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  1. Hannah Montana !!! LOL
  2. Well , theres still hope , more than that in fact ,Studio Liverpool may have been closed by Sony , but MOST of the employees have reformed a new studio called 'FIRESPRITE' and they are based in Liverpool aswell , also there logo has wipeout written allover it , so to speak !!! , so far they have worked on the visuals for Playroom on PS4 , question is would Sony let them use the Wipeout I.P. ?
  3. what do you expect from countries i.e. Iran/Iraq etc etc that have been culturlly 'Stagnant and Repressed' for the last 500-700 years ? if it wasnt for the oil there (lets face it , theres f*ck all else there) theyed be 'prime' nuke fodder by now
  4. yep , their desperate alright , you just CAN'T HAVE A WEBSITE without free speech/peoples view points ?!!! , not when it costs you a arm and a leg to get online an buy hardware etc etc .... dream the fu...on !!!
  5. it wreaks of desperation.........D.O.B without bad language ???? get the fu...............
  6. So when your playing CoD an blasting an 'ethnics' ass across the map thats 'visually acceptable' , but not 'verbally acceptable' ???? , strange , de-senceatised to visuals but not audios ?
  7. Hi , you dont use 'Racial ,Religious or Gender' Epiys ? wow , you've just defunked virtually every video game thats been made ( well quite a few ) from you topic of discussion , i surpose Tetris on Pot/Acid would be a fun discussion eh ? LMFAO , ok tell me this , on 'your' training nights , Please tell me if you use , #1 Latex , #2 Leather, #3 metal studded paddles , #4 Speak German..............arh bloodly hell wrong website !!!! DOH , ROTF !!!
  8. Micro$ofts deserate attempts at selling XBone 1 , When the sales bombout , Square Enix will try an put it back on PS4 , an i'll be saying to SE....F*CK YOU EAT SHIT AN DIE , then i'll go an play UC4 in 1080p instead !!!
  9. i resemble Mr Stephen Hawking on a 'Bad Dalek' hair day , real bummer if you get a parking ticket to !!!