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  1. If they have 2 hearts hit them once. Then just pass the balls to your teammate. My last game played i got 19 assists. Im actually going to get that trophy before i get the 1000 catches one likely
  2. Off the wall doesnt count but pretty sure catching it after hitting an opponent with it does
  3. I played for 3 hours on escalation mode tonight after work and got every map 2-4 times other than the tubes map. People in Miami servers are gonna love me in 3 weeks when i finish all the other trophies and just suicide in those games nonstop to cycle them faster 😂😂
  4. You're joining a different game, not hosting your own. Get 2 full squads and be in a party chat with each other. Then you can work your way to a part of the map on the outside and boost mid game. There will be randoms. Just gotta work together. We finished 6 people up in a few hours and had a couple of alts to fill up groups of 4
  5. I actually had to boost this one because the final hit alone wouldn't work for me to unlock the trophy. I got the first time I took off both hearts riding the wrecking ball though.
  6. I was curious, had anyone purchased contracts and can they confirm that counts towards the totals for trophies? With this new season having a lot of ways to gain Holobux I was curious if I could "auto-complete" some of the crew contracts and have it count towards the 30. I started a couple weeks after most people in my crew, so my other option might end up leaving to find a new crew since some of those are hard to finish in a week without a dedicated players.
  7. I am good now thank you for asking. I popped them both in the middle of match which was really weird because I didn't change anything from a prior match and the match had just started. It seems like most things pop, they just pop either before they should or later than they should. In my experience anyway. Thank you for the follow up
  8. Did the update today break trophies @DangerSpice. I should have popped walk in closest (at 11 different outfits now), fashionista (at 24 gloves/outfits) and career brawler (match progress not counting after every match)?
  9. Do you need to score 2 hits on the wrecking ball for the wreckem trophy to pop? I now have 6 KOs but no trophy for it. I got the final blow on all 6. Iv been doing stuff mostly in the odd data centers but in the last game i actually knocked out a real player, not a bot, and still havent gotten it. Any advice?
  10. Started yesterday. So far iv had issues get two trophies to pop. Wreck 'em which iv done 3 times so far on top of the ball. Do we need to get both hearts off for this? If so, can I leave to get another ball and get back on? Also the flying from the bandstand to other side of map seems off for me. Iv done it a few times now. Anyone else have an issue?
  11. If highly reccomend not playing this on ps5. Me and my buddy were. It crashed after every level. Then it didnt after level 7 for the first time and I was stoked. Instead mid level 8 it crashed in the middle and deleted my save. It saved kills to the server but took away armor, chests and level progress. I started it back up on ps4 and finished the game in coop. It gave me all the trophies still but i had to start from scratch and it was annoying to have to restart. This game is basically playing with fire on ps5 but its playable when its working..
  12. Its still hit and miss. Mine was stuck. Everytime i played i altered between cross play and non cross play ( the people i play with are all on psn). Once it unlocked and started counting i started and stopped runs for a half hour straight to finish it up before it got stuck again
  13. Its still not working for me. I just played a couple runs with my friends. And i tried loading a couple and quitting with switching settings like cross play on/off.
  14. I did it for 15 minutes straight just hitting him eveytime he went around in a loop by throwing it at him. It popped randomly. No idea how many times I actually hit him to get it though..
  15. So i know this is old af but this wont unlock for me either. Iv hit him with the wrench a dozen times. A couple even were actually hitting him not throwing it at him. It wont give me the skill point. Not really sure what to do at this point