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  1. Black Ops 2. I suck at zombies and it's unobtainable now :/
  2. I'll go with your latest one. Doom 3. Always been meaning to give it a try but just haven't got round to it.
  3. This happened me twice during the World Tour. I finished Brazil with 100% and the trophy didn't pop. I had to replay the last race for it to pop. If you look at my trophies, the ones for beating World Tour and getting all gold unlocked 15 minutes after the Hawaii 100% one unlocked as I had to replay the last race in it as well. So I am a bit worried about doing these endurance events. :/
  4. FIFA 13. It's unobtainable now and I wish I had got the plat as it's still one of my favourite FIFA games.
  5. Some trophies look like they could be tricky. Game looks pretty fun.
  6. Downwell. Struggled with that game a lot myself so doubt I'll ever get the plat for it lol
  7. This game is a buggy mess when it comes to trophies. I earned all 65 platinum medals in the story missions and "The Extra Mile" didn't unlock and since the save data is tied to Ubisoft's servers there's nothing I can do. I am just one of many people this has happened to. Keep trying every day and maybe it will pop.
  8. Looks easy but it depends what beating it perfectly entails.
  9. Yes, it happened to me as well but I had backed up my save. I would recommend to anyone to backup your saves every 1000 points or so.
  10. I really enjoyed KF2 so I'll be eager to try this game in VR. Anyone know the price?
  11. Catherine 👍
  12. Ah, I see. It was the only thing I could think of that could have been the issue. I wonder if the glitch is common?
  13. Also, if you have Driveclub Bikes, the progress from it counts towards accolades as well.
  14. Anyone know where the second star is on "Dinner Date"? EDIT: Turns out it was on the back of the Italian waiter.
  15. The trophy to finish a lap in Shipwreck Beach under 17 seconds isn't unlocking for me. I'm doing it in single race and my lap times are in around 16 seconds. What am I doing wrong? Edit: It unlocked when I disconnected from internet. I think the problem came when I first played the track I got a lap time of 00:17.000 exactly so I think it bugged the trophy that way. Also, I highly recommend this game.