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  1. Hope my video help one of u guys out.
  2. Fyi : to day i got the Gazillionaire Trophy by just collecting money from the boxs. So you can also grind this trophy too. Good luck out there.
  3. Yes, i already did it but it will show on the Buffs Stats right? And one more thing, those money drop from the boxs count as Gazillionaire trophy or not? Thank again
  4. Thank you very much Yadilie (sorry i was on my phone and i dont know how to replay) Actually im working on leveling up 5 hero for the extra 50% EXP (done 2 still much more to do). After reading your information i guess it ok to go on grind leveling legendary item right now.
  5. So.runing throught the treasure and reset is some kind of a gritch or what. Case if it was,should we doing this run before the game patch out and fix it?
  6. so, how do you guys rate the difficulty to achieve platinum?
  7. I did. I got the trophy few minutes ago,by create new save and running through storyline. Did not take that lomg but still disappointed tho.
  8. Im having problem with "Blade of Justice" too. Did any one have a solution for it? Guess i gotta have to start the 2nd run.
  9. Did not work. I did try delete the game and save file. And reinstall-make new save. Did not work either.
  10. It's about the Trophy おしゃれ神喰い (sorry i forgot the name of it in English ver.) that request you to "Spend at least 10 minutes trying on clothing". so,i went to the terminal - go to the loadout menu - select appearance - pick both of them (top and bottom)once,and stay there mone ten minutes and it did do any thing. any suggestion would be nice thank you very much.
  11. nice good job bro
  12. I just got it right now. By going through all hub location "continuously" by the space jet. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
  13. Ok..... Seem like i have to start the new game all over the story.
  14. Im stuck at this trophy. And im' not sure it did glithc or i miss one of them. So,here are the list of hub that i can find. Manhattan-Avenger Tower-Helicarrier Malibu S.H.I.E.L.D Bases Washington D.C.-Underground shelter Asgard Barton'Farm Sokovia South Africa If you know any of secret room or hub plz tell me,really appreciate your help ☺☺☺