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  1. Looks easier in my opinion as there is no trophy requiring to win 6 in a row on Superstar or 2 in a row on Legend in myClub this time. I have never played myClub so I don't know how long Global Giants will take. Maybe they've replaced a hard trophy with a really grindy one?
  2. Damn, congrats! Happy you can delete this piece of shit now lol I gave up on it a little while back. The time I'd potentially have to invest just isn't worth it in my opinion. Maybe sometime I'll go back to it.
  3. This glitch happened to me as well. I was at 14/15 and it popped after I beat Tank Bot again in Latveria - Reactors.
  4. Oddworld: New n Tasty
  5. LocoRoco
  6. 1. Superhot - Such a unique experience playing this game. Quite strategic and getting the platinum requires mastery of the levels. So much fun. 2. Horizon Chase Turbo - Old school style racer with an amazing soundtrack. Very addictive and some races were quite challenging as well. 3. Hard Reset Redux - I loved Shadow Warrior so I knew I would enjoy this. Cyberpunk setting with pretty intense gameplay. I know it was meant to be only 3 but I didn't want to leave out Headlander. An awesome metroidvania style game.
  7. Skyrim
  8. Homefront: The Revolution
  9. Outlast 2! 👻👍
  10. Nioh
  11. Destiny 👍
  12. L.A. Noire
  13. Got the platinum in Black The Fall so currently at 4/10. REMAINING Very Rare - Alien: Isolation Rare - Jydge, L.A. Noire & Vampyr Uncommon/Common - Knee Deep & Trine 3 Gonna get back into Alien: Isolation soon. I'm not a big horror game player so kinda scared going into this one haha
  14. Just Cause 3
  15. Dungeon Siege III 👍👍👍