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  1. It popped for me as well in this moment. The fact is, I spent the entire morning looking for the right ocean biome, trying to use different seeds, too. So the tutorial biome was what I was missing. I assume that you can find the 7 ocean biomes in different seeds because I've also tried to create a brand new account and got to the tutorial world but the trophy didn't pop.
  2. ^ This. Tried with Y'Shtola and Ace as marksmen against bots but it seems I'm (still) not able to spray in the right way, so I tried to use the Emperor as suggested. Again, I couldn't do anything but a single ally save with Thunder Crest. I was about to give up when I tried spamming Beckoning Blast ( + while airborne): at the end of the match, I had 180 points in "ally saved" (so 15 allies saved). I have to retry and see if this works again but it was greatly beyond the goal so I think it's definitively doable. EDIT: Done other 5 matches, I was never able to repeat that score but I've always reached 5-6 allies saved per match and that's fine to me! Hope this can help.
  3. I found the same problem, I was wire-connecting my laptop to my PS4 and WiFi-connecting my laptop to the router. I solved by creating a bridge between LAN and Wi-Fi connection on my laptop. There are plenty of guides out there in the web that explain how to do that. Does anyone know if there's a way to load a character created in the standalone version of Comrades into the main game version?
  4. Hi, how did you manage to load your character created in the standalone game into the FFXV Comrades DLC? Apparently, the DLC doesn't recognize any data about a character created in the standalone version and that sucks because it is a pain to level up and farm items with the AI.
  5. At last, they're back again, for real. I was sure an answer would have come sooner or later and luckily it was a good one! I think this goal couldn't be possible without the persistence we have had on Answers HQ so far. Let's call it a victory for the players!
  6. I'd like to trust his words (part of me already does) but the previous community manager said the same things and did/could do nothing after that so I don't want to rush to wrong conclusions. Anyway, it's a relief we've not been completely abandoned as we were starting to think.
  7. There's an update here of the incoming server closures in the near future. No trace of Dante's Inferno. As I thought, they are completely unaware of it.
  8. You're right but there were problems with online features and That's the point. Anyway, I've already said what I wanted to say, I'm not going to discuss my opinion more than that.
  9. As I said, I hadn't played it myself, I'm just reporting what people (who actually played it) say about it. It does not change the fact that EA showed to be quite slow to notice issues of its own games also in that circumstance, though. Don't misunderstand me. What I'm saying is that I'm pretty sure EA will tell us what it's going to do with Dante's Inferno, sooner or later. I'm not saying that this story will have a happy ending for sure (I hope so but I know that there are high chances that this DLC will remain unachiavable forever). But there is still hope. Since they're still selling the DLC, I assume that they still don't know anything and, knowing what happened to Crysis 2, I believe it's too early to say that servers will be permanently down with certainty. That's all.
  10. It took at least 9 months for Crysis 2 after the Me Too counter reached 50+. So, no, I'm serious. In addition, from what I saw in another thread, it seems that it took several months to make them notice that Need For Speed The Run servers were down and put a "Security Issue" message when you try to go online. In that case, it was a negative ending but, anyway, EA is really slow to notice these issues if it's not a FIFA game.
  11. It was a lost cause for Crysis 2, as well. But, after ages, servers turned on again. And that's an EA game, too. I was sure nothing would have happened in these weeks, there were holidays in between and, in any case, I imagined that it would have taken a lot of time to make them aware of the issue. I think they cannot ignore this problem forever, someday they will answer us and we will know if it's really a lost cause or not. Until then, the only thing we can do (unless someone has a better idea) is carry on putting pressure on them here: Keep increasing the Me Too counter, guys. Hopefully, there will be an answer.
  12. I think we would be extremely lucky if this issue will be fixed before February. To be honest, I don't expect anything from EA in these days, really.
  13. The thing that I can't really tolerate is EA's absolute indifference towards non-FIFA players. I mean, it's obvious that this game hasn't got the priority at all, since it is quite old and since EA has lots of other games to worry about. It's not a reason to become a ghost and simply ignore complaints, though, it's an unprofessional conduct for a company towards their customers.
  14. It would be a nice Christmas present for us. However, it's hard to believe that this ethereal tech department will do something in these days.
  15. Not many, just the fact that apparently someone has achieved some DLC trophies last week, as you can see if you check here on PSN Profiles (it was found by a PlayStationTrophies forum user, not me). It sounds like hacking, though.