it, since it's only beating the BP without any kind of top Gameplays or aiming for Top Scores. Since no Trophy requires any kind of specific skill, regarding the complexity and neccessary learning process to execute something fancy. However; quick notes for everyone who may read this eventually... Dante => Super Character; Pandora Spam in Gunslinger Style. Vergil => Super Character; Judgement Cut End Spam Nero => Super Character; Since your EX will charge always to lv3, spam Streak.. it's probably one of the best moves for beginners and Spam as much Charge Shots Lv3 as possible since its busted, especially for Blitz. If you're maybe in "trouble", you can still run in a "circle" around the BP and Spam Charge Shot Lv3. Ah and i'd suggest to put CS at R2... (yes Trophy Hunters are beginners in any game they start) Lady => Shotgun spam for most enemies... for Blitz the same, you can even pre-charge your Shotgun to Lv3 before entering a Stage (same as for Nero). When you got rid of Blitz Shield just stay away from him and charge her Rocket.... Use DT mainly for these Chimera Assault Waves or some Blitz maps. Trish => Round Trip abuse is all what you need... for Mephistos/Faust be in DT shot and target switch between the enemies while they're close to you... for the "most feared" Stage 85... Make sure you have at first enough DT... best have all DT baars filled up.... when the fight starts, target the Blitz who is in "idle mode" with the Pandora, while beeing in DT the other one is usually only teleporting around but you have to be fast with that... To be fair, giving these kind of "advises" are the reason why i hate now within the time the word "efficiency" for Gaming. Stand alone from reading those "advises" i gave are disgusting to me personally. However, i know you guys just wants the trophies ASAP and move on, so i hope these ones helps to everyone who read them.
  5. All i can say is, stay excited for that Game. I am pretty sure its gunna be an awesome game, highly doubt its gunna be over DMC4. However i cant agree with people who are saying, "i'm waiting for this game since 10 years", because none or maybe <1% of people here even touched the DMC4 PS3 vanilla Version, since that Version never got Trophy Support. And as far as i can remember, when i was active here the mentally here is , - "No trophies no deal". However, even if you had played it, you can't say as well that you've been waiting for that long for a sequel, because its very unlikely you bought it on release date, played it once-twice and then saying "Let's wait for a sequel". Even if you did, you'd eventually get back to it for a few more times and then someday you'd get satisfied someday, from this day you could say "Lets grind for the waiting". Even many people who played DMC4 for a longer time couldn't say that they have waited for 10 years for a new sequel, because they've been busy with DMC4 for a long time. Technically people who enjoyed it for a longer time can still fairly say that they are waiting for that game for like round about 2 years. To me personally i could still wait even longer, but if you'd ask me then i wished sometimes for a sequel like 1-2 years ago but thats all. The most important question is here for sure not how the Trophy List will be designed, they will be probably ez anyway since it's only Trophies. The challenges are always found out, outside from Trophies, since no Trophy requires you to get pro at the game, especially not for a Game like DMC4 or NGS2/NG3:RE. But the real important question is how Dantes gameplay will be, which styles he's gunna have, is JCing still the same or similar as before, Inertia, RG Fly, Raves, something similar to Lucifer Glitch, reversals etc. Those things are something people should normally think off. I hope for Nero personally he will get a larger set of moveset and more versatility. Since at a certain skill level he has gotten quite repetitive. While DMC4 Dante offered like infinity possibilites to do something fancy. As well if we get more additional characters aside of Dante and Nero i hope those won't be as much garbage and cheesy as Lady/Trish from DMC4:SE. Like for example Lady is one of the most incompetent characters to do something fancy, she was only helpfull for Trophy Cheesers or if you're still new at the game but nothing more. At a certain extend DMC5 looks a bit of a mix like DmC and DMC4 but it's for now a bit to early to say how it'll be at the end.
  6. Since DMC5 got announced i have to admit im quite excited for that game, for that reason and the DMC Community wants from me to visit the GamesCom, i bought today a Ticket to play the Demo and record/show off stuff. At least i can fairly say that i am very likely the best person who should test/play out DMC5's gameplay and make a review to it. It's not even a lie. Since most people, especially Trophy Hunters arent familar with the deeper gameplay techniques and mechanism. 


    So yeah 6 weeks left POGGERS. Keeep it dank- 


    Ticket proof =3

    1. Mscream9


      Very Happy that You will test DMC5 demo 😃 I also hope when game is out we will see Bloody Palace and similar Untouchable trophy, but this time without super char ect to get it haha that would be best meme of the year 😆Can't wait to hear Your thought's about DMC5😋

  7. Well it's cool too see they remaster it again haha, also good for an extra stack. I am personally not a big fan of the older DMC's, because they're compared to DMC4 utter garbaj. Not a D1-Buy either. But everyone who picks it up should at least play DMC3, since it's a beta Version of DMC4 in terms of gameplay and Youtube aspects. At least Crapcom didn't forgot the DMC Series and we might see DMC5 someday. I can't personally imagine how they could improve DMC4 gameplays even more, but if DMC5 would happen. It'd be a huge technical feat. Still, i would give it a try for sure.
  8. Let me say it like this... if you're chilling most at the time at home or you have to work than hot weather is rather more annoying than enjoyable. But if you're on holidays for example... then it could be different. I would personally like to sleep the days at summer time and being up at the night.
  9. You guys aren't tho only ones who get spammed from them... After i check their names here on site, i can create my own pic about "them" and gonna block those immediatly. Also most of these "guys" are acting like they know me for years
  10. Ah snap Buddy, you are really in love with Vergil <3:)  Hopefully when you hit your 60th Plat you're gonna start DMC4 finally as Vergil i hope? ^_^ 

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    2. RebelliousDevil-


      Then that would us make twins ^_^ hehehe

      Yeah ntm once you hit 100 plats the milestone changed the plats around. We need to find a co op game to play for once 

    3. xDLloyd091x


      I don't think i will wait for DMC4 as my 100th Plat but haha yeah. =D 

      Someday we will find something for sure, i also noticed you're a big DBZ Fan so we would met us at latest at DBZF ^_^  

    4. RebelliousDevil-


      lol only reason I can is because I have sooooo much in plate far as backlogging ugh, but best believe when I play that game I'm going in! 

      DBZF hmmmmm I've been looking at it I just hope it's not going to be bad in a way.

  11. It's nice of people to offer their signature skills. I've been busy for a few months, but maybe in the future I'll offer a signature service myself to give people a sweet image they can use here on PSNP or any forum
  12. Post the reason why you're flagged, it's something that is required of you.
  13. We're not much of a family, seems like most people do their own thing, brace yourself.
  14. I have the game already but I'd like DMC4 to be part of PS+ so more people can see what the game is about
  15. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is way easier with a PS TV, but on the vita console, it's very hard. PS TV is quite cheap now.