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  1. That avatar gif is legendary

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    2. --Deleted--


      Nice.  Yea, he definitely doesn't get picked on as much as LTG now-a-days.  Keep up the work exposing internet meme'able human beings.

      Oh, speaking of....Just saw this on my YT sub box.


    3. Banana_Sausage47


      Haha yeah there is a huge community that love exposing these guys and laughing at their stupidity xD they have zero self awareness. Funny, I don't watch much of the LTG stuff as I find him insufferable. The guy is a grade A prick in my opinion.

    4. --Deleted--


      I never watch any of their stuff directly. Only ever through detractors. Can't support these guys. Bender just does salt lords of gaming. He covers tons of guys from WoW kids throwing tantrums to the normal crazy people.

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