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  1. Haha, hopefully no win 5 in a row or win without being hit by an item trophies then. 😮
  2. Why did you put online trophies in it?!?! I swear, if you have cursed us... But I do like the look of your suggestions. I wouldn't mind if some of the were in the game tbh.
  3. What makes it harder?
  4. Yeah, it popped straight away when I put my friends list down to exactly 50.
  5. I know this is an old post but this trophy seems to have glitched on me as well. I have 300+ friends in PSN so I will delete down to under 100 to test it and if it doesn't work i'll go down to below 50.
  6. Ah yeah, forgot about those. I still haven't even played the first game lol
  7. Looks like another easy milestone game. No online from what I can see. My bad, it would seem there are two multiplayer trophies. - Around the world Complete a Main Event in a Custom Track created by another player - Engineer Validate a total of 5 Custom Tracks thanks @TazDevilz1986 for pointing that out to me.
  8. It's to win 10 Tournaments in a row. That's how it unlocked for me.
  9. The install times. Once you are in a game, most of the other settings are locked so you would have to quit game to access settings etc. The amount of games with awful multiplayer with even worse online trophies. The controller compared to DS4 is awful and very small in hands. 100 friend limit. The amount of hacked trophies.
  10. I'd say when rent a server becomes available, it will be easy to boost this one.
  11. PS4 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 & DMC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition PS3 - Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations & Escape Dead Island VITA - Resistance: Burning Skies & Ridge Racer
  12. Got Battlefield V and Fallout 76 for £60 on Amazon for Black Friday.

    1. Precision-Playyy


      Have you played any of them yet? Want to know what battlefield is like, I heard fallout was real bad though so I'll give that one a miss.

    2. Banana_Sausage47


      Still waiting on them arriving. They should be here by Tuesday. I'll let you know when I play it.

  13. Dead by Daylight 👹
  14. Happy Turkey Day to all the 'muricans out there!

  15. Thank you man. I'm actually quite proud of it haha look forward to that beer