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  1. Wow, not a glowing review lol. I remember how bad WWE 2K18 was on the Switch though compared to the PS4/XB1 versions. So it could just be that the Switch version is really bad.
  2. 1600 Edit: just saw that someone already answered you lol
  3. Looks pretty easy. Expert could be hard but for some reason I don't think it will.
  4. Jeez, we were so lucky to get it just in time lol
  5. No problem! Was nice getting a second plat off this game and splitting the cost between 5 people was a good idea. Cheers to you for setting up the JP account.
  6. Thanks! Never been so relieved to get a trophy done lol I hate FUT so much. The amount of matches I lost in the 90th minute was unbelievable.
  7. Got the trophy! Glitch started to work again so be quick if you wanna get it done.
  8. I noticed this too. I don't know what the last squad for Brazil was but I highly doubt that players like Willian, Ederson, Marcelo and so on weren't in it. Very strange.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Changed it now.
  10. To be honest, the hardest trophy by far will be to win AJ Styles Tower. It's 15 straight matches in Legend difficulty with one bar of health.
  11. I've really been struggling this year with the gameplay. I usually win 1, lose 1 and repeat. I can never get a good streak going as I like to play possession and fast build up with passing but when I lose the ball these OP teams hit me on the counter and it's game over.I Maybe as time passes, all the best players will be further up the divisions it will be easier. Also, weekend league time would be a good time to play as all the good players will be playing that.
  12. I've been doing it by closing application this whole time until the week ended and the rewards were given out. After that the glitch doesn't work.
  13. Doesn't work anymore. I only needed like 3 wins too.
  14. I'm almost sure I read somewhere that you can bank your points for another week if you don't qualify. I could be wrong though so don't quote me on it lol
  15. I went 2-2-1 on my 5 placement matches and got into Division 5. I'm about 400 points off of Division 4. Hoping I can rack up some wins.