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  1. PS3 and Vita game deals have been non existent for well over a year now, maybe even more.
  2. 1. I played the game twice on normal and classic and noticed only a slight difference in difficulty in regards to the race. The car handling is set to realistic on classic so it would be easier to control the car on easy. 2. Sitting in the car is enough for it to count.
  3. Wet. 👍
  4. Is either a Led Zeppelin fan or just proud of getting the trophy.
  5. If you are meaning to add a guest in game you do it with a second controller and sign in to PSN as a guest.
  6. Yes, play at a time that is not busy for your area. When I did it, I had very little issues matching my accounts up.
  7. You need a second controller to add as a guest using triangle. There will be a prompt on screen that says guest added. Press it a few times to confirm that it is the correct account you've matched with.
  8. Need a crew to join. Add me please.
  9. 21 different games. Technically 20 but 2 lists of Friday the 13th are the top 50. MLB The Show 19 - 2 Eagle Flight - 8 UFC 2009 Undisputed - 2 MotoGP 10/11 - 1 MotoGP 09/10 - 2 Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends - 4 WWE 2K16 - 4 Friday the 13th (NA) - 3 EA Sports UFC - 2 WWE 2K17 - 1 Laser League - 4 EA Sports UFC 3 - 2 FIFA Street - 2 Far Cry 2 - 1 Friday the 13th (EU) - 4 WWE 2K18 - 2 Goldeneye 007: Reloaded - 1 FIFA 20 - 1 FIFA 16 (PS3) - 1 Arizona Sunshine - 1 The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - 2
  10. I can confirm that it is region locked.
  11. I remember a friend on my PSN friends list saying that some of the trophies autopopped because they had a save file from the other version of the game.
  12. I can't believe it. I actually got it! Shufflebottom vs Maggie on Pet Shop with Maggie delivering the line. I honestly never thought I'd get it. Fuck this trophy and good luck to anyone needing it. The nightmare is finally over!
  13. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. 👍
  14. I personally loved this game. Collectibles are annoying to get as you have to keep adjusting your headset to look at a guide. As for the hardest difficulty, if you die, you start from the start of the game again but you can upload your save to PS+ or a USB after each level so if you do end up dying you don't lose progress. Overall, I'd say it's a 5/10 once you learn the spawns and patterns of enemies.
  15. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City