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  1. Since DMC5 got announced i have to admit im quite excited for that game, for that reason and the DMC Community wants from me to visit the GamesCom, i bought today a Ticket to play the Demo and record/show off stuff. At least i can fairly say that i am very likely the best person who should test/play out DMC5's gameplay and make a review to it. It's not even a lie. Since most people, especially Trophy Hunters arent familar with the deeper gameplay techniques and mechanism. 


    So yeah 6 weeks left POGGERS. Keeep it dank- 


    Ticket proof =3

    1. Mscream9


      Very Happy that You will test DMC5 demo 😃 I also hope when game is out we will see Bloody Palace and similar Untouchable trophy, but this time without super char ect to get it haha that would be best meme of the year 😆Can't wait to hear Your thought's about DMC5😋