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  1. Neverwinter.
  2. Someone on this site done Orc Slayer for someone who said they would give them a psn card in exchange and once they did it, the person never gave them the money so I would think very heavily before doing it.
  3. Did you get them by inviting someone?
  4. The online trophies (not the ultimate team) unlock in private matches! Go to quick fight and invite someone and you can do them together! Thanks to DollarZ93 for helping me.
  5. BEST 1 Fallout 3 2 BioShock 2 3 Portal 2 4 BioShock 5 Skyrim 6 L.A. Noire 7 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 8 Singularity 9 Fallout New Vegas 10 Call of Duty: Black Ops So many others that just missed out! WORST 1 Deep Black 2 Iron Man 2 3 Battleship 4 Call of Juarez: The Cartel 5 Terminator: Salvation
  6. Depending on the exp earned, the grind to get to level 150 could be brutal. No idea what gold tier on ultimate team is but probably some lootbox shit. The trophy names are strange too, naming them after the real ppvs?
  7. Happened to me with Natalia Nova. I replayed the mission and instead of racing her, I was against Black Mamba. Anyway, I beat them and the trophy popped for beating Natalia and also the one for replaying a story mission.
  8. Great minds think alike my friend! A lot of people here seem to support the idea so it would be cool if it was implemented someday.
  9. I think everyone at some point has used them whether they want to admit it or not. A well written guide is very useful in my opinion.
  10. Deep Black. A truly awful game.
  11. When I'm browsing people's profiles on here and I see their trophy cabinet, I'm always curious as to why they have selected those specific trophies. Like for instance, someone could have their top 10 games that they have platinumed or trophies they are most proud of. I think being able to write something like "My favourite plats" or "Top 10 hardest plats" would be a nice addition and would let people know why you've put them in your trophy cabinet for everyone to see. Apologies if this has been suggested before.
  12. Enslaved - Probably the most underrated game I've played on PS3. Fallout 3 - Would love to revisit this game again on PS4. One of my favourite games. Portal 2 - Again, another one of my favourite games.
  13. I have to agree with the others here in saying that pretty much all of these are terrible. However, I do quite like number 13. I like the font they used in it.
  14. Call of Duty: Black Ops. All I need are the 4 zombies trophies and I have the plat