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  1. I was born which, by default, makes it the best year. Also, what type of game is this? Trophies look rather easy, too.
  2. I hope that it notifies you if someone on your friends list changes their name. I don't wanna be confused when I see a name I don't recognise on my list. Also, I'm quite happy with my name so I won't be changing mine.
  3. What a douchebag. Did you see Dash Wilder punching the guy as they escorted him out?
  4. Metal Gear Solid 2! 👊👊👊
  5. That has happened again for April's PS+ games. The Surge and Conan Exiles are both on sale on the store right now.
  6. Nope it's whatever human players are in the match. In between matches there is a 2 minute timer as well. Disconnects count for the wins though so you don't need to play full matches. You can farm as many kills as you want in one match if the person getting the kills captures the prey and holds it instead of delivering it and just keep killing your partner. The game will go into overtime and won't end until the prey is delivered. It is very mind numbing and time consuming but it's a nice plat to have.
  7. It's challenging but not impossibly hard. It's all about learning the routes for the time trials and perseverance. In my opinion it's around a 6/10 difficulty. Online is so tedious though but thankfully it can be done with just 2 people. One of the best experiences I've had in VR and it's a shame that the awful trophy list puts a lot of people off.
  8. 1. Grand Prix Rock 'n Racing - Looked like an easy plat but boy this game is bloody awful. So bad I didn't even finish it. 2. Deep Black - The worst PS3 game I've ever played and for a long time was the worst game I'd played on PlayStation until #1 came along. 3. Battleship - This game was so bland. Terrible. 4. Orc Slayer - Pretty sure everyone here is familiar with this one. 5. Yasai Ninja - I only played this to get a platinum in a game that began with the letter Y for the A-Z Platinum club here on the forums. Really shitty game.
  9. Can't you do mostly everything in that game in private matches though?
  10. I have had fairly positive experiences on this site but I have seen my fair share of douchebags on different posts. It's important, just like in real life, not to let that one bad experience overshadow the 99 other good ones. I do feel that there is a growing trend of elitism on these forums though and I hope that stops. We, as a niche community, should always be encouraging one another to enjoy our hobby to the fullest.
  11. Maybe you should change your password in case someone is messing with you?
  12. Honestly the best thing to do is beat the game in one sitting. That's what I had to do for the collectibles.
  13. Looks pretty standard fare for a fighting game. Unchallenged Champion - Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character. That one could be hard. Others include win 5 ranked matches in a row, win 50 ranked matches, and obtain 100 stars in DOA Quest mode.
  14. Played Sonic the Fighters on PS NOW and the trophy for completing stage 3 unlocked before the one to beat stage 2. I think it bugged because on stage 2 I finished the last round with a draw which then give me a win and maybe it didn't register properly? 

  15. Brütal Legend! 👍