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  1. Congrats @UK-Danny-93 and big ups to @Martain2 for the giveaway.
  2. I've always really liked the Deus Ex: Human Revolution platinum.
  3. You will have to play with manual brakes. The auto brakes brake way too early and you will lose valuable time. As for the gears, I used auto gears and had no issues. I would suggest doing the championships first before the challenges to get used to the handling of the MotoGP bikes.
  4. BioShock and Fallout VR is all I need to die happy.
  5. Run from one corner to another, throwing a double punch forward towards opponent on the way. I was able to win every fight easily barely taking any damage.
  6. Luck seems to be a big factor in these challenges as well so maybe I just got lucky on my first try on the unpatched version.
  7. I agree. Evil Within 2 without the cheats.
  8. Killzone Shadow Fall! 👊👊👊
  9. I never actually tried any of the other challenges with the unmatched version. I managed to get gold on all but this one with the latest patch.
  10. I see you got the Pro Career done in MotoGP 19. Congrats. Any tips?

  11. I know. Their customer support is laughable. Guaranteed response is "we'll pass it on to the dev team".
  12. I'm struggling with it too. Hopefully they patch it and make it easier. Even if they added ideal trajectory only at corners or allow rewinds, it would make it way more doable.
  13. Uninstall the game and then reinstall it but don't download the patch so you are on unpatched version 1.0. On this version you only have to beat Dani Pedrosa by 4 seconds and you have 3 laps to do it. Currently on patch 1.11 you have to beat Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi by 4.4 seconds and you only have a lap to do it. I managed to get it on my first try this way and won by over 5 seconds. This event is a nightmare and almost caused me to give up on the game so hopefully this can help some people.
  14. I finally fucking did it but not using the tip you gave. Here's how I did it. Uninstall the game and then reinstall it but don't download the patch so you'll be playing in unpatched version 1.0. On this one you only need to beat Dani Pedrosa and by 4 seconds instead of 4.4 seconds. You also have a total of 3 laps to do it instead of 1. Overall it is much, much easier and I got it on my first try by over 5 seconds doing it this way.
  15. I just can never get him to veer off. Is it just Pedrosa you have to beat by 4.4 seconds btw?