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  1. Even tho i really barely use this Website, i still wanted to share this. After round about 8 months i earned my 2nd Platinum of the Year, which was DMC4:SE. Thats mainly because i basically lost interests to Trophies, many many other Games, better saying probably maybe gaming in general ? Who knows. DMC4 was the only Game (Trophy wise) which still had my attention because i quitted my previous account to get back to this account for improving my fastest achiever at that Game. I had streamed my entire run on Twitch and have recorded as well my session for Youtube. I may create a separate topic about my run, we'll see. I am really glad that i could achieve my personal goal to do the game below 24 hours :) However... i have noticed that rendering a video that long is quite impossible for my PC and i also have noticed that Youtube have kinda their restrictions for super-long videos. However... thats gunna be an other huge rendering grind #feelsbadman 

    1. ShadowStar83x
    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

    3. Nostalgy_Flow


      I remember seeing some of your vids on YT, you're just amazing, man. Congrats on the speedrun, truly impressive! 😮

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